We don’t host as many out-of-town guests as we used to, only because they now have to sleep in Toby’s room, and he gets up at the crack of dawn. But! Here are three handy tips I’ve heard through the years…

1. Spend a night in your own guest room to try it out. We did this a few years ago (back when Toby’s nursery was a guest bedroom) and were surprised by noisy garbage trucks at 5am. We got a noise machine for the room, but if we hadn’t slept in it, we never would have known.
2. Put a carafe of water on the bedside table. It’s such a fancy touch, even though they’re only $10. Here are two simple ones. (Get one for your own room, too!)
3. Put out tons of extra toilet paper in the bathroom, because there’s nothing more awkward than having to ask for more.

What other little things do you do when having houseguests?

(Photo from interior designer Maria Llado)