Baby cousins

This weekend, Toby and I had a Skype date with my cousin Olivia and her daughter Bo. We were in New York, and they were in England, but we felt like we were in the same room. (Skyping is so amazing; I’d never really done it before.) It was awesome to have the babies meet face-to-face (even though Toby was a little cranky), and breastfeed simultaneously across the Atlantic. :)

  1. i heart skype. I have a school friend that moved to the UK and we jump on skype as much as we can. It is truly like you are in each others homes. Love the simultaneous feeding!


  2. how cute. I skype with my boyfriends family in England as well. it’s the best to see his little nieces as often as we can! the only trouble is the time difference!

  3. wow this one is so cute and adorable.
    Mickey Buarao

  4. I love the photos :-))

    and Skype is a life saver for an expat like me… I look forward to weekends so I can talk to my family …

  5. I know I’m a little late on the commenting…
    But just wanted to reiterate…Skype is indeed awesome! My sister is in France now and it’s been a great way to communicate!
    I bet the simultaneous breastfeeding session must have been very rewarding!

  6. I love Skype too! I live in Australia, and when we Skype my dad and stepmum in England, they show us what it’s like to jump out on the patio in the snow at night while we turn the webcam to show them a hot, sunny day outside with my husband digging in the garden (as he should be!). On every Skype call I still marvel at the technology. Aren’t we lucky?

  7. that’s so funny, i can’t believe you had never really skyped before…i can’t live without it!

  8. I couldn’t live so far away from my family if it weren’t for skype. just no way!

  9. skype is such a marvelous invention! now only if she could teach toby to speak in a british accent! ;)

  10. I love Skype! And I love the concept of trans-atlantic breast feeding:-D

  11. That’s so sweet! Skype is fantastic, I’ve learned to love it since I moved away from my hometown recently.

  12. ha! excellent :) it’s great to hear you are still breastfeeding, Toby must be happy!

  13. I Skype all the time with my brother and sister-in-law and my adorable nephews…when they are 2 and 4 and too far away to visit often, it’s so great to watch them grow up. And I tend to veer towards a Southern accent just like they all have! :)

  14. it’s amazing to hear how many people use skype–and to such faraway places! what an incredible (and free!!) way to keep in touch :)

  15. Skype is fantastic. Whenever anyone starts to bemoan tech to me, I always say: depends on how one uses it. As far as I am aware, it is not a rule to update on social networks every minute. I don’t, I don’t ‘poke’ people, or play Mafia games. Anyway, then I say ‘Skype’! If they’ve never done it, never had the need, they’ve no idea how fantastic it is. Well, I needn’t say more–everyone above has already done it.


  16. We just Skyped with my husband’s family for the first time last night – His parents, 3 sisters (and bro-in-law), and all 5 grandkids. It was fun.

  17. adorable! my baby skypes every Sunday with her great-grandmother and great-aunt in Italy. It’s holding them over until we can visit next spring.

  18. this is so sweet! enjoy every second with Baby Toby. my little one turned 2 over the weekend and it makes me so sad how quickly they grow up!

  19. So cool! Skype never ceases to amaze me– my husband & I just talked to our friends who live in Kenya yesterday and it’s just so amazing that we’re able to do that:) Gotta love technology!

  20. technology is so wonderful. cute baby! Have a good day.

  21. its so crazy how technology has changed communication in that way! my best friend spent a year in italy last year and I got to talk to her all the time and feel the same, as if we were in the same room. totally awesome.

  22. Oh how lovely! I am new to Skype too and it’s great! I use it to talk to my younger sister who has just started university. :)

  23. I totally know what you mean…I skype with my mom all the time (she also lives in England…in Reading)…It always feels like she would be just next to me sitting:)..Love those…and I can see you and Toby on the screen cute! Glad you enjoyed it!

  24. you can move the little gray call box in the center can be moved to one of the corners of the screen, that way you can take screen shots without it plastered over her chest. What a cool across the ocean adventure. How fun when these cuties will get to meet in real life one day!

  25. That is awesome, joanna! I’ve never skyped before either. :)

  26. soo cute! i love skype. it makes the world even smaller.

  27. Anonymous says...


    OMG..Also I love the name Bo!
    Seriously had given it a consideration for my future little girl…the only problem is my husband(who is french) says if we plan to raise children in France…it might bring a lot of ‘hardship on the playground’.

    But if were to ever change our family-raising locale…yup definitely going with it.

  28. I skype every week end with my parents back in France so they can see little o doing all kind of silly things to impress his grandparents (like saying his 3 new favorite words : shoes, nanas (for bananas) and ‘non’ (that one in French, I wonder why :)
    Long live skype !! xx
    PS: Toby is getting cuter by the minute :)

  29. jmg says...

    Isn’t Skyping is the best! You really feel as if you were with the other person!

  30. I am hoping Ol can join us tonight for Lui’s birthday dinner, Madrid to Pittsburgh. Sadly voice only with inadequate bandwidth the woods for video. We’re so delighted the puddle of cousins is expanding.

  31. skype is an amazing tool! I use it all the time to keep in touch with my fam. What a cute little baby!

  32. Aww, that is so sweet!! And as far as the accent, I totally do that too! If I spend more than about 20 minutes with someone who has an accent I will start to sound like them. I guess I am just a natural mimic because I honestly can’t help it. Have to focus really hard on NOT doing it.

  33. That’s so awesome! I love skype too! It was huge help in easing a long distance relationship :)

  34. I love g video chat. We live in Utah and my two year old gets to see his grandparents in California every week. Every time he sees me with the computer he asks, “nan n’ charlie? nan n’ charlie?” When my husband had to go to Japan a few years ago he couldn’t watch the NBA draft so I set up the computer so he could watch it on our television – for three hours. I just did the same thing for a friend in Kuwait so he could watch a Utah football game. Technology is so awesome.

  35. olivia’s accent is super cute!! i found myself veering toward a lame british accent while talking to her, haha

  36. Love it! I skype with my parents who live in Spain, and it seriously makes SUCH a difference being able to see someone. My dream is to have a skype dinner party one day, and set up a computer as someone’s “place” – it’ll be like they’re right there!


  37. Anonymous says...

    Wish we could hear the conversation and Olivia’s accent!

  38. Sarah says...

    Breastfeeding across the Atlantic. Ha Ha!

  39. Haha, I love that you and your cousin breast-fed while on Skype! So funny and adorable, it is truly like you were in the same room, going about your normal routine and not just talking to your Mac. I love the 21st century!

  40. Too cute! Skype is wonderful.

  41. Anonymous says...

    It will be so fun when those babies meet in person! Who will cross the Atlantic first?

  42. Anonymous says...

    So wonderful to both have babies and to share the experience of motherhood!

  43. i skype all the time with my best friend who is currently in russia. it’s the best invention ever.

  44. Technology is so wonderful when it comes to moments like this. Bo is a beautiful baby and hopefully she will make it across the pond sometime soon for a playdate in NYC with Toby.