Confession: These first few months after having a baby have been a little wobbly. The newborn stage is magical and delicious, but I had forgotten what it’s like to be so mind-numbingly tired. So, I’ve been trying to do a few things every day to feel like myself. I read the New Yorker on my phone. I chat with funny parents at the playground. I shower and blow dry my hair every morning. It’s funny how those little things—especially, somehow, clean hair—can make a big difference to feeling centered and refreshed.

As for what to wear, HATCH just came out with their fall collection. I wore some HATCH maternity clothes when I was pregnant, and they made me feel beautiful. But a great thing about HATCH is that you can wear their pieces after pregnancy, too. The flowing styles are flattering to all body types, and I love how effortless they feel. (I’m eyeing this top for nursing, and how chic is this cape?!)

What do you do when you need a boost? Read a good book? Call an old friend? Sneak off for a pedicure? Drink a big glass of wine? I’d actually love some suggestions! :)

(This awesome little dude likes to party all night. Anton, go to sleep!)

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