1. These are so fun. Our Border Collie’s name is Maddie, but she is much too neurotic to tolerate such odd positions!

  2. Wow, a year long road trip sounds like a dream, and having Maddie as a co-pilot would be even better. Such sweet photos. Yay for Maddie the adventure dog!!

  3. I loove Maddie! Love her in Instagram! :)

  4. Oh my god that last picture is the best thing I’ve seen all week.. love the idea of this book x

  5. Oh wow this is amazing! My boyfriend would LOVE this book – thank you for telling us about it! I can’t wait to get it for him!

  6. OK. This is seriously the most adorable thing EVER. I’m going to have to get a copy. Thanks for sharing I love it when owners come up with such fun loving things to do with their pups :)

  7. The last one with the coffe is my favorite! Amazing project!

  8. Oh my hilarious! This is brilliant.

  9. She is such a gorgeous, sweet lady. Love it.

  10. Ha! This is so cool, I’m downloading the app right now.

    And now I really want a puppy. Sigh.

  11. what’s not to love about maddie? i follow “maddie on things” on tumblr and every post is a ray of light on my dashboard! such a sweet and patient dog…and lovely photo ideas. i’d love to see this raise more awereness for rescue dogs!

  12. Check out his other projects This Wild Idea, and Why We Rescue. Sooo sooo inspiring.

  13. I LOVE Maddie. I have a print of her balancing on a bike framed on my wall, and I just never get tired of looking at. Glad someone else is as smitten as I am :)

  14. So funny! I just saw this book this morning, at the bookstore. It was on display by the front register. I’m not a dog person but this dog has so much personality! It would make a great gift.

  15. This is such a great book for all of us dog lovers out there. Thank you for sharing with us! What a cutie Maddie is!


  16. this is too great. why do animals rock so much?

  17. as if i needed another reason to love dogs. so adorable.

  18. I love Maddie on things. Funnest idea ever!

  19. As a human named Maddy, I can see this book in my future.

  20. i’ve been seeing that picture of maddie and the coffee everywhere!

  21. totally awesome, dog love and travel envy!!

  22. Oh…my favorite is the last picture…exactly my expression, if I dared to look, in the morning waiting for my first cup of coffee!

  23. I follow him on Instgram too. His photos always bring a smile.

    I want a Maddie!

  24. I’ve been following his Instagram feed (@thiswildidea) for quite some time…Maddie is one amazing pup! The things she is able to balance on are ridiculous!

  25. That dog is a good sport.

  26. I’ve been a long time fan of Maddie and the things she’s On, so glad to see they’re releasing a book! Sometimes I wonder if it’s staged of photoshopped, but it seems like it’s all on the up and up!


  27. Reminds me of William Wegman!

  28. Maddie is beautiful and photos are great!

  29. As they say, “When I fits, I sits!”

  30. I’ve been a fan of this site for quite some time, they are also the guest instagrammer for Alternative Apparel right now. Their photos are amazing!

    xo Jessica

  31. Thanks for sharing! I had a dog, called Falcon… he was as cute and funny as Maddie..


  32. Oh goodness, this is cute! And his photos are gorgeous, thank you for sharing!


  33. E says...

    What a wonderful post! The pup looks so fantastic balanced all over the place. I have a coonhound mix myself but her balance isn’t quite what Maddie’s is I’m afraid :)

  34. Love this dog. I’ve seen many of these photos and they are just hilarious. But they do look slightly uncomfortable sometimes. The dog has a very sweet face though.
    Quinn Cooper Style

  35. I heard about this sweet gal a year or so ago via Facebook (of course)- she’s amazing! Great memories these two have together as well :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  36. hahaha, I love them!
    Amazing pictures :)
    Like the last one the most !

  37. Reading the intro and viewing the book trailer on amazon make this project even more endearing. Yay, Maddie!

    • I agree!

      and truly, that guitar case – too cute.