NYC Tips and Etiquette

The book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, which came out yesterday, made me laugh. New York is so weird! It’s funny how he managed to notice the little things that become second nature after living here for a while. Here are some animated examples…

You can find the book here, if you’d like. Can’t wait to read all of them. Congrats, Nathan!

P.S. How to flag a cab, and how NOT to look like a tourist.

  1. I LOVE this! Off to NYC in a few weeks so this is perfect!!

  2. Saw a buzzfeed article with these too – really so many truths! I only wish the book somehow magically animated like these pics.

  3. This is hilarious! Cracks me up! There are some things that are true for me anywhere I go. For example, I cannot stand when people take up an entire sidewalk when walking (or standing) and I can’t get around them! My patience goes out the window like THAT!


  4. This really made my day! We can definitely relate here in Toronto. I always wonder why people feel the need to take up the entire sidewalk. It always happens when I’m in a rush!
    The whole empty train scenario gets pretty annoying during rush hour as well.
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  5. This is so awesome. I wish somebody would make a London one. I bet it would also be hilarious.

  6. I have another piece of NYC etiquette to add – Don’t talk to anyone on the subway, ever, for any reason! Never! Ever! No matter what!

    • Ser says...


  7. Don’t even live there but it’s hilarious!

  8. So true! I had a closet full of broken $5 umbrellas when I lived in NYC. Thanks for the laugh and memories.

  9. This is my new favorite book! My six year old totally dug it too.

  10. All hilarious & too true :] Not to mention when u’re behind a couple holding hands in a very tight sidewalk, it becomes awkward! Whether to cross the st or to just walk behind them the same pace haha.

  11. Great advice, especially that people are planning their summer vacations.


  12. Ha ha…this makes me miss NYC so much!
    Brisbane isn’t that pedestrian and so people here have no idea how sidewalks work!

  13. Hahaha this had me cracking up. I haven’t been to NYC but I am going to be thinking of this when I do finally make it there!!

    Sam xx

  14. Some of these etiquettes could easily apply in Copenhagen, especially the first one.

  15. if im perfectly honest, this list reinforces the reasons why i am so happy to not live in nyc anymore.

  16. It seems to me they are basic common sense tips for any first world city. I relate to most of them and I’ve never lived in NY. I can give the example of Berlin, London and even Lisbon.

  17. Hahaha these drawings are so adorable, and totally true! You can act as weird as you want on the sidewalk….just actually stay on the SIDE and out of the way!

  18. I was only in New York for 5 days when I was there. But definitely saw some of these when I was there. I will make sure to keep my eye out when I am back in the summer. Love this!

  19. jm says...

    Love the one about the radiator. So tur.

  20. Ha ha ha every one of these is true. I really want to send this book to a friends. He would get a kick out of it.

  21. so much of this also applies to life here in Chicago! so great! xx

  22. Perfect timing! We will be in NY for a wedding in two weeks!! Thanks for all the great related posts too!

  23. the train could be empty for a number of gross reasons—the air conditioning is broken, someone peed in it, etc….but you should never go in!

  24. Amazing animation! I laughed when I saw this book yesterday. It is beyond true. When I first went to NYC the trash at night was a sight to see given that in Scottsdale, trash was only picked up once a week. Ha.

  25. These are so perfect. Sometimes I miss my NYC days and these bring me right back…

  26. I LOVE this. I feel like this book should be mandatory if you move to NY. Or even if you come visit! Living near midtown, the tourists and their lack of manners (i.e. stopping right in the middle of the sidewalk) are what frustrate me most. I just wish they were more considerate of people walking behind them. Great post!


  27. Hilarious! A lot of these apply to Chicago too. The couple holding hands especially; my boyfriend gets “walk rage” when we have to go around people like that on the sidewalk.

  28. ha! beware the empty train car….

  29. @gardenella – Because it is foul smelling. (To put it lightly. :) SF has the saaaaaame problem.

  30. LOVE IT!!!!

  31. I did not understand #30. Any one can explain that to me,

  32. I am visiting NYC in August with my girlfriend and I have been LIVING on your blog! just wanted to say thanks. :)

  33. Those are so funny (and so true)! Thanks for sharing!

  34. So funny!!

  35. Why is the train car empty? Is it because there’s… a poo?

  36. I love this! And I’m going to buy two copies – one for me and one for my brother who lives in NYC. Brilliant.

  37. Ditto on the train car question. (I plead living in Kansas naivete.)

  38. That’s awesome! So why is the train car empty?…

  39. This is so great – I can’t wait to share with my husband, who is the worst NYer! He hasnt gotten the hang of a lot of these, and I sometimes get embarrassed! I’m always telling him to speed up when we’re walking, he looks like a tourist most of the time.

  40. Lol these are cute. I can relate to the closing the door one.. my city gets COLD. Also, you’d think people in ANY city would get subway etiquette by now! I looove the bed graph one hahaha. Too funny.

  41. Every single one! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  42. Hello! Nathan W. Pyle here – thank you so much for the kind words! I just was alerted to this column. It’s my first book (both real book and animated Apple ebook), and I’m quite excited!

  43. Aah! I love this. The last one pretty much sums up my feelings about living here in a nutshell.

  44. Hilarious! Toronto is pretty much exactly the same. :)