What’s Your Go-To Comfort Food? (And a Crazy Story)

The CRAZIEST thing happened at home yesterday…

Toby and I were home, minding our own business (he was napping and I was working), when suddenly a bunch of debris came crashing down past the window. I leapt up and looked outside to figure out what was going on. As I peered out, a giant crowd of passersby quickly assembled, pointing to the roof of our building. Blaring fire trucks and police cars soon arrived and barricaded off our entire street.

Of course, Toby woke up from all the commotion. When I held him up to the window and tried to figure out what was happening, his sweet response was: “Well, that is a special treat that the firemen are here.” What a love.

Shortly afterward, three firefighters knocked on our apartment door and explained that part of our roof had broken off and fallen onto the street. Luckily—and amazingly—no one was hurt. At first, they made us stay in the building in case more debris fell off, and then they evacuated us so they could check our small building for damage.

Needless to say, I was really rattled and, feeling enormously pregnant and overwhelmed, I definitely ended up crying in public:) Everything is now mostly fine other than the mess, but it makes me really wish we had found a Brooklyn apartment so we wouldn’t have to bring a newborn baby into this creaky old building with its mice, bursting pipes and roof nonsense.

(The whole experience made me think of this hilarious Onion article.)

For dinner last night, I craved comfort food (and, if I weren’t pregnant, a glass of wine the size of my head). So Alex and I went out for Cacio e Pepe. That simple three-ingredient pasta (just Pecorino cheese, black pepper and spaghetti) always takes me right back to our Italian honeymoon. It’s the coziest dish to cheer you up, and it definitely did the trick.

What are your comfort foods when you’re feeling overwhelmed? (Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered almonds also hit the spot.)
P.S. Which foods don’t you like? And 10 handy table manners.

(Cacio e Pepe photos by the beautiful Tales of Ambrosia, who also shares a recipe and tricks)

  1. My comfort food is: Brigadeiro!
    Really, have you ever eaten brigadeiro? It’s delicious. The best thing ever is eating brigadeiro and cheese in the evening while you watch a movie or talk to friends

  2. Plain old Kraft Mac and Cheese :) It reminds me of childhood, stormy days, and curling up with a good book

  3. That pasta looks ridiculously delicious! – Jaqui

  4. this looks so good! simple, fresh, and delicious. i am looking forward to trying the recipe soon.

    my comfort food? probably homemade mac & cheese, my mama’s way. never fails.

  5. Hi Jo! I discovered your blog about three months ago and now I’m a big fan of yours (couldn’t find anything you post uninteresting). I’m glad no one was hurt and you’re feeling better. Toby is the cutest baby boy ever.

    My comfort food are my mama’s “huevos rotos” (I’m from Barcelona), which are french fries with eggs (all mixed up together) and optional serrano jam or chorizo. Better with a glass of wine. Also Nutella (straight from the jar) does wonders.

  6. SY says...

    Just stumbled across your blog and it is beautiful! Hope you are feeling better now – the first place I rented in my second year of college flooded over just before the Christmas holidays. I remember it all as just one big panic attack!

    As for comfort food, my favourite at the moment is a simple chicken soup made from roast chicken leftovers, with lots of chilli, ginger, coriander/cilantro and spring onion. Best enjoyed on a rainy day whilst listening to Bahamas :)

  7. that just looks delicious…speaking of awesome pasta, Bella Blu on 3rd avenue between 70th and 71st has the most INSANE pasta dishes! that restaurant is my go-to whenever i need some serious comforting via food. after the day you had, it sounds like you need to make a trip uptown!

  8. oh boy, that really is a crazy story! so glad you’re all okay! and toby is so cute thinking the firemen are a special treat :) i love anything sweet when i need some comfort. i especially love my grandmother’s waffle recipe.. thanks for sharing!

  9. Fruit and nut milk chocolate bar – love the different textures and it’s very calming to break the nuts open. I cried the other week when an found out that I had over-due library books, then I laughed at myself for being so silly!

  10. Oooh awesome mashed potatoes, a huge bowl of rich pasta (like the lemon spaghetti from Supper), and insane chocolate and fruit desserts. That pasta looks fab.

