Will you be sending out holiday cards this year? Last year, we chose a photo of all of us, but this year we went with a photo of Toby playing guitar, partly because he looked cute and partly because we didn’t have a decent family photo:)

We of course turned to Pinhole Press for their lovely, simple designs. We ended up choosing one of the new Ultrathick Pinstripe Cards, which have a cool pinstripe on the sides of each card. And I like how the back simply says “Merry!” They have tons of other great cards, too.

Plus, a bonus for all readers: Pinhole Press is offering 10% off everything with the code CUPOFJO for the rest of the year. Happy holidays!

P.S. Personalized memory game, and photo notepads.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot)