1. “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

  2. I’ll be adding this to the book list:)

  3. I tried a sample from amazon. It is a wonderful book. I am downloading the full version. I think I will be reading it more than once!

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  5. This book is on my wishing list on Amazon and I was waiting for the publishing day!!! Fortunately here it is your post! Thanks for alerting me since Amazon didn’t do it….. :(

  6. As an army wife I’m all too aware of finding oneself suddenly alone in unforeseen circumstances. I’ll have to read this book, commiseration, and then put any ideas on my list of things to do for the next time my husband deploys!

  7. Totally sounds like a book I would read. Hopefully will check it out soon!

  8. great post!


  9. Am really looking forward to reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, The Signature of All Things. The female Victorian botanical geek twist sounds just like what I want to read right now, and in EG’s hands, I’m sure it’ll be a great read.

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  11. I am really wanting to read this. It sounds fascinating, but it is not out in England yet. I will have to keep an eye out for it!

  12. mw says...

    My Berlin Kitchen and a Homemade Life

  13. mw says...

    My Berlin Kitchen and a Homemade Life

  14. I just finished reading Serena last night. So captivating – and my brain is still trying to figure out how I feel about how it all went down. This book sounds like a delightful swing in the other direction emotion-wise.

  15. Thanks for the recommendation – we just got back from a week and Paris and this might help fill the void of all the French food I’m missing right now :)

  16. Yay!! I’m a bit of a Francophile and I love food and I REALLY love a good memoir!! This sounds perfect — just the kind of thing I was looking for!

  17. I’m a fan of Peter Mayle, so I will definitely check this one out! I need a nice, light read that might also inspire me to cook more. :-)

  18. I’m a bit behind the curve, since it came out in 2008, but I enjoyed “What Alice Forgot”. Now, it’s “Love and Logic” books so I can out negotiate tantrums.

  19. i need a good read so i’m glad you posted this. it sounds wonderful already, i crave to experience Paris one day so maybe i can live vicariously through this book

  20. I’m reading “Orange is the New Black.” It’s fantastic so far!

  21. [Squeal]. This sounds literally and figuratively delicious. Can’t wait to read it!

  22. [Squeal]. This sounds literally and figuratively delicious. Can’t wait to read it!

  23. Yes! I am reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” It’s wonderful.

  24. Well, my husband just deployed, and even though I’ve got our 8 month old son to keep me company, I get lonely. I hardly ever impulse buy ANYTHING (even a good book – I usually just add it to my library list) but I just bought this without a second thought. Thank you Joanna :)

  25. M says...

    You should check out Paris I love you, but you’re bringing me down by Rosecrans Baldwin

  26. The sea the sea …….. Iris Murdoch brilliant

  27. Funny. She got pushed into (by life itself) doing exactly what I’ve always dreamed of willingly doing! So cool! Will definitely look into reading this. Thanks for the recommendation and brief intro to the book. Sounds like a terrific read! : )

  28. My library ordered this book on my request. Eagerly waiting for my notification that it’s in!

  29. Oooh, I love travel memoirs, and I’m always on the look out for new ones — they don’t come around that often, so this is especially exciting for me!
    Can’t wait to read it!

  30. I read your post such a nice work here. i am very enjoy take your food…!


  31. This book sounds wonderful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I love reading about other peoples journeys and transformation, and find that the inspiration trickles down into my own life as well. Thank you for sharing!


  32. This sounds like it’s right up my ally! I can’t wait to read it!

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  33. I adore books about France and French cooking! Thanks for the recommendation. Definitely adding this to my list!

  34. I am just so glad that someone else literally finished novels while breastfeeding rather than stared “lovingly into their newborn’s eyes”….I’m sorry but sometimes being a mom is boring and doesn’t always stimulate your brain. Thanks for making me feel better as I breastfeed my second baby!

  35. Totally just downloading the audiobook so I can listen to it this weekend while driving cross country! So pumped!!!

  36. jm says...

    I definitely want to read this – and then cook (and eat) French food!

  37. I can’t imagine arriving in France with my husband suddenly having to leave for a year! Ann Mah really sounds like she turned a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

    Also another vote for Jhumpa Lahiri’s books.

  38. I just realized my fave books are always about France and food. Oh well, gonna check Amazon and read this incredible book :)

  39. i need to read this eventually. reading jhumpa lahiri’s new book right now. very good.

  40. I’m a sucker for a good travel memoir. Thanks for the recommendation. xx

  41. This has been on my wish-list for months. Good to know its finally been published!

    I love the cover for this book. Am I the only one who thinks this would make a great print to hang in the kitchen? Any book about Paris has a fabulous cover that would ideal to hang somewhere in the house…


  42. Thanks for the great suggestion. This book sounds like it’s right up my alley. I’m currently reading Simon Doonan’s new book “The Asylum”, which I’m loving.

  43. Ohh this book sounds so perfect. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for posting this! I read The Paris Wife (about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife) recently and loved it.

  44. This looks great! I’m currently in the middle of reading “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain, and next up is “Bringing Up Bebe”, so this goes perfectly with the Parisian theme I have going.

  45. Ai says...

    This looks great! I love French cuisine, Julia Child, and that movie Julie and Julia so I think this is right up my alley :)

  46. Totally opposite to this style of book, but I just started reading Doctor Sleep, the Stephen King sequel to The Shining. I’m so excited this book has come out, the first time I read The Shining over a decade ago I was waiting for a sequel. :)

  47. Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for recommending it!

  48. This sounds fantastic! Love Julia and these seems like the perfect little escape!

  49. Joanna – I recommend & I think you will really enjoy: “Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal” :)

  50. The Night Circus is very special.

    • I enjoyed the Night Circus, too. Really fuels your imagination.

      Joanna, I was thinking you would like The Unknowns (Gabe Roth). Very entertaining read, would be a good nursing-book. (I devoured books on my nook those early months!)

  51. I so deeply heart french food memoirs. I think I spend some portion of every fall reading a new one, so thanks for the rec. Funnily, I was just writing a post for tomorrow on how french food memoirs sparked my love of breakfast radishes.

  52. I’ve recommended it before, but Joanna, you MUST read Julia Child’s ‘My Life in France.’ You will love!

    I’m going to pick this one up after work, thanks for the rec!

    • I second this!! I picked up the book in an airport last year on a whim and it’s now one of my favorite books!!! Julia’s story somewhat reminds me of the way you described Ann’s – I think you’d love it!!

      I will definitely have to add this book to my reading list, thank you!!! :)

  53. Sounds like an interesting read. I will have to check this out!

  54. omg, you know ann mah?? i loveeeeed “kitchen chinese.” oh wow!

  55. Looks like another one to add to my list…after I finishing The Interestings…and The Man Repeller.

  56. It sounds like a great read. I also enjoyed your recommendation “Where’d you go, Bernadette?”, and just found out that the author is a friend of my best friend, whose son goes to the same school in Seattle (which is funny if you know how much the book centers around that school). Small world!

  57. As a french girl, I’d highly recommand an… american author : Laura Kasischke. The Raising for instance… So great !

  58. I just started reading Brain on Fire and really like it so far!

  59. I’ve been looking forward to reading this! I love Peter Mayle, and anything French, haha. I’m actually reading a great historical non-fiction about the renovation of Paris in the 1850s-60s under the Napolen III/Haussmann era, “Paris Reborn” by Stephane Kirkland. Such a fascinating read and not dry at all!