Do You Have a Dog?

Do you have a dog? Alex wants one badly, but my family didn’t grow up with any dogs, so I’ve never really wanted one. But you know what is slowly changing my mind? Pinterest. I mean, all those sleeping puppies?! They’re totally irresistible. And they make me envision having one. We honestly might end up getting a dog because of that website!

Do you have a dog? What’s its name?

(Photos by OYAP, Olivia, Alkeemi and Besotted)

    • I totally agree! 2 quote u OMG!!!

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  2. I have a dog named Odie, and two cats: Garu and Ada. Actually, he spends time between my mom’s, my sister’s place and my apartment. He travels a lot, loves road trips (my mom says he’s the best travel companion) and people he should have a passport. He’s our joy. and yes, PLEASE, adopt, because it’s so hard to find a place to all beautiful dogs and cats needing homes.
    Kisses from Brazil!

  3. Jo says...

    Hee hee! Just saw this post because of today’s link to it. My hubby and I just adopted a doggy a week ago after thinking about it for months! She is awesome! We live in Boston in a 400 sq foot apartment, he never had a dog growing up, and we work fairly demanding jobs. So we knew we wanted a pretty mellow, small, sweet ‘apartment’ dog. If you ever decide getting a dog is for you, adopting an adult dog is an awesome option! They’re past puppyhood and those ‘teenage’ years, are probably housetrained, already have a developed personality that you can decide whether it suits you, and still have plenty of years of love to give. And you save a life!

    Honestly, I worried about the extra work but it fits into my life better than I thought it would. And there is just something so wonderful about the furry love of a dog day in and day out!

  4. We have two Italian Greyhounds – Roscoe and Olivia

  5. P.S.- If you do get a dog, please, please, please go the adoption route! And consider an adult dog. THey so desperately need home and are just as loving and loved!

  6. I’m so late reading this post. I have a French Bulldog named Norman. We adopted him about a month ago it it was the best decision we’ve made. But be warned – sleeping puppies are indeed adorable, but they are much more work than you can imagine. It’s like having a second child. And when the baby grows into an adult, be prepared for lots of walks, trips to the vet, etc. I’m totally pro-dog, but be ready for it to change your life!

  7. I have one dog, Pau (pronunced Paw, it’s a catalan name, it’s Paul) and two cats, Beltza (it means Black in basque country language) and Maggie

    I can’t imagine life without a pets, they made my life!
    If you have one pet you become addicted ;)

  8. We’ve got an english bulldog called Clementine, a rescue called Teddy (our little teddy bear) and a too-cool-for-school cat called arthur.
    a friend said it sounds like we’ve got a 1940’s polo match going on at our house. too right!
    Pippa – from South Africa

  9. Anonymous says...

    omg you must get a dog! I’ve had a dog since the day I was born. I think having a pet for a lot of children helps them socialize. I can honestly say that many animals have taught their owners how to love, forgive and just be there for them. A dog will always be there for you, even when you have just pushed them to the side.

  10. Emily says...

    We live in Ann Arbor, Mi. In March i was devastated when i found out that i was going to have to have a bilateral oophoectomy. I’m 37yrs old. We have two boys. My husband and i wanted one more child. Right before my surgery, my husband drove to WV to pick up a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. We rescued her from the Ohio County Shelter. The shelter did not know her name. We named her Edith..Edie for short. She has helped me so much with the emotional/physical toll that the surgery and menopause has taken on my mind and body. My boys adore her also. Get a dog when you are ready. You’ll know when the time is right!;) Good luck.

  11. SO, I wrote little article about how might my dog feel, or what she (little dachshund girl)thinks. It is more commedy, than truth ( as we cannot know the dogs thoughts), but this is how I express my feeling to my litte Mousy (her name), and main problem at home- pooping.

    I hope You will enoy it.


    p.s. sorry if there are some mistakes. It is more important what is writen than how.

