FaceTime With Grandparents

Like most three-year-olds, Toby feels awkward talking on regular phones. He gets shy and can’t think of what to say when staring at a blank screen. But he LOVES FaceTime on our iPhones. Since he can actually see his grandparents, Toby will ask my mom to read him bedtime stories or honk her car’s horn, and my dad always gives Toby a thrilling tour of his basement and garage.

Do you guys ever do FaceTime? What a godsend for grandparents who live far away. It really feels like you’re hanging out!

P.S. Skyping across the ocean, and conversations with a three-year-old.

  1. Love facetime/skype – especially when the kids were little. Grandma would “babysit” and entertain the kids while I made dinner. Makes the witching hour so much easier! Now that the kids are bigger it’s harder to find time to skype. But it’s perfect for my extroverted ever-chatty six year old – she once sat talking/playing for THREE HOURS. Also, your mom is GORGEOUS with flawless skin. Have you ever done a post on her skin care tips??

  2. Oh good, thanks for clarifying:) btw, didn’t mean to offend or anything, I’m just very anxious when it comes to driving and doing things at the same time.

  3. Hands down, my favorite blog. Thank you for being uniquely you. You are a remarkably genuine human. Also you’re pretty cool, so there’s that:) Thanks for sharing the real parts of life.

  4. I love that your dad gives tours of his basement and garage. My 3-year-old always asks my mom to give her a complete tour of the house. I get so seasick!! FaceTime is so great for the grandparents – and grandkids! Even my 1-year-old knows the FaceTime drill and gets super cranky when I try to make a regular phone call! I love that the kids can come in and out and continue playing and just chime in, or come over to see the person on screen, instead of having to sit on the phone. The future is now!!

  5. WAIT. That is your mom?!?! She looks like she could be your (other) sister!

  6. facetime has seriously changed my life! my sister (who is in oregon) had one of my nephews before facetime was around and i don’t remember anything about the day he was born. but last year my sister got pregnant again and this time, i was able to be present via facetime for the birth. they hung the iPad on an IV stand and placed it right next to the doctor! it was such a special moment and it was one of my sisters favorite things about the birth of our little luke. it is amazing the experience we were able to have because someone came up with facetime!

  7. My family’s on the other side of the world (Mum, Dad and one sister are in Singapore, other sister is in Australia) while I live in CT, so I think FaceTime is an absolute godsend. It’s sad knowing that when I have kids, they won’t be here too often, but at least I know we can FaceTime and get to know each other that way :)

  8. PS All these comments about technology helping keep families close are totally making me choke up! So sweet.

  9. It’s the same for my two-year-old. She won’t talk on the regular phone or even on speaker phone, but being able to see the person she’s talking to on facetime changes everything. My mom’s given her tours of the barn to show her how the calves are doing, and once I even propped the phone up in the bathroom so my mom could entertain her while she was on the toilet for potty training and I needed to put my infant son down for a nap! It was like long-distance babysitting and it actually worked! They sang songs and my mom read her a book :)

  10. It’s the best! I love being able to SEE my family that lives thousands of miles away :)

  11. I love face time, Skype, tango all of them! Thank you Tech Techs! I can’t wait for the day when my 3 1/2 year old grand girl (twinks) calls me on her own! I heart her so much!!!

  12. Yes! We skype all the time with friends and family, even my sister who lives just 45 minutes away. My sons, ages 5 and 2 are totally into it. Just like Toby, they don’t know what to say on the phone, but if there’s a screen face, there’s lots to say! It’s so much fun.

  13. Yes, we do! In fact, my 3 year-old thinks all phones are video phones. He once held up a landline cordless phone to a toy and said “Look! See my toy?”

  14. Wow – I see where you get your great skin from! We love skype here – really keeps us in touch with my family who are on the other side of the Country (though it sometimes confuses my 2 y.o.).

  15. I LOVE FACETIME! My boyfriend is Australian living in Queensland and my folks are back home in Ohio while I am a busy mountain girl in Colorado! FaceTime has allowed me to follow my dreams of living around the world without leaving my friends and family. So glad to see your little guy loves it too! Xoxo!

  16. Your mom is so beautiful! My parents live 6hrs away from us so we Facetime with them and with my sister overseas. My little one is only 10mth but it’s a glimpse into her everyday life in between visits.

  17. We Facetime ALL THE TIME! I live in Sweden and my whole side of the family is back in the States. It is so wonderful for my family to get to watch my 8 month old grow up and experience the everyday, even from afar! On the other hand, I think my little one believes that Grandma and Grandpa only exist in the screen, and that grandma always announces her presence with a loud ring.

  18. When we lived overseas as kids in the 80s, we’d have to wait for little micro cassettes with messages from my grandparents to come through the mail! Now I live abroad and regularly Facetime with my niece and nephews – it’s heaven! My favorite time during the week.

