(Kiss that little face!) What are your plans this weekend? Alex’s good friend is visiting, so we’ll be taking him this restaurant. And daylight savings is this weekend—one step closer to spring!!! Finally, the Bachelor finale is on Monday. Would you want to do live commenting here during the show? Will you be watching it at 8pm EST? I’d love to watch it together—it would fun to gossip with a group of girl friends!—but I’m not sure if you guys TiVo it or are in different time zones. Let me know! xoxo

Anyway, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Wes Anderson’s characters can’t move diagonally.

Love the spring trend of fisherman sandals.

Middle class problems.

Burgers for the win.

What a pretty dress.

Hypnotic art.

Have you ever read this magical book?

Mark your calendars: Lena Dunham is hosting SNL this weekend.

A new-and-improved Barbie. I love that she plays soccer.

Mom’s travel guides. Made me laugh. (Be safe!)

Jamie Beck makes NYC look so dreamy.

It’s cool to be a grown-up!

A bacon-scented alarm clock.

The teaser for Mad Men’s new season is a tease.

Have a good one! Thanks for all the fun comments this week:)

(Photo of Anton from Instagram; cartoon by Roz Chast for The New Yorker)