The CRAZIEST thing happened at home yesterday…

Toby and I were home, minding our own business (he was napping and I was working), when suddenly a bunch of debris came crashing down past the window. I leapt up and looked outside to figure out what was going on. As I peered out, a giant crowd of passersby quickly assembled, pointing to the roof of our building. Blaring fire trucks and police cars soon arrived and barricaded off our entire street.

Of course, Toby woke up from all the commotion. When I held him up to the window and tried to figure out what was happening, his sweet response was: “Well, that is a special treat that the firemen are here.” What a love.

Shortly afterward, three firefighters knocked on our apartment door and explained that part of our roof had broken off and fallen onto the street. Luckily—and amazingly—no one was hurt. At first, they made us stay in the building in case more debris fell off, and then they evacuated us so they could check our small building for damage.

Needless to say, I was really rattled and, feeling enormously pregnant and overwhelmed, I definitely ended up crying in public:) Everything is now mostly fine other than the mess, but it makes me really wish we had found a Brooklyn apartment so we wouldn’t have to bring a newborn baby into this creaky old building with its mice, bursting pipes and roof nonsense.

(The whole experience made me think of this hilarious Onion article.)

For dinner last night, I craved comfort food (and, if I weren’t pregnant, a glass of wine the size of my head). So, we went out for cacio e pepe. That simple three-ingredient pasta (just Pecorino cheese, black pepper and spaghetti) is cozy and cheerful, and it definitely did the trick.

What are your comfort foods when you’re feeling overwhelmed? (Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered almonds also hit the spot.)

P.S. Which foods don’t you like? And 10 handy table manners.

(Cacio e Pepe photos by the beautiful Tales of Ambrosia, who also shares a recipe and tricks)