Toby’s third birthday is coming up next month, and he’s obsessed with it this year. Needless to say, we’ve daydreamed a LOT about the birthday cake. Since I’m not a big baker, I wasn’t sure what to make (last year, we just served strawberries!). But at the playground the other day, my friend Maureen revealed a genius idea…

She’s not a big baker either, so for her son’s third birthday, she served a donut cake. The instructions are simple: Buy a box of donuts and stack them up. That’s it! Apparently it was a huge hit, and all the kids talked about it for weeks afterward. She also served a box of donut holes for the parents to snack on. Brilliant, right? It’s cheap, easy and delicious—basically, as Maureen said, “it ticks all the boxes.”

Now the only question is what flavor donuts to buy!

What cake or dessert you prefer for birthdays? Any fun ideas? My sister always requests pumpkin pie, and I once got cheese:)

P.S. Toby’s first birthday party, and Toby’s second birthday party.)

(Poe cake: Skunkboy; pink cake: One Charming Party; white sprinkle cake: Ashley McLaughlin; chocolate cake: Christine Olson; donut holes: Wedding Things)