Alex and I hosted a staring contest three years ago, and it was one of the funniest parties we’ve ever had. We’ve wanted to do another one for ages, so we invited a few friends over last week for the challenge. The rules are simple: People have to gaze into each other’s eyes without smiling or laughing.

It’s incredibly suspenseful. (Note our friend’s face on the left:)

Doesn’t our friend look like Ben Stiller here?

As I mentioned years ago, staring contests are surprisingly flirty — because, if you think about it, the only time you quietly gaze into someone’s eyes without smiling is when you’re about to make out.

Ben Stiller won.

When it was my turn, I was up against one of my best guy friends. I was embarrassingly bad and couldn’t stop smiling even to begin the game. I was out literally the second it started.

Advice from the good players: Think of something sad or bite your tongue really hard.

Here are the three different postcard invitations we sent out (featuring photos from three years ago) to get everyone in the mood.

It was such an awesome night! I’d highly recommend hosting one if you want to have a hilarious evening. Thanks for everyone who came.

P.S. A cookie swap.