Remember Magic Shell, the chocolate sauce that hardens over ice cream? It was such a delicious part of childhood. Well, my friend Ashley from Hither & Thither just learned how to whip it up at home with only two ingredients…

Homemade Magic Shell
by Ashley of Hither & Thither

I’ve learned a terribly wonderful thing. You can make Magic Shell at home. Anytime you want. In a matter of seconds. The secret is coconut oil—which you can find fairly easily these days, and you can use really, really good chocolate chips.

You’ll need:
Coconut oil
Chocolate chips

The ratio should be about 2:3 coconut oil to chocolate. Combine the two ingredients in a microwave-safe glass, and, to make a single serving, I’d recommend starting at 30 seconds in the microwave and then stirring. As soon as you have a silky, melted chocolate you’re ready to go. (Just be careful when you pull it out to check, because the oil will be hotter than the chocolate.)

Terribly, sinfully convenient. Am I right?

Thank you so much, Ashley! Looking forward to making this every night this summer:)

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(Photos by Ashley from Hither & Thither)