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    • Tom says...


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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this design & article. Actually, When I stay alone at home. I sit on the living room floor and taking my laptop & doing graphic design.

  4. Sleep or watch a movie. I am not people who like to read, so i dont have a book to read.

  5. I’m a total introvert and love when I have the place to myself. I usually cook myself a dinner and eat lots of dessert while watching shows I normally never watch.

  6. I love these designs you have done… they are so adorable. it doesn’t seem like I am ever home alone, with four kids, so I don’t know what I would do. :)

  7. I basically watch all the rom cons and movies on Netflix that I couldn’t watch with my family :))

  8. why would you not do yoga in your underwear when your partner and kid are at home??

  9. Except for the cat (I haven’t) I do ALL XD

  10. sing super loud at the piano. and try unashamedly to hit notes I have never and will never be able to reach

  11. Sing at the piano super loudly
    aiming unashamedly for notes that I have never, and will never, be able to sing well.

  12. Since I had my daughter four months ago I haven’t had any alone time, but before that I liked to play dress up too :) I also like singing along to karaoke videos on youtube, binge watching bad tv, eating popcorn for dinner and wandering around the house either in pj’s or nakey haha.

  13. 1. Synchronise all the speakers upstairs and downstairs, so that 80s rock blares through the apartment and attempt to get on top of the cleaning in my pjs (although this usually dissolves into dancing around the apartment to 80s rock in my pjs).

    2. Once I’ve worn myself out cleaning/dancing, play Rockband (also in my pjs).

    3. Finally, once my wrist is killing my from playing Rockband, curl up on the couch in front of a girly movie with a cheese and biscuits dinner and a glass of wine (still in my pjs).

  14. Joanna, I too order Indian food and freak myself out that there is either an intruder or someone is watching me! Then I drink the better part of a bottle of wine and just don’t care any more! I also try on my wedding dress (been married a while now), try on clothes i never wear, stay up way too late, and watch movies that make me sob (intentionally, I never have the privacy to cry, so when my husband is away, I take time to cry.. is that dumb?)and a nice long soak in the hot tub!

  15. If me roommates (all men) leave for the weekend… I clean my house then give myself an at home spa experience, watch BBC and practice my British accent, and reenact my own version of Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance scene.

  16. i hardly ever turn on the lights even when it is dark. i watch tv in the dark,stumble from the couch up the stairs, go to the bathroom in the dark, brush my teeth in the dark and go to bed. i think this is because i was constantly yelled at by my grandmother for leaving the lights on when I was a kid.

  17. I guffawed at this: “Reality: I look like an enormous, insane 4 year old.” That’s me, alone in my house, every time!

  18. I LOVE being alone at home. I go read blogs, watch series while stuffing my face with food.

    I find trying clothes sooo tiring, I only do that when I need to go somewhere important in upcoming days/hours. I’m a lazy girl so I enjoy my lazy time.



  19. Such a fun question. I eat avocado or peanut butter with agave on saltines. Maybe steam my face when the dishwasher is finishing up (do you know that trick!?)and then do a face mask and take along shower. (I’m a working mama so a long shower is a real luxury for me). Get in my pjs and stretch in front of the mirror. Maybe catch up on Scandal or watch beauty/hair tutorials on youtube.

  20. Two words: Teen Mom. (I may have to delete this later.)

  21. I do alot of these things except the trying on clothes part. I also dance to music, like any type of music and I take lots of naps.

    Oh, I also read, paint and binge watch my favorite shows. haha.

  22. reshape (code word for over-pluck) my eyebrows

  23. I tend to alternate between lying in bed watching netflix; eating whatever’s in the cupboards (or guiltily eating mcdonald’s haha) and playing around with my hair/makeup, getting all gussied up to go nowhere.

  24. I normally stay up all hours of the night watching chick flicks and eating Nutella covered strawberries.. Nothing fancy its normally a bite of a strawberry then a spoonful of Nutella.

    Or if I feel ambitious I start all the projects I have been meaning to start only to not finish any of them and I now have half completed projects strewn about my apartment like a bomb went off.

  25. Yoga in my underwear, or even nude! Eat Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia icecream – the whole pint thank you very much. Dance to loud music. Try on all my clothes. Put on makeup. Move furniture around. Paint furniture my husband doesn’t want me to paint ;-). Watch mindless television or chick-flicks. Eat random things standing up in front of the fridge.

