What are you up to tonight? Any hot dates? Alex and I are having an at-home date night, and last night I actually joined a few ladies at my friend Susan’s house for Galentine’s Day. We drank wine, ordered pizza and watched Clueless. She told us we could wear sweatpants and pjs. It was such a fun, low-key night! (As Leslie Knope says, “Ovaries before brovaries, uteruses before duderuses”:) Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend with people you love, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

The Olympics in Manhattan.

Snowy Michigan from space.

These dogs are so flipping cute.

How to sound business-y. (Thanks, Devin)

Would you ever try these bangs?!

How people talk in movies.

Star earrings.

Are these Paris billboards real or photoshopped?

School pictures are always so awkward.

Everyone has this co-worker.

Are you right brained or left brained?

DYING to try this beauty product.

Pretty stationery.

What cool art direction!

A funny commute.

Why it’s not okay to steal kisses.

A news story for your inner five-year-old.

P.S. And I know I always repeat the same Valentine’s Day story but here it is again.

Plus, three past posts:
* Do your eyes light up when you see your child?
* A one-sentence pep talk.
* How to look like a J.Crew model.

(Photo by Michael O’Neal and Laura Brunow Miner for Pinterest Send a Valentine, via D*S. Dog balloons via Momfilter)