  12. My dog’s name is Lola :)

  13. Hi Joana! I have 14 dogs – we started having one in Paris, then two, then three… now that we are living in th ecountryside, we have 14 dogs – it’s our passion! They have changed our lives forever – with all our kids, dogs have made our lives complete! I 100% recommend having a puppy! mimixx

  14. I LOVE puppies! We have a Boxer named Klaus.

    My husband also grew up never having a dog (his mother doesn’t like pets). But instead of him not being interested in having one – he was so excited to get his first dog when we first had our own place together!

  15. Tealie says...

    We have a weenie dog named Jeff. Or Jeffrey, when he’s in trouble, which he frequently is. :)

  16. Rosie C says...

    Yes! I never grew up with dogs either, but we adopted a 3 year old lab mix from a rescue organization last year and he is AWESOME. To be honest, though, they really do change your life. We go for 2-3 40-60 min walks a day, rain or shine, busy at work and exhausted; and have had to work with him on some behavioural issues – it’s an obligation that’s changed the way we work and play (and frankly, clothe ourselves – a lot more leggings and boots, fewer ballet flats and skirts!) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is SO completely worth it and I feel like I’ve got more out of the bargain than he has (namely, exercise, focus, stress relief, more things to laugh about, etc)

  17. Dogs are the best. We have two Boston Terriers, Abbey and Walter. I think they’re the best breed – they don’t shed a lot, are incredibly bright, love to snuggle, and are well adapted to apartment dwelling! My uncle has a sheltie named Daniel, which I think is the most hilarious dog name ever.

  18. Joanna,

    You have to get a dog! May I recommend the lhasa-poodle mix. I have one and she’s the love of my life.

    Labrador-Poodle mix is also a great way to go if you’re after a big dog — extremely well-behaved, intelligent, and sweet (perfect for hanging with Toby!).

    My little fluff’s name is Kennedy, as in Jackie Kennedy Onassis.



  19. oh totally get a dog
    i cannot even think of how we would live without our sweet dog and a funny cat

  20. We have two dogs – Bella and Penny (short for Penelope)! My husband was not sure about having a dog in the house because he never had inside dogs growing up, but when he met Bella my pup from college he could not resist. Dogs bring so much love and happiness – they genuinely live for your love and attention and are always so happy to see you. Plus, they can’t talk back. :)

  21. I am ALL about the human names! My pets are named Samantha, Winston, and Albert :) Hehehe

  22. Maki says...

    my boyfriend and i have been together for 9 years. we don’t want kids yet, we’re only 25! but we just rescued two doggies and it’s made us feel like a family. we are so lucky they found us.

  23. Dogs totally complete a home. We have 2, one with a “dog” name, and one with a “human” name. We adopted Marley (in our defense, we named her before Marley And Me came out) about 4 years ago. She’s a Golden Retriever/Pit Bull mix (we think. Or Boxer/Lab, or any number of other similar combos) . And we adopted Martha, a mostly (maybe all) Pit Bull about a year and a half ago. They both completely obliterate the reputation of Pit Bulls. They are the sweetest, most loving, happy, playful dogs I’ve ever met, and they’re amazing with our kiddo. I totally agree with all of your other readers’ comments about doggie adoption. It’s a great way to find a new family member, and give a pup a chance to have the loving family they didn’t start out with and totally deserve. Ours are so appreciative of having nice people in their lives, and they pay us back with kind, happy kisses every day…

  24. Chloë is a miniature apricot poodle! She is about 13 lbs and an ADORABLE bundle of energy!! We could get home from a 3 mile run and she still wants me to throw the ball for her in the backyard for another half hour!! She gets ear infections, though. And needs a bath often and gets groomed every few months. They can be a little pricey, but the companionship and entertainment they provide is priceless.

  25. We have two huskies, Rosa + Cora, the loves of our lives, besides each other of course ;)

    It is funny that you mentioned Kevin. I’ve always wanted a boy dog to name Kevin Bacon and teach it to go nuts whenever we sing Footloose. It of course would also help close in some gaps in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon for some people ;)

  26. LW says...

    I’m sorry I’m a bit late on this one but… You have to get a dog! I LURVE my dog so much! My husband and I travel for work and he comes with us! He knows when it is travel day and gets so excited, he loves getting in his travel cage because he knows its time for a new adventure! We have an Australian Cattle Dog (a red heeler)and he is called Dick Smith (named after an Australian entrepreneur).

