When it came to burgers, I never really understood what all the fuss was about. People were always over-the-moon about them, and Alex would order them at restaurants every single chance he got. I just didn’t love them.

But then.

When we were in Chicago a couple weeks ago, I decided to give burgers a final chance. And the burger from Au Cheval blew my mind.

Why? The patty was thin.

It was a revelation. I’d never actually had a thin patty before. I’d only had thick patties, either on friends’ backyard grills or at restaurants. They were fine, but sort of hard to eat. But this thin patty with good old American cheese and a squishy bun was mind-blowing. All the flavors combined perfectly. I finally got it.

So, I’m now a #1 fan of thin burgers and plan to devour many more in my future.

What about you? Thick? Thin? Somewhere in the middle? Neither? Martha Stewart Living has great recipes for both.

(Photos by Sang An for Martha Stewart Living)