  11. I love chocolate raisins, and also greek yoghurt with granola. However, my go to naughty treat (which I’ve had often recently, oops) is vanilla ice cream with gold syrup. It’s soooo good. I really want some now! x

  12. Grilled cheese and a glass of chardonnay (or 2!)

  13. Ooh what a scare and how freaky – like something out of a film! Glad all was OK though.

    Food and memories are so closely linked for me. So many of my own blog posts link food with fond memories. My ultimate comfort food would have to be Macaroni Cheese – the way my mum made it when I was a kid. It’s not ‘posh’ – it’s made with regular dried pasta and a packet of Coleman’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce. It is then topped with extra cheese, those dried Golden BreadCrumbs and usually some sliced mushrooms and bacon (the vegi sort these days). It’s then blasted under a hot grill until golden and bubbling and served with a dollop of tomato ketchup. So 1970’s and such a guilty pleasure, but the comfort is second best to a really good hug :)

    Louise @

  14. My comfort food would be caesar salad or slightly cooked carrots with lots of melted chevre. Lentil stew with cauliflower is comfort food also and makes me remember my birthday with broken jaw. The stew was easy to eat when there was no need to chew. :D Being vegetarian myself I find it interesting that most comfort food we love is actually meat-free. :)

  15. Home made pizza! Or raw chocolate from the local heath store. Also any meal cooked by my mom or sister will do.

  16. a good plate of pasta is always good, and for emergencies there’s Nutella

  17. Sorry to hear about your roof!! Yikes!

    The pasta looks utterly delicious. Don’t you just love the things that little ones say..

  18. Oh wow what a mouth-watering picture – I loved cacio e pepe in Rome. That’s the thing with the Italians, the simpler the recipe the better. The ingredients are just that great.

    I have a few go-to dishes but I would say my favourite is pasta with spinach, cream, mushrooms and stilton. Something like this:

    I’m trying to avoid carbs now so I will try to have different things and especially go for whatever my craze at the moment is. Currently it is green curry paste…

  19. Semolina porridge as weird as it sounds, I grew up having it for dinner at least once a week :-)

  20. My comfort food is mac & cheese made with cooked pasta with Single slices melted in it, I put in on a corner of my plate…
    Next I put the tuna from a small oil packed tin on the plate and put a lot of lemon juice on it…
    Then I put a few carrot sticks on the plate also…
    Nothing must touch on the plate !

    I think it was the carb + protein + veggie plate my mom used to make for us when the babysitter was coming over or when they were having people over for an adult diner…. there is something to that meal that I just love so much :)

  21. I have to say Pasta is one of the most comforting foods ever….Just anything in a creamy sauce does it for me! xx

  22. Glad y’all are all right

    Go to comfort foods…Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream and
    parsley, strawberries and feta cheese salad

  23. Now that I have lived in South Africa for three years (originally from Miami, FL) – where there is NO Mexican/Cuban/etc food – any time I can get my hands on some black beans or taco seasoning to make at home, I am the happiest girl! Burritos aren’t a traditional comfort food, but when home is so far away, they are for me. :)

  24. I have a very specific and favorite childhood meal that I only make at my parents’ house when they have all the ingredients there (not bought specifically for me!). That way it remains special, and also, it’s kind of a fest: one peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat (crunchy pb and grape jelly), one bunch of green grapes (the bigger the better), one handful of plain potato chips (Lay’s in my head, but we always only had store-brand chips as a kid!), and 3-4 slices of extra sharp cheddar. And, obviously, a big old glass of milk.

  25. Penne alfredo all the way. Love that Italian food is pretty much a comfort to everybody! For me, a warm bowl of pasta is one of the few meals you can actually give a physical hug to.

  26. Penne alfredo all the way. Love that Italian food is pretty much a comfort to everybody! For me, a warm bowl of pasta is one of the few meals you can actually give a physical hug to.

  27. Fettucine with alfredo, tons of pepper, prawns, mushrooms and yellow peppers.

  28. What a well-spoken little darling Toby is!

  29. Oh no — so glad yall are alright!

    Love mashed potatoes, anything creamy and full of fat!

  30. Yes! Cheesy, creamy pasta for me too. My boyfriend makes the best pasta in cream sauce whenever I am not feeling great and it always cheers me up to no end. Also… ice cream.