  19. Thank goodness for FaceTime and Skype! My husband and I live in the Philippines and a big majority of our family lives in Upper Michigan. It’s beyond awesome to be able to chat with our 2 year old nephew and have him “show and tell” his toys along with being able to see our 1 year old niece start walking! Good feelings all around.

    My husband and I feel like we’re probably a crazy TV show to them on their end…haha

  20. Ever since our son was born 15 months ago we’ve done Skype once a week with his grandparents in Japan. We feel so lucky to have that kind of technology available to us. Fifteen years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible and grandma and grandpa would have just gotten photos!

  21. I use Skype a lot to contact my long distance boyfriend and it feels just the same! Like we are in the same room or like we talk face to face. The only difference is we don’t have physical contact which feels normal (weirdly… I don’t expect it either!)

    Skype and facetime are amazing. Yeah to technology! :)

  22. YES! We love facetime!! My sister lives in California with her two boys. (2.5 years and 6 months) The two year old doesn’t get the distance yet and asks me to come over and play cars on a daily basis. :( Can’t we time travel yet!! :)

  23. We LOVE facetime around these parts. Having our little one away from his grandparents and cousins is one of the hardest things for us! We try to facetime at least once a week with each side!!

  24. We do this all the time with grandparents and my 3 year old loves it. He always wants my mom to show him the toy excavator in her backyard when he talks to her to make sure it’s still there:)

  25. FaceTime and before that iChat and Skype have been the best thing for our family. Raising our son hours away from family is tough on everyone, most of all his grandparents, and FaceTime makes everyone feel closer. My son loves facetiming with his cousins too. They act like goofballs and talk nonsense, but it’s sweet that they can bond from far away. I can’t imagine what living far away was like before video chatting.

  26. Your mom is an absolute beauty. :)

  27. Your mom is an absolute beauty. :)

  28. we LIVE for facetime! Our families are in NY and Philadelphia (we’re in LA) and when we had our daughter in January facetime was a lifeline to be able to “see” our families. I would often have to turn away in those first few week because I’d get so choked up seeing my parents coo over our baby girl, I missed them so desperately. It’s gotten easier and we’ll see them in 2 weeks, but there is nothing like the real thing.

  29. I facetime with my parents on occasion; it’s definitely easier than talking on the phone! I will never forget the first time I facetimed with my grandmother though… she cried because she felt like I was really there with them! I haven’t seen her since 2009 so it was a sweet moment.

  30. The first time I used FaceTime with my then 3-year-old niece, she couldn’t stop making faces, so it was hard to have a chat, haha. But it’s a cool thing to do when you’re traveling—I was doing Airbnb in Amsterdam last summer and FaceTimed with my niece and nephew then, showing them around the apartment where I was staying and describing for them (and my brother and sister-in-law) what the city was like. It’s pretty cool for closing the gap between you.

  31. Who can’t appreciate FaceTime?! Yesterday, we FaceTimed my brother who is a freshman at SDSU since he was missing out on some family bonding. It made it feel like he was with us. My grandparents love being able to see him!


  32. Yes!! I’ll facetime with my nephew while I cook dinner or do simple mundane tasks. We simply set the ipad up on the counter and go about our business BUT while actually seeing each other. It’s wonderful, since otherwise I wouldn’t get to ‘see’ him grow up : )

  33. I love face timing. I feel like I’m right there having the same experiences.

  34. I FaceTime my family and it feels like we’re hanging out, which is so wonderful! My parents, siblings and I are all close.

    I love to watch my mom’s eyes squint when she laughs, tour my brother’s home improvement projects with him and make dumb faces with my sister. My dad is the best to watch, though, because he still hasn’t quite figured out how to act on it. haha!

  35. my boyfriend lives really far so we use google+ hangouts all the time. we’ve even used it to watch movies and stuff together. :)

    your mom is so beautiful. i hope she knows.

  36. We’ve got my Nana who has dementia using FaceTime. It’s way easier for her to interact when she can see us face to face. What a great invention. It makes being apart way more manageable.


  37. We’ve got my Nana who has dementia using FaceTime. It’s way easier for her to interact when she can see us face to face. What a great invention. It makes being apart way more manageable.


  38. oh, she’s not driving! she just went to her car to honk the horn for him. she’s parked outside her house.

  39. I’m sorry, am I the only one concerned about her driving and facetiming?:(

  40. I’m 26 and facetime with my parents allll the time. They love it. I have to keep my not-so-tidy parts of my apartment out of sight!

  41. I have been Facetiming every M-F morning with my nephews in Michigan since they were born. They know my name and who I am all because of it. I’m so thankful we have it, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on their lives. I even read them books!

  42. Yes we live overseas and FaceTime every day! My daughter brings me the iphone saying “Mamy! (Grammy!). She loves it!

    And when will the winner be announced? I’m dying to know!

