Would you ever consider having a friend or family member officiate your wedding? Our friends Leigh and Taro got married in the Hudson Valley, and their dear friend Everett performed their ceremony. “He actually surprised us in the middle of the ceremony by singing a beautiful song he wrote just for us,” said Leigh.

Jen and Patrick had their fathers officiate an impromptu and totally unscripted ceremony. Then the dads pronounced them “husband and wife” in unison!

Here are six more couples who did the same…


At their mountaintop wedding, Tera and Mike were married by a close friend, who just happened to be a magician. He even performed a card trick during the ceremony.



Lily and Scott met in college, so their officiant was the professor of the class they met in!




Max and Margaux chose one of their closest family friends, who was like a “second dad” to Max when he was growing up.

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Heather and Michael asked her best friend to officiate their secret elopement.



Lou and Sarah asked their friend’s dad to perform their hilltop ceremony.


And when we got married, my uncle Hamish married us. He got ordained online and wrote a beautiful, funny and very personal service.

Would you ever ask a friend or family member to perform your wedding ceremony? If so, who would you choose? I’d love to hear…

(Wedding photos, from top, by Robert Mayer, Chenin Boutwell, Jonas Seaman, Sweet Little Photographs, Our Labor of Love, Steph Fowler, and Max Wanger (x2))