What Are Your Favorite Romantic Comedies?

Alex and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary this Friday. Our wedding simultaneously feels like yesterday and a million years ago. So much has happened! This week, I’d love to talk about what I’ve learned during the past five years of marriage, but first…

Let’s talk about romantic comedies. When I was dating in my twenties, if I liked a guy, I would suggest we watch So I Married an Ax-Murderer. If he enjoyed it, I knew that our senses of humor aligned. It got terrible reviews, but even just thinking of this scene or that scene make me laugh out loud. What rom coms do you like? New York Magazine just did a list of 25, and here are 10 of my personal favorites…

* When Harry Met Sally
* Emma
* Bridget Jones’s Diary
* Roxanne
* Clueless
* Say Anything
* Her
* Forgetting Sarah Marshall
* 13 Going on 30
* Silver Lining’s Playbook

Plus, four amazing romantic movies (that aren’t really comedic):
* A Room with a View
* Sense & Sensibility
* Away from Her (broke my heart)
* Romeo & Juliet (the 1968 version with Olivia Hussey)

And just for fun, here’s a fake trailer of When Harry Met Sally made into a horror film. Makes me laugh.

Agree or disagree? Which romantic comedies or movies do you like? I’d love to hear…

P.S. The seven types of women in romantic comedies, and the movie we watched on our first date. Also, will you cry at your wedding?

  1. Irem says...

    As a romantic-comedy fan I am a bit disappointed with the new movies, as they do not pass the feelings of coziness and innocence like the old ones. As you can imagine, I am still in love with the old ones. Nowadays, as Christmas spirit is everywhere and I love enjoying every second of it, it is that time of year for me to watch You’ve Got Mail, The Holiday, Love Actually, and of course When Harry Met Sally. Other than these classic and beautiful movies, I really enjoy watching Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Something’s Gotta Give, The Notebook, No Strings Attached, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Proposal and Because I Said So. I love the feeling these movies give and deeply sorry that the new rom-coms do not taste the same.

  2. Patty says...

    Late to the party here, but I saw a really oldie called “I Know Where I’m Going”….absolutely loved it, plus beatiful setting, in the Scottish Hebrides….Scottish accents and men in kilts….sucker for that!

  3. Amber says...

    Oh and 500 Days of Summer! So great.

  4. Amber says...

    Although it’s not a traditional romantic comedy, Midnight in Paris is my all time fave! I could (and have!) watch it over and over again. I also adore Amelie, About Time, and Before Sunrise. (I guess I have a thing for movies set in Europe!)

    As for the quintessential romantic comedies, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping and The Holiday top my list! The latter three I watch every Christmas. :)

  5. Lizet Riquelme says...

    I’m an A Lot Like Love girl. So romantic!!!!!
    And off course, I do love Amelie, french knows about romance!
    Now I have to see those again, and those on your list, and those on everybody else’s list too!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, When Harry Met Sally is THE best! That’s my all time favorite movie and Barefoot in the Park (Robert Redford & Jane Fonda) in a very close 2nd.

  7. @brooklynbee, I grew up in country Australia and we used to watch Crossing Delancey every summer holidays as a kid – Mum was a movie buff. The gift of the Stetson hat still kills me!

  8. Has anyone said “Crossing Delancey” yet? It’s an under-known rom com from, I think, the 80s. It’s so cute, and it’s so specifically New York!!!