When I posted about the fireplace movie this week, a reader told me that Norway has a show about knitting. People shearing a sheep and then knitting for hours. That’s it. The show is part of a movement called “slow but noble television.”

The Telegraph reports:

“‘Slow TV’ has proved successful for Norway’s NRK, a veteran in quirky programming, since 2009 when the broadcaster showed the view from the roof of a seven-hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo. Millions watched. In 2011, it broadcast 134 hours non-stop of a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic, bagging the world record for the longest continuous TV program. Millions tuned in. In February, it aired a 12-hour show on firewood, featuring discussions about stacking and chopping, and a debate on whether the bark should face up or down. One in five Norwegians watched the show at one point.”

Interesting, right? Would you watch these? If you live in Norway, do you? Now we just need some gløgg!

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(Painting by Francoise Duparc)