A Random Winter Trend

Every woman in New York seems to be doing something funny right now…

Turtleneck hair.

Basically, people put on a turtleneck and leave their hair tucked in. It’s bedhead-y, casual and you don’t have to do your hair at all.

It started on runways and now it’s everywhere.

Funny, right? It might be the most random trend ever. What do you think? Would you do turtleneck hair? I do love cozy boyish turtlenecks (like this and this) especially paired with skinny jeans and heels.

P.S. Winter nail polish.

  1. C says...

    I haven’t seen it take off here ( Australia ) yet and it’s been cool to cold for the last three months.

    It’s definately not not for the working lady ( too messy/casual = unprofessional ) and the only ladies I’ve seen wearing polo/turtlenecks have kept their hair free of said garment.

  2. Oh I looooove this unconventional trend! I would totally rock it if I still lived in MN, even though my friends would constantly be saying do you know your hair is tucked in your lovely turtleneck? Ha:) but now residing in Austin, TX it would be a bit warm. Thanks for sharing this post made giggle with inspiration:)

  3. Seems like it would be very itchy!!

  4. Nice trend, unfortunately my hair seems to always end up in a big mess and tangles when doing this :/

  5. It reminds me of neck-lengthening or something! But, I think ladies are just on the go a lot these days which isn’t too bad :)

  6. Ugh. So uncomfortable. I’d rather look dumpy with my hair out. Shrug.

  7. I like the way it looks and I’m all for not doing your hair, but I don’t think people in Ohio (where I live) will “get it” :(


  8. I don’t think I could do this. It would depend what my hair looked like once I got my head through. I’m pretty sure I’d mostly look like a child who never finished getting ready.

    Also, it’s incredibly hot to have your hair squished at your neck so long. // US Lifestyle Blog

  9. Haha, I’ve been doing this for years.

    My mom nagged me as a teenager, but now I tell her she can’t anymore because it’s totally a thing.

  10. To me, this actually seems like the worst most uncomfortable thing ever! Having hair caught in my shirt or pressed against my neck feels itchy and awful to me. Eeek…no thanks!

  11. I see this looks, try to emulate and instead of looking so cute and intentionally messy, I look as though a walked backwards through a bush and am inviting birds to live on my head.

  12. I haven’t spotted anyone in London with their hair tucked in a turtleneck. I must say it looks rather cool though!


  13. Are they keeping it tucked inside all day while they work? I think it’s fine for keeping fly-away hair tucked in when outside in the cold – but as a style? Pass!

  14. Love this, I actually have been doing this for years– it comes from having a motorbike and knowing that if your hair is out its gonna get knotty as helL!

  15. ha! my six year old does this naturally. there must be something to it. I have short hair so I cant participate but I think it looks great.

  16. I think it looks so cute on the right person. With me I’d probably look a little goofy and have people asking me all day if I realized my hair was still tucked into my sweater. :-)

  17. I must say this looks very warm. Preserving body heat, perfect!

  18. i do this all the time. especially in my ponchos. it’s just cozier :)

  19. I’m sporting a pixie lately, but I used to have looooong hair, down to my waist. I could have never done this! Too itchy! Something about it seems…immature? Like, I’d expect this from a five year old girl who forgot to pull her hair out of her shirt after she put it on.

  20. It looks pretty, and I kind of wish I could look that good with a trutleneck haha, but I think it would be itchy, having your hair tucked inside your sweater… itchy itchy haha

  21. I don’t own any turtlenecks, but I regularly leave my long hair tucked into coats and scarves, and have been doing it for a while! I’m in Oakland. I actually find that the rubbing sometimes mats my hair and leaves it a little more knotted than if it were out, but I’m all for the bedhead look anyway. A fun way to play with a shorter look without chopping it off.

  22. Random is a good description. Like when the girl on Seinfeld began wearing her bra as a top and it became a “thing”.

  23. I’ve tried, but I find it totally uncomfortable. My neck gets itchy!

  24. Hmmmm, no. I love a cute chunky turtleneck but the itch factor would be insane. Totally agree with Adrianna!

  25. i had SUPER long hair as a little girl and during the bitter northern ohio winters, my mom would force me to tuck my hair in for insulation. i loathed it. it was scratchy and claustrophobic to me! i also hated turtlenecks for the same reason – i feel like i’m going to suffocate. i wonder if i would still feel the same today….

