What are your plans for this weekend? This week was too crazy, so I’m looking forward to just vegging with my boys (and maybe having shrimp and grits for lunch). Also, Alex recently got this helicopter to fly around the living room, and it’s pretty much the best thing that has happened in Toby’s short life. Hope you have a good relaxing weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

After this week, these pencils seem fitting:)

Pastel jeans would be so cute for spring.

Can you really make espresso in the microwave?

Grown-up popsicles.

A cool approach to decorating.

We talked about work/life balance, and here’s another woman’s compelling perspective.

A cheerful Chicago kitchen.

Guys paper dolls.

New York can feel like such a small town. I randomly met this dude at a children’s museum this week!

Where to sit at a dinner party.

Lovely branches.

Another fun nail color.

Children around the world with their favorite toys.

The Bachelor is officially popular.

(Photo of a cute couple by Greg Kessler for the New York Times. Dinner party link via Kottke)