Our second baby is due in less than two weeks, but…

…I have a feeling he or she will arrive any day now. I feel so…ripe. :) Who knows? We will see! Every time I feel a kick or even hunger pang, I jump and wonder if labor is starting.

But I have a motherhood question. As the baby’s arrival gets closer, I’ve been having such crazy pangs of love for Toby, more than ever. I’m already so nostalgic for all our one-on-one time. The other evening, I was putting him to bed and telling him how much I loved him, and I was wearing a new pink lipstick that he had helped me choose that day at the drugstore, and he suddenly clasped my face with both of his chubby hands and said, “Mama, your lips are beautiful.” I almost burst into tears! Then I put him into his crib and he was lying there with his pillow pet, and we sang “You Are My Sunshine” in unison, and he looked so sweet and earnest in the moonlight that I almost burst into tears again.

Honestly, before I had a child, I thought it was a little weird when people said they were “in love” with their children. I would think, ‘Well, you LOVE them, but you’re not IN love with them.’ But now I understand. I am head-over-heels madly and crazily in love with this little boy.

I’m a big worrier by nature, but I really hope that Toby’s okay during the chaos of the new baby and still knows how adored he is. I really don’t want to lose our special connection. Do you have any advice about how to make the transition go smoothly? And please tell me these emotions are normal. :) xo

P.S. Who gets the best kisses? Toby in conversation, and some past great tips about how to prepare your older child for a new baby.

(Photo of Toby by Julia Robbs)