SNL’s Spoof on Girls

You’ve probably all already seen this SNL spoof of the show Girls, but just in case there’s one person out there who hasn’t, I figured I’d post it. It’s too hilarious to miss. Their impressions of the characters are SPOT ON — especially Hannah and Jessa. I was laughing out loud the whole time.

  1. This is great, thanks for sharing!

  2. First time seeing this… Blerta, LOL. Epic!

  3. I’m living and working in Albania right now with the peace corps, so picture a TOTAL FREAKOUT that Albania got a shoutout on SNL in relation to Girls. Like, post-this-to-facebook-immediately-because-everyone-must-see.

    Also, I’m a horrible person in that I found the obvious discrepancies about Albania to actually be funnier than if they had the right info. Except that part about the mayor…that part could totally be true.

  4. You should put a “Caution! You might laugh out loud while at work” warning on this post. Fuuuuny stuff! “Can I eat the donut on your head?!” Perfecto! Thank you for posting that.. I needed that laugh today!

  5. hahaha!! YES.

  6. Loved this!

  7. this is awesome. haha. i’d never seen it. thanks!

  8. I am so glad you posted this! I guess I am the one person who hasn’t seen it and it is so spot with the characters!

  9. I do enjoy Girls and loved the parody. “Don’t speak because they will know you are simple!”

    I’m curious though, does anyone think the show speaks to their actual experience as 20 somethings? I don’t know anyone who was as big as mess as any of those girls. Maybe my friends and I just had our sh!t together??

    • If you find the answer to this please let me know…I feel the same way…then again I watch Sex in the City and cringe at that too. Those girls have wayyyy too many partners!!

  10. I did not see this, thank you for this! Gave me a good laugh!

  11. Thanks you for posting this! I actually did not see it, and it’s hilarious. How did that girl get Marnie’s voice down so perfectly? And Jessa too, those were spot on like you said. Love it.

  12. I’ll have to check it out on YouTube – I knew I should have watched Saturday night…but I couldn’t stay up that late!

    • Just watched it on my phone – hysterical! Everyone was spot on – right up there with the best of SNL (and I’ve been watching since it started)!

  13. This is hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  15. just the fact that her name is blerta makes me chuckle.

  16. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! I’ve heard so many great things about that show, but haven’t gotten to see much of it. We don’t have HBO. :( Thanks for sharing this great Monday pick-me-up!


  17. So great! And I love that Lena Dunham loved it — makes it even more enjoyable!

  18. i can’t watch it in “my country”, too bad. but now i’m curious, i love that show!

  19. hannah and jessa – and shoshanna’s hair!!! too funny

  20. I had NOT seen that, thank you!

  21. Hannah was definitely spot on! I follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, and she posted a picture of Lena watching the sketch and loving it. Officially Hannah Harvath approved.

  22. I loved this… Blerta should seriously consider becoming a series regular…Hahaha amazing.

  23. I just watched this last night, soo hilarious!

  24. Thanks for sharing! This is hilarious!!

  25. Oh em gee! thanks for this, I totally missed it!

  26. Good Monday laugh. Thanks for sharing,.

  27. I hadn’t seen it either. Thanks for posting. I loved the part about eating the “donut” on Shoshanna’s head!

  28. I couldn’t watch the clip posted because I live in Canada, but it’s easily found on youtube!
    Hilarious. Adam was my favourite.

  29. Oh my goodness, thank u for posting this! I completely missed this & didn’t know about it… too hilarious!! Amazed how flawless their acting was for each character :)

  30. Not to tell Romania.. It’s like Narnia. :)

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  32. Ha! I’m one of those people that missed this, thank you for posting! So spot on. Fake Adam was perfect.

  33. jm says...

    So funny! I’m still laughing…

  34. I love it. It’s dead on.

  35. Ooohh… It’s only available for the US. (Or at least it’s not available in Spain) :(