12 great iPhone cases

I have the world’s most boring iPhone case—one of those ugly thick ones to keep it from breaking if Toby drops it or dunks it into his cereal. But! There are so many cute cases these days, I might just have to switch…

First row: Scales, gold foil, phone booth.
Second row: Bonjour, heart, bike.
Third row: Tulips, wooden, nope.
Fourth row: New Yorker cartoon, 1966 GQ Magazine cover, sun.

Thoughts? What’s your case like?

P.S. This sparkly one is cool, too.

(Round-up by Joanna; graphic design by Rachel Ball for Cup of Jo)

  1. cool collection . Is there any option for customised designs also ? I want to design my mobile case with my photo not on fibre case any another material.

  2. I really do like the cases especially the retro white with black,but I am more into luxury cases leather,chrome,i like my phone to be shown more when i go out to dinner or when i have a unique case that every one else don’t have, i found cases on this website that i thought are great and i wanted to share the website with you guys,i received my case for my iphone 5 a week ago and the case is very very amazing just very happy with the case check them out guy they got for iphone 5,iphone 4, and for samsung phones to.

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  4. I love the second row! I have the Bonjour case, and I love it! It’s so feminine. :)

  5. I have the GQ cover one, and it makes me happy every time I flip over my phone!

  6. I have the GQ cover one, and it makes me happy every time I flip over my phone!

  7. Has anyone heard of the Vaultskin wallet case? It’s the ideal gift for a mate of mine as he hates carrying wallets + phone but it has mixed reviews, idea/concept/style seems great but there are some not so great reviews as well. HELP

  8. Has anyone heard of the Vaultskin wallet case? It’s the ideal gift for a mate of mine as he hates carrying wallets + phone but it has mixed reviews, idea/concept/style seems great but there are some not so great reviews as well. HELP

  9. The Rifle Paper co are my favorite but the pasta one is hilarious!

  10. allows you to choose your own design and put it on a very sturdy (and child proof!) case :) mine is from there and I absolutely love it!

  11. Thank you for this post! I have had a boring thick black case since I bought my iPhone last year and am ready to switch it out for some sparkle. I wish the bonjour and gold foil cases came in 4s though :(

  12. i love all these great iphone cases but sadly have an android. Have you come across any fun cases for that kind of phone? It’s killing me that i would have to shell out extra bucks for an iphone just because i love all the cases!

  13. All gorgeous. I have a floral one now for summer (and leopard before that).. but I’m always wanting a new one.

  14. Grrr, why is it only iphones that get all the cool cases. I don’t want an iphone but I do want a nice pretty case for my htc…

  15. These are so adorable! If only I had an iphone, but for now I’m content with the floral phone case for my Samsung.

  16. I love that scales case. The ones from Fossil are amazing too! Have you seen?

  17. love them all, but what about us android users? i’ve been carrying the boring rubbery black case far too long.

  18. I am drawn to the super cute ones too. Alas, I am really clumsy and know I need something sturdier. I love Speck cases. Fun colors and protective. The one I have has a spongy inside for shock absorption but also a border that protects the screen–I am convinced it is what has saved my screen so far! I am curious to learn more about this Caseagram though! That sounds fun :)

  19. mo says...

    I think I am the only woman on earth that is not into iphone cases! I don’t get it. I have an awesome case by Belkin that is clear and black. It does the job perfectly. Done. All the fancy cases just seem so unnecessary and … (no offense) but kind of childish. (sorry!) And yes I am otherwise very feminine but with iphone cases I guess i’m like a guy or an old person, ha!

  20. H says...

    I have the heart one from Bando!! But I only got it because Hilary Duff has the exact same one, she posted a picture on her Instagram (:

  21. I have a Kate Spade one and it’s indestructible.

  22. i love the designs on some of them! but i can’t seem to part with my casetagram! my phone is covered with instagrams of my little family! :)

  23. i couldn’t possibly choose a favourite, i love them all! you have impeccable taste

  24. Loving the gold foil and NOPE! So bummed I just ordered a new case a few days ago, I’ll have to bookmark these!

  25. I also have one of the sturdy plain otterbox cases. I love the case with the scale design- simple yet colorful!

  26. May I recommend tech candy cases? I have one and I LOVE it. It’s sturdy like an otter box, but actually cute! I was just on the site and it looks like mine is discontinued (I have the gingko leaves pattern with a mint sleeve) but there are tons of pretty ones to choose from!

  27. Mine is so basic, just a black standard one. But I love the bicycle one above!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  28. Ohh loving this!! #3 is my have!!!