  31. carbs + cheese forever and always. so basically pizza, mac’n’cheese (cacio e pepe when i want to pretend i’m an adult ;) ), grilled cheese, etc. are all my go-to’s when i’m craving comfort food!

    sorry to hear you had such a nerve-wracking day but i hope the pasta worked it’s soothing magic!

  32. Toby is so sweet. I can’t cry in front of my toddler or else he starts to tear up (even though I’m more than 8 months pregnant); but obviously yours was a really scary situation. You must have been thinking, will we have to evacuate permanently? And then what? That pasta looks perfect! What restaurant did you guys go to?

  33. My grandma used to make me grilled cheese whenever I’d come over. Sometimes we’d walk to Woolworth’s five & dime for grilled cheese and I’d always get chocolate milk, too. I remember always leaving the pickle untouched. The salty-gooey of the american cheese went so wonderfully with the sweet, rich chocolate milk. Those are some of my fondest memories of my childhood.

  34. Fried chicken. cookies and milk. cheese and french bread. BURRITOS. so many dieting deaths at the hands of the cruel and tasty burrito.

  35. Fried chicken. cookies and milk. cheese and french bread. BURRITOS. so many dieting deaths at the hands of the cruel and tasty burrito.

  36. OMG! You poor thing. Stay safe, glad to hear you’re ok! xo

  37. Terrifying. But NY is amazing and your little one is so lucky to be coming into the world with you as strong mama, Toby as joyful big bro and Alex as papa bear.

    Soft boiled egg and toast. Spoonfuls of Nutella. And uh, wine. Red, preferably.

    xoxo, dear. Take good care.

  38. In Nashville we have an old school ice cream shop that has the best shakes. My favorite is one with chocolate ice cream, the chocolate dip come stuff that hardens, Peter Pan PB, and marshmallow creme. Mmmm I could go for one now!

  39. I love food so I have many a comfort item– ice cream [despite being lactose intolerant], anything sweet really; movie popcorn; and food native to my country that my mom makes in the way that only moms can make it, you know? So sorry about your roof– glad you and Toby are feelingbetter :)

  40. Avgolemeno soup, which is a Greek soup made with lemon, orzo (or rice) and eggs. It is AMAZING and my mom would always make it when I was sick…or just anytime really. She grew up in Greece so my comfort foods are always Greek. Thankfully, my husband loves Greek food as much as I do, but usually they are much harder to make than this one.

    Dinner a love story has a really easy simplified version of this soup that is just as good as my mom’s recipe. It only takes like 20 minutes.

    • Oh, and I hear you on the wine. I am pregnant as well (due in September) and I would kill for a giant glass of wine. I had a half a glass like two weeks ago. Maybe I can have another half a glass soon…..

  41. Avgolemeno soup, which is a Greek soup made with lemon, orzo (or rice) and eggs. It is AMAZING and my mom would always make it when I was sick…or just anytime really. She grew up in Greece so my comfort foods are always Greek. Thankfully, my husband loves Greek food as much as I do, but usually they are much harder to make than this one.

    Dinner a love story has a really easy simplified version of this soup that is just as good as my mom’s recipe. It only takes like 20 minutes.

  42. Definitely pesto pasta – that’s my soul food. Sorry about the roof and how exciting for Toby. I think your reaction is so natural. I craved a peaceful safe place when I was pregnant. I think it’s a combination of feeling vulnerable and overprotective of your unborn baby at the same time. Hugs.

  43. That’s so scary! But how gorgeous is Toby – firemen at the door is indeed a special treat :0)

    My comfort food is vegemite toast. It cures everything from a sad heart to a hangover!

  44. Obviously the most disgusting thing possible. I adore that chemically engineered Tostitos salsa con queso. I always have a jar of it hidden at the back of our pantry with a package of tortilla chips. My husband finds it horrifying but he knows I’ve had a bad day when he comes into my office and I’m sitting cross legged watching House Hunters and drinking straight tequila and eating it.

  45. Oh, definitely cacio e pepe for me, too!

    Warm bread with butter or olive oil.

    Chocolate cake.

    You know, all them carbs.

  46. Hey Joanna. So glad you guys are ok. Saw the fuss, the blocked off street and firemen going into your apt.
    Johanna – Maeve’s mom xo

  47. Mashed potatoes, always. They got me through my first year of college and living in New York when I was feeling homesick. They always remind me of home.

