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  5. Hilarious! Love it! lol

  6. Witch I guess … It’s more appropriated

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  11. So many ideas come to mind but there can only be one of them! Ahh, the gruesome process of picking a costume for the Halloween season. Love it though! Also when I found that these giraffe costume are just a delight to wear during parties.

  12. I absolutely adore that costume!!! lol I don’t have any plans this year. That’s a first!!

  13. Last year we threw a Speakeasy cocktail party and screened Ken Burns’ Prohibition documentary and the hubs went as a gangster and I went for a Poiret-inspired sack dress with nouveau velvet appliques and beadwork (did it all by hand!).

    This year, I wanted to go as a nebula – but I’m not interpreting it literally. I’m making myself a nebula dress (some fancy dye and paint treatment on silk chiffon fabric that originally had a kind of disco/fireworks type print in pinks, oranges and purples) with a black lace yoke. I’m debating making myself a belt with three big rhinestones across the middle (the stars of Orion’s belt are in the Orion nebula). I’ll wear black tights, black boots, and probably make myself a lace face mask and slick my dark hair back with gel (maybe clip some little rhinestone stars into it?).

    who knows what the hubs will do … he’s so rarely inspired by Halloween, but I love it!

  14. My boyfriend is dressing up in his fly fishing gear and I am going to make myself up as a sexy salmon! Should be fun!

  15. That is completely awesome!!! Why do schools think that neon rays look cool in a photo?? Reminds me of the Glamour Shots days. I’m thinking of doing skeleton makeup, a la Lady Gaga in Born This Way video. I’ve got to practice the black and white makeup part.

  16. Me and my boyfriend are going to be Bonnie and Clyde this year =)))

  17. That is quite brilliant. Alas Halloween isn’t all that huge here and whenever I go to Halloween parties I always try to come up with a clever costume and no one gets it (one year I was Miss Scarlett from Clue and then Susan Death from the Discworld series, brilliant costumes if you ask me)… because it’s more about drinking than costumes :/

  18. That background is so perfect.

  19. Hahaha, this is awesome. I’m going as a Horror Movie Victim. :-)

  20. I’m thinking about either the Mars Curiosity rover or McKayla Maroney being Not Impressed. Prob will end up being McKayla because it will be easier and I can walk around with a smug impression all night.

  21. I’m going to wrap myself in aluminum foil and go as a leftover!

  22. HILARIOUS! I love this!

  23. haha, that School Photo costume is awesome. I’m not sure what I’m going to be yet, but do have a tickle trunk filled with options!


  24. So amazing! My kids just took school pics today and I was remembering the laser light beam backdrops. Too funny.

  25. LOVE IT! Might have to do it! I just suggested that my co-workers and I be an awkward family photo, inspired by your post. Fingers crossed they go for it!

  26. I’m going to be a woman in a binder. I already figured out how to do it. I’ll use my body as the spine so I can open the binder pages with my hands. And I still need to figure out how to make pages full of women.

  27. That is one of the wittiest costumes I have ever seen. Hilarious!

  28. Last year I was a deviled egg. Made a simple costume of a big cracked egg on a black t-shirt and wore devil horns, a red cape, and a devilish tail. I set my hair in curlers so I had a bit of a ‘fro. It was rather awesome and got lots of laughs. This year I’m still debating. :)

  29. had a great idea but kind of considering being a woman in a binder….

    • haha. me too! I hope I’ll run into a lot of my fellow Binders.

  30. If my husband and I ever dress up, I think we should be Woody and Jessie from Toy Story because our last name is Woody. But actually I don’t really like Jessie that much, so I might let him be Woody and I’ll be Buzz :)

  31. I’m gonna be Andy Warhol. My boyfriend is gonna be Basquiat. :)

  32. the Mars Rover, ruth bader ginsburg, tardis from doctor who…you guys are AWESOME.

    • LK says...

      Based on all these amazing ideas, you should a reader costume post! I would love to see how all the costumes turn out.

  33. a pregnant nun is hilarious. these ideas are amazing.

  34. So clever and funny!!

  35. Halloween is my favorite! I really wanted to be Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and have my boyfriend be Where’s Waldo but he wasn’t feeling it (grrr). Last year we were Margot and Richie Tenenbaum, and he was a dead-on Richie. Since he won’t join me this year, I’m going as conjoined twins with my roommate. One big dress, one big cardigan, one big scarf. Not pretty, but hopefully funny!

  36. My friends and I are all being Candy Land characters :)

  37. We’ll be Mary Poppins and Puss N Boots. The bulk of the costumes were found at thrift stores, while accessories were purchased from Michael’s and some Halloween superstores. I-LOVE-DRESSING-UP.

    • Phyllis Nefler is an awesome idea!!

    • So I forwarded your link to the Price is Right costume to my friend because he was on the show AND went to Dartmouth. Turns out, he thinks the guy is making fun of him because he bid $751 (the same number used in the costume) and got embarrassingly outbid because the person before him had bid $752 – he went the wrong way! Fortunately, he did eventually make it on the stage but I guess his gaffe (in 1999, no less!) was memorable enough for someone to make it a costume in 2008.

