Pastel Makeup

Pastels are a big beauty trend this spring, but how do you pull them off without looking like a tween? We enlisted makeup artist Ashlee Glazer to teach us how to apply spring colors—with a light touch—to brighten up your whole face. My friend Courtney Adamo was our model, and the wonderful Jamie Beck took photos…

How to get the look:

1. Prep your face with your regular foundation and mascara. Groom your brows by brushing them up and out with a spool eyebrow brush.

2. Using your finger, blend a bit of Benefit High Beam Illuminator on the bridge of your nose and across your cheekbones. This will create a soft, radiant complexion without looking too shimmery or glittery. Bonus: It works on all skin tones.

3. For cheeks, blend Stila Convertible Color in “Sweet Pea” onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend up and out, not down—this makes your face look young and fresh, versus dragged down.

4. For lips, dab on the same Stila color (above) with your fingertips. Keep dabbing until you reach your desired level of color. One layer will be sheer, and multiple layers will be opaque. Focus the color on the center of the mouth so it looks more natural (versus drawn on like a lipstick) and then rub your lips together so it naturally spreads to fill in the rest of your lips.

5. For eyes, use a fluffy shadow brush to apply MAC Eyeshadow in “Beautiful Iris” evenly over the lid, from lash line to crease. Apply a very light coat, padding the shadow in the center of your lid, right above the eyeball and then buffing it outward.

How gorgeous does Courtney look? Here are a few photographs around Tribeca…

What do you think? Would you try it? Wouldn’t this be pretty for a springtime party or date?

P.S. 16 hair tutorials and Courtney’s beauty uniform.

(Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer. Modeling by Courtney Adamo. Similar chambray dresses here, here and here)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good find!!

  1. If you’re looking to balance the sweetness of pastel eye makeup, incorporate a dose of black. Black liquid liner and lots of inky mascara lend a much-needed edge, resulting in a modern, not immature, effect.
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  3. We are expecting our 1st baby this summer here in Williamsburg Brooklyn and I love, love, love the Honest Company, along with your blog which has helped clue me in to being a new parent in so many happy ways! Thank you for being so great and writing such inspiring and cheery posts!! :)

  4. We are expecting our 1st baby this summer here in Williamsburg Brooklyn and I love, love, love the Honest Company, along with your blog which has helped clue me in to being a new parent in so many happy ways! Thank you for being so great and writing such inspiring and cheery posts!! :)

  5. Expecting our second any day now, and first is still in diapers so we would LOVE this!! Diapers, wipes, cleaning products… I’d love to try it all!!! so fun!

  6. This is pure spring perfection if you ask me!!

    x Lily

  7. she’s so pretty – lovely look but Courtney always looks gorgeous!
    id love to know how her hair was styled – does she have any styling products to create the soft natural and tamed waves?

  8. Does anyone know how Courtney got a visa to stay in the UK? I’m trying to move and would love to know the details of her move!

  9. You should do a little to-do for girls with dark skin :) I’m tan and I lovvvve pastels but they somehow never look good on me. Would love to figure out how to do that :)

    xo Anu

  10. Nice tutorial but not sure it would suit olive skins. The make-up looks great on Courtney though, but then again she is very pretty, looks like Jessica Biel.

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  12. Amazing make-up and hair cut!

  13. hmm I dunno I’f I’d do it, I think you’d have to be so, so on trend with everything else about you to not look like you;d missed the mark.

    But she looks great, such a beautiful girl!!

  14. Thank you everyone for saying such lovely things! It was so fun to play makeup for the day!
    For those who asked about my hair, I use Aveda’s ‘Brilliant Universal Styling Creme’ which calms down my crazy, frizzy hair like nothing else!
    Thank you again for all the nice comments.

  15. I’ve always been scared of purple eyeshadow, but your friend looks resplendent – gonna have to get me some High Beam! I love her haircut too – wish I was brave enough for the chop.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

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  17. Hi Joanna,
    There’s something going on with the ads on your blog that makes it very slow to load and navigate. Just wanted to let you know!

  18. That colour of eyeshadow is so flattering on her! Totally agree, I’m in love with that dress. Your alternatives are nice too, but there’s something about the cut and simplicity of the original that is just perfection.