  26. Thursday nights are alone time for me and I drink red wine (although I do this when not alone too) read my fave blogs and peruse through IG whilst some trashy tv or film is on i. The background. It is so addictive.

  27. Oh man, if it’s a whole day and night I’ll exercise in my undies in the living room, spend the day eating weird ass shit and then later order in. me and the dog will play a lot of “fetch” and harry potter will more than likely be on the tv!

  28. when i was pregnant, i would watch birth videos online. now that i’ve got a toddler, i’m usually clean the apartment when i’m home alone.

  29. I love this topic! Gosh I love to be alone! It’s my favorite time, if I can ever get it!
    I do many of the same things these other ladies do…. watch bad tv, paint nails, take a long bath, read till all hours of the night, and eat weird food (for me it’s popcorn while drinking milk..yum!).

  30. put on the cat shirt and the laundry day sweats. watch TV in bed instead of on the couch. eat indian food bc BF doesn’t like it or just an assortment of mismatched snacks (cheese&cracker+asian noodles). talk to myself endlessly while the cat eavesdrops. sing Lisa Loeb STAY in the shower. loudly.

  31. I definitely watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix – currently I’m on season 3! It gives me nightmares.

    Sometimes I blog, and listen to my hypem.com account (deeholmes) really loudly!! All the latest music/mixes are there!

    Eat chips.
    Walk to the shower naked – haha

    Definitely nothing too glamorous happens here.

  32. Immediately take off my bra.

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  34. When I’m home alone, I sit on the living room floor and drink coffee while reading fashion magazines. I don’t know why. Maybe I like taking up so much space, because when my two young kids are with me I just can’t.


  35. Teeth whitening. A nice cocktail while cleaning in my underwear. Sometimes I even put on ankle weights!

  36. Cereal for dinner and a good book… my favorites when I am alone!

  37. Totally doing the yoga thing :D I always wonder what the neighbors might thing – but I don’t care :)

  38. Certainly never what I say I am going to do (chores, portfolio, run).. I have been known for watching disney movies and knitting, or practicing french out loud.

    …and the nights most typically end with a bottle of red wine and David Attenborough. :)

  39. Wow, this was a great post. Also fun to read everybody else’s weird **alone-in-the-house** routines, and identify so much with them ! I too watch awful rom coms, eat peanut butter/nutella right off the jar and actually use time alone to pretty much do whatever !

  40. D says...

    I know people are always talking about how ‘home is where the pants aren’t’, but there’s something better: NO BRA!

    I also talk to myself, play loud music (I have a roommate), and sing in the shower

  41. Burst into dancing all the while my cats are staring at me. Paint my nails. Clean like a mad woman

  42. I’ll cook weird elaborate meals that my husband doesn’t really like (fish tacos, vegan burgers), watch trashy TLC shows, talk to the dog, and do underwear yoga.

  43. Last time a was home alone I tried on my wedding dress and did some litlle dancing ….:) hehehehe

    Still fits, Yay!!

  44. I make an elaborate dinner of all the things I’ve been craving lately and then catch up on all the trashy tv.

  45. My boyfriend is out of town for a week and a half, so tonight I invited my girlfriends over to drink wine on my deck. Usually I would watch horrible TV and eat too much. . which I did after they left. Now to get some sleep while ignoring the weird sounds. :) I also called my mom last night, which made me so thankful for her!

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  47. For the first time in 3 years I was home alone for 36 hours last weekend. I said goodbye to everyone at 7pm, ate thai food in the bath (something my husband thinks is really weird) while watching The Americans, was in bed by 10, slept (until 6:45, damn internal clock), made myself eggs benedict AND bacon, read all the decorating magazines I subscribe to but never have time to read and did magazine tears and put them in the decorating binder with plastic sleeves that I never remember to use, decided that if my family was out of town I could have a martini lunch and made a huge pitcher of white sangria and ordered a large pizza, watched all of my DVRs of Flip or Flop, snooped in my daughters room and tried on half of the clothes in her closet and secretly thought I could pull some of them off despite the fact that I am not 13, ate the rest of the pizza and made more sangria and baked some cupcakes and ate half of the batch and watched DVRs of girl code that my daughter must have recorded and then I deleted them, went to sleep at 10:30. Slept in the next morning and rushed around cleaning up the evidence of mommy’s debauchery. The troops were home before lunch.