  38. I am still trying to navigate this one being pregnant, with the limitations and options available to me because of it. One of my favorite costumes was a year when my sister was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and I was a monster. It was thoroughly fun.

    xo chanel

    • I’ve had two friends dress up as nuns while pregnant, no joke.

  39. 2 years ago my SO and I had the most epic costumes ever – we went as Daft Punk in Tron (DJ duo that always wear helmets and who did the Tron soundtrack). We hand-built their exact helmets from paper – found 3D models on line, and i sewed in glow wire in Tron inspired patterns onto our black tight jackets – glow wire even pulsated to music. I can never beat that costume ever.

  40. I’m a huge HUGE Halloween person – I’m on my 4th year of co-hosting a costume party. Last year I went as Sookie from True Blood and it was the first “recognizable” costume I’ve been. I normally do “inspired by” type costumes (such as Titania).

    This year I’m going as a Day of the Dead Mermaid. I just figured out the makeup details yesterday. I’m using a mermaid skirt I made in college (still fits after 10ish years!), a long sleeved black thrifted tee that I’m painting with the bones, shell bikini top and a fishing net wrapped around me.

    This will be the most makeup intense costume I’ve ever done, very exciting :)

  41. D2 says...

    Last year I was a biker babe (w/ an authentic Harley jacket, leather string bra, chaps, etc.) and fabulous makeup and hair. It will be difficult to beat last year’s look. However, I did find this colorful and cute pinata via pinterest (and I just bought my leotard and crepe paper). We shall see! http://camillestyles.com/uncategorized/diy-pinata-costume/

  42. I haven’t felt the need to dress up since I was in elementary school. I know people really get into it (the other comments are not unusual at all), but I never understood the attraction.

    My son and DIL dress up to take their kids – around the neighborhood or to a party. They text me pictures.

    Wow – I sound like Scrooge! Oh well – I still don’t get it!

    • Bisbee, I have found that Halloween is more popular in some cities, less in others. Here in DC it’s a HUGE adult holiday, everyone dresses up and parades up and down the streets in their costumes all night long.

      My coworkers always invite me to their friends’ Halloween party – and if you could imagine what two theater set designers could do on Halloween to their house – i think you wouldn’t be able to resist it! :)

    • Funny – I’m not that far away (Baltimore) – I’d love to go to that party to see what they do to the house…but I’d be a party pooper and dress like I usually do. Or…I could say I’m going as a middle-aged woman who’s not into Halloween! ;-}

  43. I finished grad school last year, so I’ll most likely repurpose my graduation robe to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg (doing my part to make sure no one forgets that those of us in DC are just a buncha nerds). If we can get a couple more people to join, some friends and I were thinking of going as the Babysitters Club.

    Last year I was Tobias Funke…it was all kinds of awesome.

    I’m also trying to figure out a way to dress my dog as the “HELLO THIS IS DOG” meme.

    • Tobias Funke! that would be awesome. were you never nude? haha

    • Yep! I wore cutoffs, a nude-color tank top, Birkenstocks with socks, Tobias-like glasses and a faux mustache. Not everyone got it, but those who did gave me plenty of high fives :)

  44. I am seriously thinking about being the Mars Rover, curiosity. It will likely involved a lot of silver spray paint.

    • OMG yes, and a rainbow flag for “curiosity”!

  45. Last year my husband and I went as the painting “American Gothic”. We carried around a frame and it made for some great photos with other characters in the painting.

  46. That is a great costume. I’m in the “thinking” stage…of course I’ll have to wear a wig because I love them.

  47. I think I may be stealing this idea! How funny! She does the smile perfectly!

    -Sarah {tuckerup.blogspot.com}

  48. I have a school photo with that background from 6th grade!

    • as well, to date myself, that background is from the 90’s because 6th grade for me was in 1996

    • 80’s too. I always wanted it and mom never let me.

  49. My friends and I are going as bath loofahs!

  50. The rabbit from Goodnight Moon. My daughter’s first birthday is right before Halloween, so her party is Halloween-themed and we’re all dressing up. Goodnight Moon is her favorite book. She’s going as Princess Leia (a costume her father picked out before she was even born) and so naturally, Daddy is going as Darth Vader. Since it would be factually inaccurate to be Princess Amidala, I will be the odd one out. Oh well.

    • You should go as Luke Skywalker – I think a cream-colored sheet with brown sash/belt and kids light saber could do the trick. Or Hans Solo with a white button down and black vest. And as I’m typing this, I’m also having visions of R2D2 … reflective tape and shiny blue & silver ribbon for the buttons/lights and a white or silver mixing bowl flipped over on your head!

  51. Myself!

    I’ve only ever been trick or treating once- in 5th grade. I was a Princess :)
    Eat Cake

  52. Haha that’s a great costume. Although, that background must be what 70s kids had. As an 80s child, I don’t remember it.

    • They definitely had that laser background in the 80s. I remember my mom (thankfully) choosing the plain blue background instead.

  53. This costume is brilliant. Remember the gross little black plastic combs they’d give you to fix your hair in picture line? So lice-esque.

    • Yes! The ones that always left tracks in your hair? I think they are magic but in a bad way.

