What are your plans for the weekend? Crazily enough, we’re actually getting back on a plane to Atlanta for a long-awaited trip to visit Alex’s sister! The weather forecast predicts storms, so bookstores and movies may be in order. If you’re in a giggly mood, Demetri Martin‘s hour-long special premieres on Comedy Central this Saturday at 10pm. He’s hilarious, don’t you think? Hope you have a great one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Sweet wedding moment.

The Queen talks back to her mom.

Fargo is becoming a TV series!

Antelope Canyon? Holy smokes.

What beautiful street style.

Daydreaming about these shoes.

Lasagna without noodles.

Cute birthday card.

Bill and Hilary’s wedding day.

Choosing colors for your home.

What it feels like to fall asleep to a DVD.

Bravo! Diapers.com created a new site featuring only natural products.

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