  29. Thanks! I have been looking for a great iPhone case for a while, since I smashed the back of it…oops! The 2nd Row is my favorite, can’t choose!

  30. I looove the glitter one!! Any chance you know where to find some great cases for the Samsung Galaxy? I just got it last week and am trying to find a cool case!

  31. I love the bonjour one, and Nope. Haha! Wish I had an iphone sometimes

  32. That Gemma Correll case is fantastic, as Gemma Correll usually is. My current phone case is by Mei Lee, who paints beautiful watercolor quotes. Mine is from John Green: “What matters to you defines your mattering.” I love it so much.

  33. The white with a heart gets very dirty fast! Maybe they should make it a hard case?

  34. I got mine off of etsy with my favorite scripture and some pretty pink flowers. Commit your ways to the Lord, trust in Him and He will act. Ps. 37:5. Etsy has a bunch of cute ones!

  35. I have the scales one and I get lots of compliments for it. And it’s very sturdy and protects against regular falls to the floor!

  36. I also have an ugly otter box and I am often tempted to switch (some seriously cute cases out there) but… My kids broke my last iPhone screen that had a cute case on it and the glass sliced their hand. So it is ugly case for me as long as my kids are going to use it. They do have their own electronics but sometimes mine is the only one charged and is used in a long-line pinch.

  37. Hmm… a word to the wise- I ordered a super cute case from Society 6 (where many of the above are available) for my iPhone 4S and it did not fit. At all. $30. Not refundable. Waste of money. It was poorly made and no matter how hard I tried to get it to work it was just cut wrong, with the button holes slightly off…

    • really? I also have a Society 6 case and it fits my 4S perfectly! I wouldn’t say it’s super protective but I’ve dropped my phone a few times and have had no issues. When did you order yours? I got mine about a year ago so maybe they’ve changed their products. The one thing that really bothers me though is my print isn’t centered on the case, and it’s a symmetrical pattern so it drives me crazy.

  38. It’s like you read my mind. Just got a new phone yesterday so today i’m searching for a case. I’m lovin the little Fusilli one!

  39. I have the kate spade bicycle one and love it! The case is slim and durable, and I love the colors on it.

  40. Ooh some of these are really cool! My case is from the Francis Bacon shop and it shows his study for a portrait of Lucien Freud (1971) on the back. There are quite a few nice phone cases you can buy there!

  41. i just ordered a new one from rifle paper co. i don’t think i’ll ever buy from anywhere else. the customer service is fantastic and the cases are too cute!

    • Ah! Just wanted to say I’ve been drooling over the rifle paper co. cases for weeks and can’t decide which one I want… torn between the leopards and the “hello!” ones. Gah.

  42. i make my own, just for fun and so that no one else will have the same one as me. i set up a little soc.6 shop so i can see all my options and then occasionally “buy” a new one on free shipping week (ten bucks off!). i like my little system. :) my “shop” is here:

  43. Ooo i love the phone booth one!

  44. society6 has a lot of great cases, but a word of caution, they are a terrible product as do not fit well and they have a no returns policy. i’ve experienced this first hand when i bought a really cute one, only to have to return to using my basic white one.

    i love the condenast ones, so might have to give them a try! fingers crossed it fits better than the ones from society6.

    • Yes! I just posted a comment below to this effect- I bought one from Society6 that didn’t fit at all. Wasted $30 on a non-returnable product. I wonder how much money they’re making on these terrible products that nobody ends up using…

  45. I have the JCrew sparkle case! Even though the guys in my office (and my husband) make fun of it, I love it and am happy everytime I see my phone! Plus it’s easy to find in a purse

  46. For some reason the New Yorker one is cracking me up! They are all making me want to switch from the one I have (which my sister calls ghetto-licious!).

  47. I just used the PostalPix app to create my own using a photo I took (via Instagram) of a pile of avocados before making guacamole for my dad’s birthday this month. I adore avocados more than any other food and I think seeing them on my phone case all the time will really brighten my days! Either that or just make me constantly hungry…

  48. Too funny…I have the very first one of the group. The Society 6 website is amazing. I had 5 or 6 cases in my shopping bag for weeks and couldn’t decide. Finally went with my first choice, the colorful scales. I love it.

    • Me too!

  49. So cute. Shame Kate spade don’t deliver internationally.

  50. my case is a willy wonka chocolate bar. and it actually protects my phone really well too.

  51. I like the phone booth one.
    Right now I have a light blue with “mustaches” I got at Urban