    Don’t get too excited about Brooklyn apartments! I’ve had a couple (including a brand new building), and they definitely fall apart at the same rate as Manhattan apartments! Just ensure that if you are renting you have a solid landlord.

  48. Poor you. Glad all are safe and well. My comfort food favourite has to be pasta, and not dissimilar to yours, a great carbonara. Spaghetti, egg yolk, parmesan, bacon. Yumyum. Found a new place quite near me recently that sent me to heaven with its amazing carbonara. But sometimes homemade is better.


  49. My comfort food is also cacio pepe =) For valentine’s day this year my husband learned how to make it for me (he watched the youtube video by Del Posto, which is amazing) and it was seriously the best I’ve ever had. Now thinking about requesting it for dinner tonight!

  50. I’m so glad everyone is safe. When I need comfort food I go for Kraft twist Mac n’ Cheese with peas, corn, tuna, and sprinkled on top with dill pickle or salt and vinegar chips. For dessert, I need, that’s right, NEED, chocolately dessert :)

  51. The Babe is having a frustrating time at school these days and when she called me after she got off the bus, she cried (she’s nine). So I had her talk to the Gentleman (we work together) and decide what they wanted for dinner. Turns out they both wanted spinach lasagna. It’s 80 degrees and sunny here after days of rain and horrifying things happening just a hop and skip away in OKC, and sure, I could be grilling a pork tenderloin and fresh asparagus, but nooooooo.


    So I told Gentleman: I will make you some lasagna. And you will think I’m the best lady ever. When I die you’ll say things like “I wish E were here so she could make me some lasagna.”
    His response: “Yep. Sounds like something I’ll say.”

  52. The Babe is having a frustrating time at school these days and when she called me after she got off the bus, she cried (she’s nine). So I had her talk to the Gentleman (we work together) and decide what they wanted for dinner. Turns out they both wanted spinach lasagna. It’s 80 degrees and sunny here after days of rain and horrifying things happening just a hop and skip away in OKC, and sure, I could be grilling a pork tenderloin and fresh asparagus, but nooooooo.


    So I told Gentleman: I will make you some lasagna. And you will think I’m the best lady ever. When I die you’ll say things like “I wish E were here so she could make me some lasagna.”
    His response: “Yep. Sounds like something I’ll say.”

  53. Grilled cheese, like when I was a kid. White bread, Kraft singles, probably grilled with margarine, cut into triangles and dipped into Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup. It sounds yucky now, but when I was pregnant, it made me feel like I had my mom with me.

  54. Girl, I’m so sorry that you had that happen! How crazy. I’m very glad that nobody got hurt and best of all, you’ll have a great story to share with the baby someday. I love the stories my mom would tell me about when I was in her tummy (one time her VW beetle broke down in the middle of traffic and lit ON FIRE!)

    Yesterday I had a rough day and ended up eating cajeta/dulce de leche with a spoon (don’t judge me!)

    Also, Toby is amazing.

  55. When I was little my grandmother used to make me a ‘bird’s nest’:

    Two slices of toast with butter and jam, cut into baby soldiers. Grated cheddar cheese over the top (which makes it look a little bit like a ‘nest’).

    Something about piling little mounds of grated cheese onto each little piece of toast, and eating them all individually like tapas made it so comforting. I still make it for myself sometimes. :)

  56. Definitely southern food; banana pudding, bbq, sweet tea. Italian food too :) Glad you are all okay! xo julia

  57. That pasta sounds amazing. I’d probably sub angel hair, just because I prefer it to spaghetti. Also, amen to whoever said chocolate cake. I totally go for dessert when I’m having a rough time.

  58. Like Callie I always find myself baking when I need comfort, I don’t plan to it just happens! X

  59. I’m glad you guys are safe and sound. My favorite dish is vermicelli with tofu. I could also always eat sushi.

  60. Definitely macaroni and cheese. Any kind – I’ve been buying some from Trader Joe’s lately and adding some cheese to it. But I really do like the Kraft version!

    Although- those chocolate covered almonds are really good!

  61. Nothing beats some good comfort food. My mom’s chili is always a good choice! And there’s nothing better than her pasta salads in the hot summer!