  43. goodness gracious your mom’s skin just looks flawless! make her tell us her secrets! :)

  44. We LOVE Facetime! It is a godsend for my parents who live hours away from our daughter. She gets a kick out of showing Nana and Papa her bedroom every Facetime session.

    Toby is such a cutie!! Cheers.

  45. We don’t have iphones but do Oovoo chat on the computer. It’s great because you can get up to 6 households together – perfect for drawing names at Christmas with my husband’s large family.

  46. His sweet face in the last picture!! Oh my heart.

  47. I love facetiming with my in-laws. It gives them a chance to really see what my son is up to. And it helps him remember them since they are half way across the world from us. My mother-in-law is visiting us and my baby had no problems with stranger danger.

  48. My 12 month old and I FaceTime everyday. My hubby travels a lot for work, and both sets of grandparents live out of state. I am so thankful for the technology and the joy on my baby boy’s face when he sees his family!

  49. We use facetime a lot with my kids and their grandparents. I love that my kids can take my phone into different rooms with them – getting on the floor to play with their grandparents :)

  50. Yeah – I just Facetimed with my youngest brother yesterday during Easter dinner! Most of our family was together, including my young nephews, and we passed my phone around the table talking to him – the kids loved it, and it made him feel like he wasn’t missing everything :)

  51. I love FaceTime. when my sister was in ukraine adopting my four nieces/nephews, it was such a gift.

    Your little man is just too cute!

  52. It’s the only way I’m able to stay in contact with my 3 year old nephew. I love that we get to see each other and he still is comfortable around me every time I see him because we “hang out” so much via facetime.

  53. I live in Wyoming, my sister in Minnesota and the rest of the family in Norway. Facetime is the most convenient, easy and genious way to stay in touch. My nephews in Norway can talk to their cousins in Minnesota, as well as my parents and me. We usually talk when they are sitting around the table eating dinner (Norway is 8 hrs ahead). And, if I’ve had a fun night out, I can call my sister who just got up, to give her the lowdown on what happened. My niece in MN had her first facetime experience when she was an hour old, talking to my mom and me.

  54. My husband’s parents are in Michigan and we skype or facetime with grandma all the time. I know my mother-in-law really appreciates getting to have a relationship with our little one even though she’s far away. And my daughter Cambelle seems to get a lot our of it too!

    I’ve also started skyping with my dear childhood friend who now lives in New York. I’m also not good on traditional phone calls so over the last decade or so we haven’t been is as much contact as I woudl like. Well, we started using skype video because she wanted to see my baby. We’ve kept it up and even though it’s so she can say hi to Cambelle, what it really does is help us stay in touch and connected as friends

  55. Alllll the time .. my mom wants to facetime with my cat (her grand-kitty) (who, granted, is an adorable Maine Coon with plenty to say) .. I can’t imagine what she’ll be like when I have kids. This is one good thing about web-technology (if I’m afraid of what the rest of it can do to the mind). I love that I can live where I want and still be connected to my loved ones in this very personal way. ALSO: your mama is gorgeous! xx

  56. I’m in a long distance relationship and I don’t know what I would do without Facetime! Especially, now that my boyfriend is deployed. He has wifi at his base and it makes the distance so much easier!

  57. My almost-2-year-old loves to FaceTime with my parents. Except for some reason, he can’t say FaceTime and calls it “champagne”! At first we couldn’t figure out why he was asking for champagne all the time!

  58. We Facetime for my 3 month old son and his Nana and Papaw in Indiana. :)

  59. I love it too! I live in Brooklyn, and my whole family lives in Orlando- and recently I became an aunt, so I pretty much facetime my twin nieces daily! Without it, I would be missing my nieces grow up.

  60. Living far away from people is SO much easier now that Skype & FaceTime exist. x

  61. Joanna – check this out, it’s so cool. Using this ustyme app, kids and grandparents can be reading the same book together, seeing the book and each other too!

  62. Oooh another good thing, when you’re in the same place as the kiddo, is the Photobooth if you have a Mac. My nephew loves to take selfies together for hours, and play with all the silly face features.

  63. Yes! I do this with my newphew Its so sweet. We can play lots of goofy games and make faces. My favorite part has been watching him learn to read. I always send him books for every holiday and he has read to me over face time since he could just sound out a few words. Now, at 8, he’s reading me chapter book sections! I was sick recently and he insisted on facetiming me to read me a book while I took a nap. I also sometimes sit down and have dinner with my parents over Skype. I’m so grateful for this technology!

  64. it’s amazing how much more personal it is. i really feel like we’re hanging out. and i love calling our grandparents’ house in england when everyone is there, and they pass the phone around and it feels like you’re in the room!

  65. Yea we face timed once — but mostly skype. Living aboard can be quite challenging, but this def. brings us all closer together! :) I love TECHNOLOGY!

  66. I totally facetime with my nephews and my aunt, uncle and cousins who I’m super close to. I find that it just makes it much more personal.