What are your plans for this weekend? My friends Jason, Patrisha and I went to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform “Giselle” on Wednesday—it’s their first time dancing in New York in sixteen years. It was absolutely breathtaking, and we were totally moony over the principal dancer, Dorothee Gilbert. Also, the Bachelorette finale is this weekend! Who are you rooting for? (I love Jef.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song for your weekend.

What a photo.

Shark bite cupcakes.

A bike-in theatre? Yes!

A rainbow school.

Copenhagen is getting a bike highway!!!

Sandwiches made even better.

Whoa, this dress would be stunning for a wedding. (It comes in black, too.)

Rad alternative to the Army Guy toy. (Via Leigh)

New Yorker towels.

Finally, on a more serious note, our hearts go out to all the victims and families involved in the Colorado tragedy. xo

(Paris Opera Ballet student, via Ello Dahling)