  62. How scary! I know what it’s like living in a questionable NYC apt and I don’t miss it for anything . . .and about Cacio e Pepe I absolutely love it Eataly although DH claims it’s so basic that he can make it at home. I’m seriously about to challenge him to that! LOL!

  63. Toby is a dear.

    Last year I had to take my boyfriend to the emergency room. He was there for almost a week. I didn’t sleep the first night and had to go to work the next day. All I wanted was grilled cheese and Sade. Isn’t that weird? I don’t even listen to Sade. Do now.

    BTW…I was looking for you guys the whole time you were in SF! I never saw you though. : ( I think I did see your hubby once in Midtown when I lived there.

  64. Glad you’re ok!

    My comfort foods are inauthentic Mexican, pizza, Indian…basically any standard take-out food. It’s important to be able to not have to cook and also eat in my sweatpants.

  65. I’m glad you are ok! Hopefully they will get the roof fixed soon. My go to comfort food dish is a toss up between mac n cheese and chipped beef with cheese and worcestershire sauce on an english muffin. Oh, and beer. Always beer, or wine. Hope you are having a better day!

  66. What a story! and what an adorable response from Toby! even if you were in shock, that is quite a way to bring the tension down! :)

    My favorite comfort food would definitely be pasta, of any kind! I lived in Rome a few years ago, and having delicious Italian food always brings me back!

  67. Oh Joanna, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m glad that everything is okay and that you guys are safe. My ultimate comfort food is actually a beverage: hot tea. Whenever anything happens or if I’m sick or stressed or tired or sad, what always makes me feel better is holding a steaming cup of tea in my hands. It’s a family thing I guess because my sisters and I are always pushing tea on people if they’re upset or ill. :)

  68. Ice cream. Or anything with lots of butter, cream and cheese. Yummmm!

  69. Wow, that must’ve been unnerving. Glad you were able to tuck into some pasta to ease those jitters.

    My comfort food is cheese enchiladas in red sauce with Spanish rice doused in my favorite scallion- and cilantro-ridden restaurant salsa. And chocolate.

  70. tacos! my grandma passed away when i was a senior in high school. i found out on the way to english class, it was really awful. my friends consoled me throughout last period and offered to take me to my favorite mexican place after school. as soon as i walked in to the restaurant i saw my cousin and his wife and son. we both burst into tears upon seeing each other and sobbed into our mexican food together. i guess tacos as a comfort food runs in the family!

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  72. Glad to hear everything and everyone’s okay! I guess Toby did get a fun surprise…haha…even if you didn’t quite see it that way. :-)

    My comfort food of choice is macaroni and cheese. Now that I know how to make it from scratch, it’s a nice go-to when I’ve had a crummy day, and my favorite is making it with fontina…it’s so gooey!

  73. Yikes! That must have been a scary experience especially with Toby at home with you, too.

    Comfort food: a big burger with french fries or a big chicken dinner with all the fixings.

  74. OMG! You deserved that comfort food!!!!! Thank God no one was hurt and hope you’re feeling better now!!

    My comfort foods are things from childhood: tuna casserole and shepherd’s pie. Can’t beat them!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  75. Thanks for sharing your story, I giggled a little to myself when you said you cried in public. Its ok though, I probably would have cried too, that is overwhelming. My favourite food is anything with hollandaise sauce on it, specifically eggs Benedict. Secondly, fettuccine Alfred. Your pasta looks very good as well.

  76. SO glad no one was hurt! I’d have had grilled cheese. And I agree about Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds…the ones sprinkled with sea salt. Addictive!

  77. Isn’t it remarkable that most people have a favorite comfortfood dish with cheese in it? So do I: pumpkin risotto with CHEESE! (I sound like Wallace & Grommit) :)

  78. You always stay so positive! This is a great story, you’re never more anxious about house stuff than when you’re expecting. Hang in there!

  79. Chicken Parmigiana!

  80. Moussaka…a Greek lasagna dish with bechamel sauce…specifically the kind my boyfriend makes, ha!

    • I love moussaka! I recently wrote a post about how much I love Greek food!

  81. That’s somewhat terrifying! New York sounds so dramatic sometimes, but thrilling! Does your frustration with NYC ever trump your love for it, or does NYC have a magical way of making you stay?

  82. That does sound scary and completely worthy of a public cry. My comfort food is spaghetti carbonara… which I’m making right now for a late lunch and some needed comfort.

