Pop Quiz: What Kind of Underwear Are You Wearing Right Now?

The other day, my friend, Gemma, who recently moved from London to New York, asked me where American women buy everyday underwear. I drew a blank. Is there a go-to place for underwear? Right now, I wear Cosabella thongs (super flattering with jeans) or boy shorts (they make me feel sexy). But for cotton basics, I’m still wearing my ratty old maternity pairs. :)

So, I’d love to know: What underwear are you wearing right now? Where do you buy affordable everyday pairs? Thank you for any recommendations!

P.S. I kind of want to try these. :)
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  1. Avid Love men’s low rise bikini’s.Light green soft and sexy.

  2. Steve says...

    Wearing dark blue full cut briefs

  3. Cat says...

    I am wearing a grey Calvin Klein thong. I love them because they are extremely comfortable and somehow easier to clean. My biggest pet peeve is seeing panties through another women’s pants, hence why i only wear thongs out of the house.

  4. Kelly Libby says...

    I love GAP Body for comfty cotton blends. They have cute prints…and solid basics… often on sale 5 for $25. Can’t beat the price.

  5. I am in love with their Billionair boudoir set. But I also love their Helenca Ruffle Chemise in Black! Gorgeous!sexy costumes for women

  6. also love carol full brief panties, have many pair.

  7. I’m wearing cabernet full brief panties love the feel.

  8. I second Mary Green – so soft and comfortable, albeit a little pricy. I wear the vanishing edge panties from Soma on a day-to-day basis. Not particularly exciting, but I never have any panty lines. Based on all the comments, it sounds like I need to check out Hanky Panky!

  9. Really late to the party here, but I’d say Uniqlo and the Gap are the best cheap ones. That said, I am firmly of the less (of higher quality) is more school, so I’d strongly suggest Araks (the brand you show in this post) or, less expensive but also amazing is a brand called Ten

  10. GAP!! They have great choices. I prefer cotton because I feel like it’s more breathable.

  11. Aerie!

  12. I usually buy a 5 pack of g-strings from marks and spencers, and then go to topshop for pretty knickers.

  13. For a splurge once in awhile, I will order some undies through PACT. They are awesome. Think they even ran a Groupon deal once upon a time. Otherwise, it’s Gap Body underwear for me.

  14. Hanky Panky all the way. And then boy shorts too. Love the Lululemon Light As Air Boy Shorts – NO LINES peek through!

  15. If you can get past some of the teeny-bopper looking prints, AE Aerie has some really solid cotton lace bikinis and thongs. I go there around once a year and stock up on all black and nude lace usually for around 7/$25. I still have some from two years ago that are in perfect shape (that being said, I generally hand wash lingerie every other time and then line dry). Target has similar pricing, but they don’t like nearly as long.

  16. Another vote for hanky panky. But for cheap cotton undies, I like h&m, the lace trimmed that come in three packs.

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  18. I bought ExOfficio Give-N-Go bikini briefs for a trip, and loved them SO MUCH that I am now slowly replacing all my underwear with these….expensive, but I always wait for their 25% off sales to stock up. Worth every penny.

  19. Because i do tough workouts everyday i like to wear boycut exoffical brand of underwear doesnt get all soggy and gross. i dont own anything else underwear wise. I wear sports bras daily too and i usually get them from intimacy store because 28 to 30 band size and F cup isn’t easily available

  20. I love the Victoria’s Secret hiphuggers!

  21. Hanky Panky original thong… always & forever!

  22. Gap stopped selling their GapBody underwear in Canada :( It was the best. I just stocked up on some cotton briefs and thongs from Victoria’s Secret. I love the fit of their bras too (they’re, um, accommodating for ample sizing). Also, I recently found a surprising win at Costco. Calvin Klein silky undies in a multipack!

  23. Aerie Girly Shorts in Vintage Lace. THE BEST. I can often get away with wearing them under my yoga pants because the seams are in just the right places. I buy them in every color I can get because I love opening up my underwear drawer to find a rainbow =)

  24. Lol, I can’t believe I’m putting this out there, but I still go to Victorias Secret…only because it’s convenient.

    I remember the days when they had luxurious stores with a boudoir style. Now when I go there I feel like I could be a mother to half of the ‘girls’ in there.