  26. I have done this for years. So funny that it is being considered a trend now!

  27. Oh my if I did something like that here in Utah valley I’d get weird looks left and right, but honestly I think it looks so cute and I’d love to try it with one of my thicker sweaters.
    -Ceci (

  28. Gahhhhh… this used to happen to me as a kid and I HATED it. It makes me want to fix the hair of the women in the picture. This is one trend I just can’t jump on board :).

  29. Ha, my co-workers do this (in NY) – every time I see it I get all uncomfortable and want to pull their hair out for them. I must have some weird obsessive compulsive thing that does not let me be ok with this.

  30. I only do this when outside. The second I get inside I just can’t handle it! It really drives me crazy when I’ll turn my head in such a way that one section gets pulled out more than the rest, and then I turn back and that section just becomes poofy….
    Yeah, I obviously have issues on this one. Ha.

  31. I love this look, I’ve been doing hair inside the scarf since I don’t have any turtlenecks.

  32. I have seen this too, but I wouldn’t do it myself. I don’t like the feeling my hair touching my face, etc. One of my pet peeves.

  33. I love having my neck warm so yep, I’m in!

  34. Yes! I love tucking my long, layered hair into big cowl neck sweaters!! Love this trend!! Two thumbs up ����

  35. I can do that for awhile, but then my hair starts itching my back and I have to pull it out of the turtle neck. :)
    (Maybe the key is to wear a t-shirt under the turtleneck.)

  36. I got a haircut recently so I don’t think my hair would stay in the turtleneck! I probably won’t try this anytime soon unless I want my hair to get all static-y and look like a mad scientist. Maybe next year :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  37. This would drive me up the wall. I’ll leave my hair tucked in my coat in the winter but that’s mostly so people on the subway don’t tug on it.

  38. oh, new york. you’re so crazy.

  39. I have quite long hair. Just this morning I put on my coat and big scarf and tried to keep my hair inside for ease’s sake, but I couldn’t do it! I just don’t like the feeling of my hair tickling my skin.

  40. Ha just this morning I went to put on a turtleneck and thought to myself that the only person I have seen wearing turtlenecks lately…is me. Glad to know turtlenecks are still a thing :)

  41. I kinda of have to as someone else said…my hair is so long & the static is awful. But walk around inside with it like that? Unlikely. :)

  42. We had this Trend in Summer 2014. At first i ask myself: What? But i like it in the end. Really.


  43. i absolutely always do this in the winter. Especially if I know I’ll be heading right out the door… save me from a ton of static-filled hair. Also, anything to stay warm, although I’m sure I don’t look nearly as chic.

  44. Last year I told everyone that turtlenecks would come back. :) I go for the simple black version. Channeling a beatnik version of Jackie O. My hair is out or in a low bun. It burns me up otherwise.

  45. I’ve been doing this with my chunky scarves this winter, as well. I love how it looks, plus it gives your hair a little “faux volume.” Thanks for making me feel so stylish today! :-)

  46. Haha! I agree with Adrianna. That said, it might be one of those trends born of necessity. Cold weather means doing what you can to stay warm… Including tucking your hair in, maybe?

  47. Like the front tuck, I could see this being another “girl pretty” thing that I love and my husband hates. I do like keeping my hair underneath big scarves though.


  48. This looks itchy to me.

  49. I’m SO doing turtleneck hair. Ready-made scarf!

  50. ive noticed this too! the broke/chic/lazy girl’s idea of earmuffs :)

  51. As someone with long hair who cannot put on a coat hat and scarf for more than ten minutes without major static and/or getting a big nest of knots, I am inclined to say this might actually work as a sanity-preservation measure!

  52. This is one of those trends where if you’re chic, doing it makes you seem lovely and demure and warm. And if you’re a mess, it makes you seem like you’re even more of a mess!