  19. Love this!

  20. What is the secret to her beautiful hair? I have the same cut, but if I don’t straighten it it’s a fluffy, boofy mess!!

  21. Love that dress. Dying to know what shoes she paired it with!

  22. OMG that eyebrow brush you recommended is made out of mongoose hair!! Mongoose eyebrows!!!

  23. Courtney, you are stunning! xx

  24. Where is her dress from?!? I love it!

  25. I have always been scared of pastels but this is a fabulous look I can’t wait to try. I love these tutorials. I don’t know if it’s a post I’ve missed but I’d love to read about your skincare routine as I think you always look amazing.

  26. Such a pretty look! Do you know which hair product she uses?

  27. She looks gorgeous on her IG feed but WAY too photoshopped here! :(

  28. Please tell me those photos are photoshopped! How can she have four children and precisely zero wrinkles otherwise?! ;) Lovely makeup.

  29. Please tell me those photos are photoshopped! How can she have four children and precisely zero wrinkles otherwise?! ;) Lovely makeup.

  30. Tried that dress on in cos today. :)

  31. Gorgeous. I love how effortless and natural courtney always looks… Beautiful! x

  32. This is so pretty! Thank you for sharing the make up tutorial with us. I like the sweet pea color – it’s very vibrant and energizing.

  33. I would love to know about her what she does with her hair! Courtney is just such a classic, natural beauty! I would also love to learn more about how she does her gorgeous brows!

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  35. She’s stunning and this makeup looks incredibly on her but I love that she doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis, her smile and inner beauty are enough to look gorgeous. Also, I can’t help remembering her smart words about the way she raises her children when it comes to beauty and confidence, I’ll try to do the same if I become a mother.

  36. I love when you share pics of your friend Courtney! I swear she is my new style icon. What a fresh beauty!

  37. mc says...

    Looooooooooove her dress!!!!

  38. What a wonderful article and beautiful model!

  39. I’m taking these photos to my next haircut! Any additional info on her hair? Products/styling?

  40. I was so distracted by her beautiful dress!!! great tutorial!!!

  41. Love her eyebrows! Can you do a post on how to fill in your eyebrows properly? I’ve tried several different ways and always come out looking like an evil ventriloquism puppet!

  42. She is so beautiful! The makeup colors are perfectly spring!

  43. Love her dress as well but think she looks more beautiful without make-up! There is no improving on perfection! Love her Instagram feed.

  44. Beautiful look! Her eyeshadow matches my nails.

  45. She looks gorgeous, as always.

  46. I’m going to try this and post results on my blog

  47. I have serious eyebrow envy right now.

  48. The make up is awesome but can we talk about how gorgeous her hair is?

  49. Could you possibly tell us what hair product was used on the model please??

  50. She is very pretty and I too love that dress.
    I am blonde so using pink on my eyes would be a big mistake… White Rabbit look anyone ?

    But she looks pretty.

  51. Love the eyelook and LOVE the hair. I’ll so my haidresser these photo’s next week :-) thanks!!

  52. Love the shoot! I was wondering where in Tribeca the flower shop was?

  53. Beautiful. She is total evidence of my argument that happy women are gorgeous just as they are without any make up….she’s stunning.

    Also, yes to her dress like everyone else has pointed out. :)

  54. Oooh very pretty!! I am not sure I would do the eye shadow, but pastel cheeks and lips are very pretty and spring-like.

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  56. I know this is a makeup post, but her hair is so beautiful! Is that her natural texture? I love the curls and how natural it looks.

  57. I follow Courtney on instagram and I think she’s prettiest of all without any make-up at all!

  58. Such a beautiful look! I love her hair, too. All of it makes me excited for Spring :)

  59. courtney said her dress was from a british store years ago, unfortunately! but i put a few links on the bottom of the post to similar styles. hope that helps!! i’ll keep looking around too…. xo

  60. Agree. I LOVE the DRESS. Can you give us more information on it?

  61. Thanks Joanna! Looks great. Courtney is stunning!! Love the dress too. Wonderfully styled.

  62. Love, Love, LOVE her dress!!