Would (or did) you have a baby shower for your second baby? I wasn’t sure if it seemed like overkill since we’d already had a shower for Toby’s birth, but then Abbey pointed out, “It would be nice to celebrate THIS baby.” And that seemed true. So one recent Saturday, I went to my friend Samantha‘s house for the loveliest afternoon with fifteen wonderful women and a few chubby babies…

Samantha and her mom cooked up delicious quiches and scones and set out fruits and veggies, and other guests brought yummy goodies, including feta watermelon salad and these ridiculously delicious crumb bars. (I ate like 1,000 because they were bite-sized, which, obviously, doesn’t count.)

We made these coasters and wine labels from Pinhole Press. We wrote “baby” on them and used both Alex and my baby photos. (Pinhole Press has cute baby shower decor, but we actually ordered from their wedding collection because I loved the turquoise color.)

(Alex is in the two outside photos, and I’m in the two inside photos.)

My friend Sharon also set up an awesome game that everyone loved. The goal was to match up the grown-up and baby photos for each guest, by guessing who was who. Sharon made Pinhole Press wall decals and stuck them to the wall. It was SO CUTE to see everyone as a baby!

The afternoon was super relaxed and low-key, and we just chatted and hung out. Samantha had told guests that gifts weren’t necessary but instead to possibly consider contributing to a meal train once the baby arrives. (Have you heard of a meal train? It’s totally amazing.) Of course, a few sweet friends still brought small presents, like cotton onesies and a Swedish snot sucker:)

For the very end of the party, my friend Erin put together these favors: espresso cups filled with chocolate almonds, along with the tag “Little Cup of Jo” :)

Thank you so much for hosting, Samantha! It was such a sweet and touching afternoon. xoxo

P.S. Pregnancy survival guide, and what to register for your new baby.

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Pinhole Press is one of my beloved long-term sponsors, and they generously supplied the coasters, wine labels and wall decals. Thank you so much, Pinhole!)