  54. HAHA that background, oh my god. I think another appropriate pose would be placing one hand on a fake tree and gazing wistfully off into the foreground/AKA at a line of other 7th-graders waiting for their turn.

    I remember we were allowed to take props one year and pose with them. All the girls chose the stuffed animals and dolls, and I wanted to be unique and a tomboy so I took a huge basketball. I have never played basketball a day in my life!

  55. My friends and I are going as characters from ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” I am going as Emma Swan, my husband is going as Jefferson (AKA the Mad Hatter), we have the huntsman, Red Riding Hood, Snow WHite and Prince Charming, and a few others. It’s great because you have their Storybrook and fanstasy land looks to choose from!

  56. haha my mom never let me get that background!

    this year i’m going to be “wearing my dress again” and wear the beyond ridiculous HUGE pink ruffle bridesmaids dress i wore in a wedding last week. i wouldn’t buy a dress that expensive for myself ever so i might as well get a laugh out of it! it’s really that silly looking, i wish i could post a photo here.

  57. I’m going to be Christina Tosi, owner of Momofuku Milk Bar here in the city! I’ve already outlined the whole costume plan. So excited I have an excuse to snack on compost cookies all night :)

    Erin from Food & Femininity

  58. megan, that is hilarious!! aly raisman’s parents is a brilliant touch:)

  59. We’re going as Anthony and Cleopatra! Not original, but will be very fun! I’m looking forward to all that fun makeup :) We rent our costumes too, which is a great idea! We’ve done it for the past few years and it’s always a hit. With the exception of two years ago when we were zombies… thrift store outfits, torn and covered in blood, pale skin and sunken eyes… best. costume. ever!

  60. I wonder where she found that sweater. I had the same one in the late 70’s.

  61. My college room mate is visiting me in Chicago from New York for Halloween weekend this year. We are planning to go out as “gold diggers,” because it will be cute but easy! Wear gold clothes we already have and carry around little plastic shovels that we’ll spray paint gold. I can probably also probably convince my boyfriend to don his suit and be a sugar daddy to complete the look.

    But if I go to more than one party I totally want to also go as Texts from Hillary.

  62. Im dressing like a rockstar, yeyyyyy! Halloween rocks!

  63. I’m going as Katy Perry! I have a hot pink wig that I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear, and I’m going to attempt to make that carousel dress of hers.

  64. My friends and I are going to dress up as the “Fab Five” USA gymnastics team! We’re so excited, we’re going to have a couple of our other friends dress (and act!) like Aly Raisman’s awesome parents, and someone else is going to dress up as Coach Bela. We can’t wait!

  65. I love that school photo idea–I’m always so impressed with people who come up with creative ideas like that, because I always have trouble!

    We’re going to one party, and I think Mr. Sandwich and I may go as Don Draper and Joan Holloway Harris from Mad Men. I don’t know that we’ll be able to come up with a recognizable way to include Baguette in that theme, so she may wear something else.

    For Halloween itself, I’ll just be dressed as me. We’ll take Baguette out in costume (a few doors, very early) and then hand out candy at home for the rest of the evening.

  66. love this costume. the more creative to me the better. as a child i went as a bunch of grapes one year, purple balloons and all. holly bushes and i weren’t friends that night.

  67. Hahaha hilarious costume!

  68. I am dressing up as the “Morton umbrella girl” and my husband, “cracker jack”.

    • I LOVE this! so adorable

    • oh i love that too! so cute.

  69. ahh! The laser year! This is an awesome costume. She wears it well.

  70. I saw on Refinery29 they had Karl Lagerfield which I loved as a costume! XD

  71. Seriously considering dressing up as Terry Richardson.

  72. Ha!!!!! She totally rocked it….Our costumes last year are a tough act to follow (We were characters from A Christmas Story… I was the leg lamp ha!) I’m thinking this year the husband and I will be Mr. and Mrs. Pacman and our kids will be fruit the pacmans eat ;)

    – Sarah

  73. LK says...

    I am dressing up as the tardis from doctor who. I’m really excited for my super nerdy costume that most people at the parties probably won’t get. I even got galaxy print tights from etsy since the tardis flies through space and time. I’m also making a little headband that has a light up portion. My text message alert tone on my phone is the sound the tardis makes when landing so I should just play that every time I sit down. I love being a nerd!

    • LK I love it! Is there anyway I can see pictures? My husband went as the Tom Baker Doctor Who a couple of years ago. I made him the 15′ long scarf for his birthday…

    • LK says...

      That’s awesome! I hope he had a sweet curly wig. I’m making it this weekend and the party I’m wearing it to is next week. I’ll put pictures of it on my blog (lauren-Kane.blogspot.com) on Sunday and update it after the party. I’m so excited about it. I’m not the craftiest person so I have no idea how it will turn out. Fingers crossed!

  74. BF and I are dressing up as Popeye and Olive Oyl! I just need to perfect the hair…

  75. My friends and I are dressing up to hand out candy at one of our houses. We will be the Scooby Doo gang! I am Velma.

    • D2 says...

      My daughter was Velma 2 years ago. Great costume!