    When did I get too ‘old’ for VS? :o)

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  25. Hanky Panky almost every day with some Felina thongs thrown in to the mix. Also wear my maternity briefs that I bought when I lived in France from Cocoon at La Redoute – super soft cotton.

  26. Gilligan O’Malley from Target makes really pretty bikini styles that I’ve been loving.
    I’ve been wearing Aerie’s cotton boyshorts since I was in highschool, and I still love them. They’re so comfy and have full coverage. Those in black make perfect period panties ;)
    Never really cared for VS.

  27. It used to be Hanky Panky thongs (I used to cringe at that word until I tried these…it seriously feels like you aren’t wearing anything!) but then I found the VS Lacie and they are the exact same thing but you can get multiple pairs for the price of one HP! Apparently they are popular with your readers, and for good reason! Also, I get mail from VS every once in a while with “$10 off your purchase” or “get a free underwear” which I usually use for boyshorts for sleeping!

  28. Another vote for GAP body. I swear their lace thongs rival the cosabella ones at a much lower cost! The lace tanga is pretty cute, too, as are the cotton basics.

  29. My favorite underwear are black cotton hipsters from Hanes. I can NEVER find them in my size at Target, in ONLY BLACK. The prints are always lame. Recently I ordered 6 pairs on Amazon, of all places! And then Amazon asked me if I would like to share what I bought on Facebook? Uh, no thanks!

  30. The gap, 5 for 20 on sale. They don’t budge.

  31. I actually just had to check because I couldn’t remember… that’s bad isn’t it? Anyway, boy shorts :) gotta have a bit of comfort on a Friday! x

  32. I love Hanky Panky thongs. They were recommended to me when I was pregnant because they are one-size and I loved them before, during, and after my pregnancy. They are also made in the USA, which is a nice bonus.

  33. My adolescent girls and I go to aerie for our yearly underwear hoarding during the summer since we live overseas. They always have these great promos. My older daughter and I get the sexy lacy ones and my younger daughter is allowed the un-lacy ones. It’s almost like going to a candy shop picking and choosing whatever “flavors” are tempting you!

  34. Love Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jockey, but can never pay full price SO go to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and outlets. Otherwise Target for plain cotton panties that are actually small enough (I’d love to buy 5-packs from Hanes but I’m always swimming in them).

  35. Bloomingdales. I wait until they have one of those 20-30% -off-everything-sales and replace all my undies. I use calvin klein seamless and cotton undies.

  36. PS- I totally agree on the GAP body lace too, I’ve just found their underwear doesn’t have a long lasting quality…

  37. I’m really big on matching my underwear or creating a style with my tops and bottoms, it just makes me feel really sexy after I shower in the morning. Right now I’m wearing a pair of Victoria’s secret cotton bikini style(I love their string bikini’s too) bottoms in neon and then a black (hard to describe) training style bra in black from GAP body. The neon and the black look really good together, I used to shop at GAP body because I got an employee discount and they have really cute pieces BUT I found that the bottoms weren’t sturdy enough to hold up after washing a few times and VS bra’s are more comfortable so I stock up during the semi-annual sale. Sometimes if I want something lace, I’ll go to Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s BP has some really cute lightweight bra’s too…I’m pretty serious about my underwear.

  38. Boy shorts all the way. I get them at Target. :)

  39. Calvin Klein or Gap body! Just started wearing Hanky Panky, they’re a little expensive for me but I plan on buying a couple more!

  40. I wear Victoria Secret – they are SO comfortable.

  41. One more vote for Gap Body! I get my plain and my sexy underwear there.. their lacy tangas are comfy and totally RAHR all at the same time. Husband approved!

  42. Commando underwear are super popular and I’ve got a few pairs of the cotton ones that I really like :) I feel like everyone’s already said that, but yes, they are good. Also gap makes some standard/more cheaply priced cotton ones that are nice (though they do get ratty more quickly). xxx

  43. I’m wearing a cosabella thong too…but I’m sad jcrew stopped carrying them!! i hate ordering underwear online so now i usually just buy hanky pankys. and gap body has comfy cotton undies!!

  44. Super second the Gap Body recommendations. For basic cotton they are so great… really comfy, soft, and flattering (and not too pricey).

  45. Victoria’s Secret lace top bikini briefs! I go back and forth between those and the lace top “cheeky hipster”