Everlane just came out with three chunky knit sweaters, and the wool is super soft—not itchy the way some wools can be. (I have the crewneck and have been wearing it non-stop!) Inspired by fall, we’ve paired each of the three styles with a romantic braid…

First up, the Chunky Knit Sleeveless Turtleneck. The geometric ribbing is lovely, and the silhouette (slightly drapey, bare shoulders) is surprisingly sexy.

To make a fishtail braid: Divide hair into two sections. Then, section off a tiny piece from the outside of each section and braid, crossing each piece from the very outside into the center. Once you’re finished, wrap an elastic around the bottom and pull the edges of the braid slightly outward to make it thicker.

The Chunky Knit Raglan has long sleeves and a crew neck. I love how it’s tomboyish and feminine at the same time. Two other things I like about it: a) The neck is slightly wider than a regular crew, so it’s almost a boat neck, which is such a graceful shape, and b) the ribbing of the sweater goes diagonal every which way (see it here). This is the type of pretty sweater you can wear everywhere, from bike rides to work to dinner dates.

To make a diagonal French braid: Start your braid just past your forehead but slightly off center. Continue braiding down the back of your head on a diagonal, adding small pieces of hair from each side as you go. End the braid on the opposite side and secure with an elastic.

Inspired by a men’s cardigan, the Chunky Knit Cardigan has a shawl collar…and pockets! It’s incredibly warm and cozy, like being wrapped in a favorite blanket. This sweater practically begs to be worn while drinking tea or reading a book in front of a fireplace. Love love love.

How to do crisscross braids: Divide your hair into two pigtails. Braid each section and secure at the bottom with an elastic. Cross one braid across the back of your head, making a curve, and pin with bobby pins. Now cross the other braid in the opposite direction, wrapping the second braid across the first to form a loose pretzel. Secure with bobby pins.

Thoughts? Which would suit your personality best? See more colors here, if you’d like.

P.S. 16 hair tutorials.

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Hair by Reagan Baker. Thanks to Shoko Wanger for being our model. This post is sponsored by Everlane. I’ve been an Everlane fan and customer for years, so I’m thrilled to recommend them highly. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo)