When I first moved to New York, more than ten years ago, I fell in love with a New Yorker magazine cover that arrived in my mailbox. The illustration showed a young couple kissing on a busy street. I felt like it captured my twenties—or, at least, how I wanted my twenties to be:) I contacted the artist to see if I could buy the print, but needless to say, it was out of my budget.

That following Christmas, I was visiting my family in Michigan, and my mom brought out a gift for me. She had framed the cover of the magazine, along with a lovely pink mat to complement the illustration. How sweet is that? To date, it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten, and it has hung in every apartment I’ve had since.

Then, recently, I spotted this beautiful Beatles photograph at my friend Elizabeth‘s house. When I asked where she’d found it, she revealed that it was actually from an article in The New Yorker! She had simply clipped it out and framed it. On her bookcase, doesn’t the photo look like fine art?

Anyway, I love the idea of finding gorgeous art in magazines and making it your own. The only real cost is the frame!