  48. I a-l-w-a-y-s sing or whistle when I’m home alone. I look forward to those times :-) Additionally, I will confess that I eat strange meals if no one is around…a giant bowl of plain broccoli or ice cream totally counts as a meal!

  49. JW says...

    Make a decent breakfast in my ugly, ratty robe. Enjoy drinking my coffee without interruption, while also feeling weird about the lack of noise (I have a 1.5 year old and it’s rarely quiet).

  50. Ha! Tonight, husband is sick and went to bed super early, and kids are in bed, so I’m watching missed episodes of “Modern Family” and enjoying some wine and catching up on blogs. So apparently, this is what I do. :)

  51. I nap, read blogs, play web Sudoku. Sometimes I will wax or paint my toenails. But I always nap.

  52. 100% yes to the exercising in my underwear.

    And try out those weird makeup techniques I’m too scared to try on days where I need to go out in public.

  53. I have a toddler, so am not really alone, but when he’s sleeping and husband is out, I usually surf the net – including the you tube videos of the “surprise – you’re going to be grandparents” variety, try on the 10 shades of lipstick that I ignore in favour of the same couple day in and day out, and putter.

  54. I LOVE this! It’s all true! Today, it was…
    #1 Take off bra.
    #2 Grab water and back-up water
    #3 Eat Panera while watching Kiki’s Delivery Service (which I haven’t seen in over a decade).

  55. this is my favorite series you have done to date. so funny! and so so true!

  56. Cook random food while dancing in my underwear, skipping down the hallway because somehow I’m at home and child-free all at once, and read cookbooks. Good times, good stuff.

  57. Considering I’m a single woman with no children, I do whatever I want whenever I want. Mostly walk around in underwear and a camisole.

  58. Oh man the weird meals thing is totally me! But it’s been forever since I’ve been home alone. I have 3 kids 4 and under – I’m NEVER alone! :)

  59. Binge on Sex in the City, slide around on the wood floors, and eat way too many cookies!

  60. Love this series! Emily McDowell is awesome. I definitely eat the weirdest things when I’m on my own! And I’ll watch something awful on Netflix, like something super girly or with subtitles. And sing all day! haha. Being home alone is ok sometimes. :)

  61. Try to avoid showering if I shower, spend as much time as possible in robe. Fridge dive for food or walk to the place next door and bring it back. Binge watch girly sitcoms or reality shows like Bar Rescue. Clean and/or organize the bathroom, closet or kitchen. Waste time on the internets.

  62. I’ll usually tackle a project. Whether that is new furniture from Ikea… or completely revamping my blog, organizing all my old photos. never eat proper meals.

  63. At night, I used to eat popcorn with doritos on top while watching movies but now it’s just with a lot of butter. During the day if I’m alone I tend to CLEAN – boring!

  64. I love the illustration, I do a fair amount of these. I lower my expectations of what defines a meal, and instead invariably snack all day. My neatness also decreases, the socks stay longer on the floor. If I had a dog, i would most likely treat him or her as a therapist.

  65. I love lying in bed with a book and something to eat. Which could range from junk food to a full blown meal of soupy noodles. Yes. In bed.

  66. I love lying in bed with a book and something to eat. Which could range from junk food to a full blown meal of soupy noodles. Yes. In bed.

  67. Blast girly, EDM, Pop music and clean! I can reorganize and clean every surface in my house a dozen times and then snug my pup!


  68. I hide out in bed with some good books, magazines, or TV. I occasionally cook/bake or do yoga in my underwear too. :) Sometimes, since I have three roommates, I use the alone time to have a private chat (for hours) on the phone with my husband or best friend since they both live in other cities. Or we’ll video chat for hours while doing our own thing… kind of like we’re in the room together. Haha.

  69. Definitely eat random foods and watch guilty pleasure tv shows/movies

  70. JW says...

    I used to put on my highest heeled boots and clomp around the house to Beyonce in them. Sadly I don’t have a wind machine.

  71. I watch old black and white films that my boyfriend thinks are a snooze fest and I drink tea/coffee/wine depending on my mood and snuggle with my dog, Sophie. I used to have a really hard time being alone being someone who got energy from being around others. Now as I get older, I gain the energy to be with others by being alone.