Ampersand sweatshirt, $62, because you belong as a pair.

A calendar with your favorite photos over the years, for his office desk, $29.99.

Krave jerky, $7 each, with the most incredible flavors (think: basil citrus turkey and chili lime beef). I don’t even usually like jerky, but these are ridiculously delicious.

NATO straps, $12.50. The fastest way to give his watch a makeover. Alex is obsessed. “If you’re into watches, you can’t help fantasizing about buying new ones,” he says. “The next best thing is to buy a new strap. They’re cheap and colorful and totally change the watch every time you put one on.”

A fun local class to take together, like a blind wine tasting, $75, or an always fantastic Murray’s cheese class, $60-$75.

Revolution in the Head, $14.62, which tells the real story behind every Beatles song. Written by a genius music critic, the book gives a sociological and musical analysis of how the Beatles achieved the effect they did.

Army green Marshall headphones, $100. As Alex says, “Marshall is the most storied name in guitar amplifiers, going back to Hendrix. You can’t fit a giant Marshall amp in your apartment, but you can get these Marshall headphones and keep the spirit alive.”

Cards Against Humanity, $25, to play when friends come over. It’s like Apples to Apples… but racy/crazy/inappropriate.

Bike light, $13.09. This tiny lamp fits onto the spokes of your wheel, so that once you’re pedaling at a steady speed it blurs into a solid ring of light that cycles through the color spectrum as you ride. For fun nighttime bike rides.

P.S. The 2013 gift guide so far…

(Wine illustration by Gemma Correll for this post)