Rugged sweatshirt, $40, for his outdoor adventures. (This one is also nice.)

Bottle opener, $28, with a six-pack, for everything he’s done over the years.


Eyes on the Prize documentary, $24, which was called one of the “essential documentary series of the 20th century,” and although the events talked about happened 50 years ago, it still feels as relevant as ever today.


Chocolate Babka Pie, $49, because as Elaine Benes says, “You can’t beat a babka.”

Food: A Love Story, $16, with laugh-out-loud anecdotes by comedian (and father-of-five) Jim Gaffigan.

Whiskey wedge, a genius ice mold that keeps drinks cold without watering them down. $17.


Sriracha-to-Go Keychain, $7, because he won’t eat anything unless it’s on fire.


A crowd-pleasing game, $14, to play together during the holidays. (This game also got fantastic reviews; and I just ordered this nerdy one because I secretly think it looks fun.)

Crunch snow ball stress reliever, $32, to keep on his desk.

Shearling slippers, $88, because they’re the Classic Dad Gift for a reason. (On sale here.)

Detroit tee, $28, plus a plane ticket home. Yes, Michigan! (These state tees are cool, too.)

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(Sriracha via A Continuous Lean. Babka via NYMag. Documentary via Kottke)