  83. I’ve just returned to England from a long period spent abroad and the very first thing I wanted to eat was good old Fish and Chips, doused in vinegar and kethup and wrapped in paper. Yummmm. Failing that, a baked potato with baked beans and cheese always does the trick. For me, comfort food has to be potato based :)

  84. Aw, my daughter loves firefighters too. When they wave at her from the truck she smiles the biggest smile you ever saw.

  85. thats exactly the kind of comfort food i crave. along with a cookie the size of my head.

  86. oh my word, that IS a crazy story ! but girl, you know the buildings in Brooklyn are just as creaky and old ! unless you move into shiny new high rise … but they have their problems, too.

    my comfort food is pizza was bacon, onions, and Gorgonzola. and a giant glass of primitivo.

    i hope the repairs don’t put you guys out too much !! hang in there.

  87. wow, we have similar comfort food, although I’m Asian, the 1st dish my Asian mother ever cooked for me was pasta, and it just blew me away because it felt so special and comforting because SHE made it (she’s a working-mom, so she cooked only once awhile) :)

    I’m glad you guys are ok, it shocked the crap out of me, what you had to go through. ::HUGS:: Take care.

  88. How awful! We had a tornado narrowly escape us a couple of days ago, scary stuff! When the weather guys on TV are running to their basement you know that’s time to take cover! My comfort food is chocolate cake or really good pasta. Apparently I crave the bad stuff when I need some TLC!

  89. Ice cream is definitely my comfort food. I adore it and it calms me for some reason.

  90. Wait, was this on Bleecker Street? I walked by there, right near AOC, and there was a whole ton of stuff on the sidewalk/street. I was wondering what happened but didn’t want to be one of the many people sitting around gawking.

  91. Sorry to hear about your roof, but I had to smile when you talked about “mice, bursting pipes and wobbly roof” and then “Curses, NYC” Our friends with homes in the suburbs and those in the country(all over the US) all have issues with mice, roofs and bursting pipes. So, you know, it’s NOT a NYC thing per se. And you know, whether apartment or house, it’s one thing…or another.

    We are constantly in search of exceptional cacio e pepe. Where did you eat in the city for the dinner you mentioned?

  92. Bacon carbonara, baby. I’ve tweaked my mother’s famous recipe by adding carmelized onions that melt in your mouth. I just had lunch and I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

  93. Pastina! I boil chicken broth and cook the pastina until most of the liquid boiled out and add a beaten egg and finish it with parm cheese.

  94. Oh my goodness! Bless your sweet, pregnant heart; I’m glad to hear that everyone is okay. I’m also continually amazed by what a beautifully well spoken toddler you are raising! My comfort food is definitely something chocolately (either a cupcake or chocolate banana nut bread) with a soy latte.

  95. Aww, sweet Toby! That Onion article made me laugh out loud. “This place sucks,” Manhattan resident Woody Allen, 74, told reporters. “It just fucking sucks.”

    My brother got mugged and assaulted last fall, and he didn’t want to go leave his apartment because his face was swollen and he looked and felt terrible. So I made him our mom’s recipe for a chicken casserole with green peas, sour cream, cream of mushroom soup and water chestnuts. I HATED it growing up, but it was always his favorite! I think he knew that was my way of showing that I love him :)

  96. What a cute reaction! And I love that you left Toby at the crumbling apartment to go out for comfort food afterwards ;)

  97. Amish Oats!! It’s like a warm slightly gooey oatmeal casserole. You can mix it up right in the baking dish, throw it in the oven for 20 min and then spoon over greek yogurt with a bit of cinnamon. It’s my go-to weeknight cozy comfort food. SO good.

  98. Let me tell you – I am far from pregnant, and I would *totally* pull the overwhelmed-cry-in-public move under those circumstances! But maybe that’s just me. Hope you’re feeling better. :) My mom’s cooking is my comfort food, especially now that I’ve moved cross-country and only get to enjoy it on rare, special occasions. Brings me right back to my childhood. She’s a fabulous cook – I lucked out!