  27. I have a pug and highly recommend them. They love families and they’re super easy. No matter what you do, either rescue a dog or go through a breeder where you can meet the mom & dad dogs. My pug, Corbin, has his own section on my blog:

  28. I have two dogs a malti-poo named Izzie and a weimeraner named Edisto!

  29. My girlfriend and I just adopted a chihuahua/pekingese mix a few weeks ago. Her name is Abbie. I’m more of a cat person so we also have two cats named Zoe & Baxter :)

  30. We have 2, Charlie and Issy. I love people names for pets too ;) I love them but I’m torn…I’m ready for a baby and they are not. Plus I don’t want them to take backseat to my love.

  31. we have a pembroke welsh corgi named Daisy and I would love a second one :) Dogs make a house more homey.

  32. Jenn says...

    We have a black lab named Bronx. She is the sweetest dog, and brings us joy every day! A dog’s love is unconditional!

  33. Growing up my family had a black lab named Brutus (no connection to Caesar) and he was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen.
    Right now I live with a blue heeler terrier mix and she is just so hyper and adorable. Everyday is a new adventure with Effy.

  34. Anonymous says...

    Deryl, irish terrier

  35. We just adopted a German shepherd from Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. She’s a year old and her name is Pyrrha (*pronounced peer-ah). Can’t recommend rescuing enough! So many wonderful puppies and dogs who need a good home like yours!

  36. I grew up with dogs, but my husband didn’t. He is now a full fledged dog lover like I am. Our’s is Moe. He was a rescue and is one of the loves of my life! You won’t regret it, and adopt if you can. :)

  37. Anonymous says...

    I got my goofy dog when he was already two from the SPCA. He has a mohawk (part rhodesian ridgeback) and his name is Ernie. One of the best decisions ever.

  38. I have two rescue poodles, Lemon and Mimi. They are the loves of my life.

    Definitely adopt from a shelter! There are so many dogs who need homes, who might literally die if they’re not adopted, there’s just no reason to get a dog any other way!

  39. A dog will change your life – for the better. I am a reformed non-dog person. I was a non-dog person until my boyfriend and I inherited my sister-in-law’s American Stafffordshire Terrier named Tito. He weighed 50 pounds and had been an inside, snuggle on the couch, sleep in the bed dog since he was a tiny puppy. We made a couple modifications to the house rules (no beds, no furniture). Now I can’t imagine life without him. He has such expressive eyes, he loves to play fetch and a mere scratch behind the ear is his ultimate reward. After a few years with Tito in our family, we decided to expand when a sweet, affectionate, snuggly little stray came into our lives. Her name is Tallulah. Our neighbor works at a vet clinic, and saw her one day, she was about 8 weeks old, wandering near a dumpster at a gas station chewing on paper scraps :( it was heartbreaking. She was skin and bones. Our friend took her to the vet clinic for a few weeks of rehab and then began looking for a home for her. The minute I saw her photo I knew she was the dog for us. We took it slow at first, and took her in as a foster to make sure she and Tito would be a match – they were. She’s almost a year old now and I can’t express how much love and joy she has brought into our home. She is such a happy dog, it’s seems like she is just so grateful to us for rescuing her that her mission in life now is to return the favor by making us happy. She is a puppy so there is work involved with proper training – which is the key to a happy dog and a happy home. But it is so worth it! I say go for it! Good luck! Also, don’t shop, adopt!

  40. I never thought I wanted a dog and was super nervous when my partner started talking about it all the time. But after learning more about dogs and dog training (it was really important to me to have a good dog who wouldn’t drive me crazy all the time!) we decided to get one.

    He is WONDERFUL and I really love having him. It’s so great to go for walks every day and I love coming home to him and his super excited tail wags. I’ve also found that loving him has made me love ALL dogs so much more – I think I’m a dog person now for sure and I know I’ll have dogs for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend it!

