1. This is perfection and gave me a good laugh !

  2. Oh, thank you!! You’ve made me feel much better! :)

  3. Oh man 2 was nothing compared to 3 w/ my little guy. I could say that every day. I probably do.

  4. Made me laugh, too. Those sneaky kids!

  5. Sorry to tell you this, but I’ve got a five year old who I thought of and laughed when I read this. Maybe six is the magic number when kids become perfect angels? :)

  6. Works perfectly for my three year old!

  7. Totally! I needed this after the day we (my 2 year old and I) had today.

  8. Totally! I needed this after the day we (my 2 year old and I) had today.

  9. oh, yes!! two’s have been….interesting.

  10. Yes, yes, yes!! This is how I feel all day and all night!!!!!

  11. Ha! My husband and I had that kind of parenting day yesterday. Thanks for this!

  12. Oh my gosh. I have actually said that to my oldest daughter. To see yourself as an ecard is a heck of a way to start a week-lol! I have five children and actually love the toddler years. The tweens, however…

  13. Alright, Folks, any advice on heading into toddlerdom? I was just starting to feel competent with babyness and now all of sudden we’re toddling. And it’s just going to get more interesting from here – AHHHHHH!

  14. Oh good…. This makes me feel better.



  15. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! I think I’ve been feeling this way at least three times a day lately!

  16. Ditto to Martina…& it still works if you’re an aunt…

  17. Made me laugh.. and I don’t even have kids :)

  18. My words to all moms entering the 2+ stage come from a very appropriate source, the Nemo movie. If you must and sometimes you must, say it outloud: “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!”

  19. Haha so true and funny!

  20. Ohmygosh, tell me about it. The meltdown we had yesterday when I said she couldn’t watch Elmo was of epic proportions.

  21. I agree with Jill, 3 year olds really test you!!

  22. I can only imagine how true this is – ha!

  23. Oh man, 2 year olds got NOTHIN on 3 year olds. They are the WURST.

  24. Um, yeah.
    I was talking about this to my mother-in-law last night. I naively still keep thinking ‘I’ll never be *that* parent’, and then BAM, two months later I’m there.

  25. every parent is smiling!

  26. you speak da truth, some e cards.

  27. I needed this today! :)

  28. Haha, that would make a good card to cheer new mothers up :)