How often do you wear ponytails? There’s nothing cuter, but sometimes you want to mix it up. Our side ponytail was our most popular hair tutorial ever, so today we’d love to share another ponytail look. This twisted ponytail takes less than a minute, and is perfect for work, dates and weekend picnics. Below, my friend Caroline explains how to do it, and Jamie Beck took photos…

1-2. Split your hair into two sections, straight down the back, but off center, about 3/4. You want one large section, and then one smaller section that’s about an inch or two away from your ear.

3. Take the larger section and make a ponytail, securing tightly with a rubber band.

4. Twist the smaller section AWAY from your face. Make the twist as tight as you can, so it doesn’t become too loose later on.

5. Wrap the twisted section over the top of the ponytail and around to the bottom.

6. Pin the twisted wrap in place. I like to use lots of U-shaped hair pins to make it really secure. After you’ve secured the twist with enough pins, let it untwist and blend in with the rest of your ponytail. Done and done! SO easy!

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(Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. In the step-by-step photos, Caroline is wearing an Alexander Wang Classic Tee. In the outdoor photos, Caroline is wearing this chambray shirt and black jeans. Caroline’s jewelry is from her own line, Brvtvs.)