  99. My comfort foods: pizza or loaded nachos.

  100. oh New York… you gotta love it and hate it at the same time, expensive rent in crappy apartments, but I mean, where ELSE would you want to live, right?? we once had rain leaking from our ceiling during a monster rain, and we don’t even live on the top floor of our jersey city brownstone :/

    my favorite comfort food is BY FAR my boyfriend’s Bolognese. with scoopable or stabable pasta, so no twisting and turning the spaghetti, and I can scarf it down quicker :P

  101. I would be rattled too! :( Glad everyone is okay.

    Pasta and wine are huge comforts for me too… as well as pizza and fresh baked cookies (the sea salt chocolate chip cookie recipe you shared that one time is my go to!!).

    ps. Your little one is the sweetest!

  102. popcorn. buttery, salty, puffy popcorn, and a big glass of sauvignon blanc. maybe two.

  103. Yum. Cacio e pepe is the best! Bocca on East 19th makes the best I’ve had outside of Rome.

  104. Ohhh my lord, that picture. One of my favorite dishes ever. Where do you go for it? Any place specific?

    One of my greatest NY moments was finding most restaurants packed on Saturday night and stumbling into a little Italian place and eating cacio e pepe at the bar with a glass of wine. Divine.

  105. Hey Jo, I hope you are feeling less rattled now… At least you’ll be getting a new shiny roof to replace the one that caved in, so it’ll be safer?

    Are you guys still looking at apartments in Brooklyn? Or have you thought about possibly looking at different area’s, you never know you might find exactly what you’re looking for?

    Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound.

    take care Xx

  106. Sesame crackers with either avocado and tomato slices or hummus and anything pumpkin.

    I am totally sharing “Well, that is a special treat that the firemen are here” with my fireman brother-in-law. So sweet.

  107. Joanna, that sounds scary! Toby’s response is absolutely precious though. Am so glad you and Toby and your neighbors are safe and sound.

    xo, Meg

  108. Joanna, I’m always looking for the best Cacio e Pepe in the city, what restaurant did you go to??



  109. Cacio e pepe is definitely one of mine too. Also milk toast and mac & cheese…anything soft with that creamy pale color, I guess. Glad no one was hurt!

  110. My husband and I are currently on a detox and the ONLY thing I can think about (even dream about!!) is a loaded baked potato with sauteed mushrooms, melted cheese, real bacon bits, some broccoli and ranch! Comfort me happy with that little delicious feast.

  111. How scary! I’m glad no one was hurt, and at least Toby got to see some awesome firefighters. ;) My comfort food is definitely chocolate. If that had been me, I would have demanded a big piece of chocolate cake or a brownie sundae for dinner.

  112. So sorry to hear about your difficult day. I’m glad you have a cheerful, sweet boy and a caring husband by your side.

  113. DG says...

    I can relate to the flood of emotions when confronting difficulty… I am sure there were lots of reasons for the tears with all you’ve got going on! I’m sending you peace vibes today… oh and if I could, lots of grilled cheese!

    I have taken to salting the pan as I make it and it is truly a treat! Add bacon, avocado, tomato, etc. Amazing!

  114. Avocados, mac & cheese, and chocolate cake (I have no shame).

    That pasta looks de-licious! I just might have to make some for dinner tonight..

  115. aw! Sounds like an emotional day!

    When I’m stressed, I always bake! I love being in the kitchen with a warm oven and the smell of delicious-ness. My husband knows that if I say I need to bake, that it’s been a bad day! hah! But we have to give it away or else I’ll end up eating it all!

    callie @ this glorious maze

  116. mac and cheese! where you do you go in our neighborhood for cacio e pepe? i go to i sodi (so good)!

  117. A local Indian restaurant has the best Chicken Tikka Masala with Paneer Naan. My boyfriend and I frequently get carry out for that dish. In fact last night after a grueling day at work, we both looked at each other and said, “It is definitely an Amar India night.”

  118. So sorry to hear about your apartment’s roof. At least no one was hurt! My favorite comfort food is french fries with truffle oil & parmesan. Anything salty, really :)


    • Oh my goodness, you have made fries sound glamourous and utterly delicious! I am going to try this soon.

      So sorry about the calamity Jo. When my friend was pregnant she fell over on her mother’s steep driveway and landed fully on her very pregnant tummy. The baby was totally fine. Apparently their little swimming pool has a surprisingkly tough wall.

  119. Pasta! Any kind of pasta, and I definitely concur on the glass of wine as big as my head.

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