Gift Guide Part #5: Your Children Who Start Laughing Just by Looking at Each Other and Ask for Cookies Before, During and After Dinner.

FOR A ONE-YEAR-OLD: Wooden school bus set, $23, which, as I’ve mentioned before, has been Toby’s favorite toy for four years running—and Anton is quickly following in his footsteps.

Kazoo, $3.95, so he can hum his little heart out.

Rainball bath toy, $13.

Bubbles, $4, since bubbles freeze on a cold day!

Toy dinosaurs, $19, to play with all day. (Honk if you miss brontosaurus.)

misha-puff-hat class=Misha and Puff hats and sweaters, since they’re worth the splurge. (Available here, too.)

A bunny onesie, $39, because he is your little bunny.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath, $10.59, because please child get into that bath for the love of all things holy.


In the Town, $17, which Toby has pored over for the past three years. (You notice something different every time you read it.)

pizza-t-shirt-tee-kidsFood t-shirts, $29. Because they’re sooooo weird, but he would sooooo love one.

Playful wool pennants, $26, for his bedroom.


See & Spell, $20, with sixteen fun words.

Chop Sizzle Wow, $14, a ingenious comic cookbook for kids who are learning to read; and Kids Cook 1-2-3, $12, featuring recipes with only three ingredients.

A sleepover at the Museum of Natural History (!!!), $145 per person, complete with flashlights and midnight snacks!

ABC cookie cutters, $28, to use with his favorite cookie recipe.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Mind Blown. Thank you for the link to the Apatasaurus explanation. I had no clue where that came from!

  2. Aw thanks so much for featuring Rylee & Cru!! xx

  3. Call me crazy, but I love love LOVE when little kids play instruments! I’d rather hear my two year old play a harmonica or beat on drums than listen to a toy that plays the same three sound effects over and over again!

    I love the cookbooks and those crazy food tees, but I am definitely getting The Town for my two year old. Thanks for the idea, Jo!

  4. Hevuva, huge congratulations! (And sorry:)

    And KLR, we love American apparel for kids stuff (so good), as well as Mabo, winter water factory and Crewcuts, plus old navy for basics. Xo

  5. We love “In the Town All Year ‘Round!” It really is hard to tire of since there are so many little details. Same with the Richard Scarry books.

    My little one asks for cookies (and ice cream) all day/night as well. ^_^

  6. This is so perfect – thank you! Jessica has two boys and it’s getting harder to pick out fun, unique gifts for the two of them. Love that many are educational too. :) Stay merry & bright! xo – R&R

  7. I prefer to get books for all the kiddos in my life because they tend to have SO MANY toys. I would love a post on Anton and Toby’s latest reading lists – maybe even a quarterly review?

  8. You can sleep over at the Museum of Natural History?! That. Is. Amazing.

  9. The book In The Town All Year Round is HUGE in Switzerland, my daughter has one for every season and has loved it since 18 months old. Over there its called Wimmelbuch. : ) So fun to see. Oh and I am getting my son the school bus this year. I know it will be a big hit!

  10. jm says...

    Those food t-shirts are amazing!

  11. I think we have the same taste in stuff for kids :). I got the bus last year on your recommendation, and both my girls love it. The bubbles I just bought a week ago b/c I’m so sick of the brands in the stores which all seem so wimpy. These are drippy, but fantastic (Germans and toys, man). That In the Town book is great, and I’ve been thinking about the Plui bath toy for a stocking stuffer this year. And I love the thought of Toby in a pizza shirt! So funny.

  12. These are great suggestions! We have a few of them. Might I add Magnatiles? They are great for kids of all ages!

  13. Thanks for all the ideas! A few years ago on Design Mom, I read about the idea to give your kids three gifts, something to read, something to play with, and something to wear. Our older son is three and a half and I’m so excited to give him In the Town. I know he will love it! We also got him a bike though, so I have a feeling he’ll be more excited for that :)

  14. Our (adult) friends did the sleepover at the Museum of Natural History this summer and said it was an awesome experience!
    Love those cookbooks and the rainball bath toy!

    xo, The City and Us

  15. We have that school bus for our three and one year olds, and they love it!

  16. The sleepover at the Museum of Natural History has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen – even as an adult I would love to do that.

    rae of love from berlin

  17. loved the cook book idea!
    our latest obsession is Magformers, or any kind of magnetic building set. I’ll be honest, I enjoy playing with them myself too