The website Humans of New York has stolen my heart. Photographer Brandon Stanton takes portraits of people around the city, from firefighters to street musicians to goofy little kids. The photos are beautiful, but the captions really make them. Here are my 11 favorites, below

The Moment (C-Train) This photo was taken around midnight on a Brooklyn-bound C Train. The son was sprawled out on his father’s lap, sleeping. The father was cradling the boy’s head in his hands…One of the most natural, beautiful moments I’ve ever been able to capture.”

The Art Hustle (Central Park) In this city, you’ve got to do anything you can to get an edge on the competition.”

The Advertiser (SoHo) ‘May I take your photo? You look beautiful.’ ‘OK, just make sure you can see the bag.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t realize you were advertising something.’ ‘Isn’t everything beautiful advertising something?’ ”

“The Promoter (Central Park) ‘Just to let you know, I’m out here promoting my company. I know you wanted my photo because you thought I was a grown ass man sitting around with a puppet.’ ”

Chivalry (Midtown) When they crossed the street, he was carrying her dress for her–just like this.”

Boogie (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) The painter heard me laughing, and without looking down, said: ‘Boogie’s looking at you sideways, isn’t he?’ ”

Life-Saving Rope (Upper East Side) Happened to walk by a small fire last night, just as the trucks were arriving.”

Ms. Melonhead (Central Park) She’s just fixin’ her melon.”

The Graduate (Columbia) To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

The Dancer Stance (Midtown) Something about her was very arresting.”

Arm-In-Arm (Upper East Side) I love that there are cultures where a father and son can walk arm-in-arm without a hint of self-consciousness.”

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