  41. If you do get a dog, you won’t be able to imagine life without them! Our dog has been there for us through a really stressful year, and I don’t know how I would have done it without him! Plus, they really open you up to a whole new world. I’ve found amazing dog parks, places to hike, people I’ve met-things I never would have done if I hadn’t had a dog! They are a lot of work, its true, but I think they are worth it and then some:)

  42. I didn’t grow up with dogs either, and kind of hated them. Until my boyfriend and I got a mini dachshund and I am a crazy dog mom now! I am obsessed with my baby girl, and love all dogs now! Her name is Ella!

  43. Tara Green says...

    I have a Plott Hound! Her name is Cha-Cha (the humane society gave her that name and I did not have the heart to change it!)

  44. I have reserved the name Kevin for our next dog for YEARS. It is a stellar choice.

    I’ll also echo the ADOPT sentiment. If you really love dogs, it’s the only way to go. Those little guys need love too.

  45. I never understood the reason people loved dogs so much, UNTIL… I got married and my husband and I got a puppy. I finally knew what all the fuss was about! We have a Cavalier King Charles, she did great in our tiny apartment, and does well in our house now. She isn’t too small or too big! We love her to pieces and she is a part of our family!!!

  46. I have a beautiful girl called Tilda. They’re so good especially when you work at home – who doesn’t want a warm chin resting on their feet? Another plus. . . it’s like a nagging gym membership! We run / chase birds everyday – and it’s my favorite time of day – such a care free time :)

  47. We have a brown tabby cat named Lenny and a 75lb english setter mutt named Elsie who’s sleeping with her head on my butt right now. My daughter Etta loves Elsie when she’s not getting herded by her. Etta hates the herding!

  48. I have a small dog named Howie. He’s a fluffy white mutt with a ridiculous underbite. I live in an apartment, but he’s got plenty of room to run around and make himself tired. Make sure you rescue when you get your dog! :) They make the best companions.

  49. I have two dogs, an 8 year old Jack Russell named Napoleon and a 3 month old double doodle named Lincoln (he’s 1/2 labradoodle and 1/2 goldendoodle, and fully adorable).
    Having a pet is what I imagine having a child is like. I live alone and am always telling people how tough it is to be a single pet-parent of two :) I love them dearly though and can’t imagine living without dogs.

  50. Katie says...

    We have an adopted Border Collie mix named Piper. She’s black and white and just the sweetest little thing. Adopted pups are just so loving.

  51. BTW–not to rain on your parade, but get little man allergy tested if you really think about want to get a pet. Devon has a trace allergy to dogs but is HIGHLY allergic to cats, which all of our extended family have (tho thankfully we do not). Just wanted to be safe and share! xo

  52. Have we talked about this? I feel like you, Abbey and I talked about this at lunch that day. Well, as the mom to Reggie and Paco, I’m definitely on board with the human name game. I often say to Reggie when he’s begging, “Reginald, that’s VERY inappropriate,” as if he were a young boy. The best.

  53. I’ve always had a dog! And all of them with Human names… Dustin, Brittany, Max, Frank, and Husdon!

  54. k says...

    our chihuahua’s names are Finnigan (Finn) and Jasper. <3

  55. k says...

    i grew up with cats and was unsure of having a dog but my husband is allergic to cats. we adopted two chihuahuas (the whole litter) six years ago and our lives became exponentially better! it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. xo

  56. I didn’t grow up with dogs and now I have 3. I honestly don’t know how I ever went a day without them. They make us laugh constantly, especially our Great Dane Dexter aka The Monster. Our other two are tiny, snorty shih tzus (Lily and Poppy). I agree with a lot of other commenters, especially about rescuing and making sure the breed is a good fit with your family. All of ours are rescue and pure bred. You have no idea how many people spend thousands on designer dogs and then give them up so you’ll definitely find the dog of your dreams.

  57. You are probably over reading these comments, but I thought I would share what I had heard about dogs and babies. They’re good for each other. For more than the obvious reason that they are cute together, dogs expose babies to low levels of immunities that help build up a babies immune system. Just a thought. I want a doodle so bad my voice goes up five pitches when I think about it.

  58. tammy h. says...

    Having a dog is one of the greatest things anyone could do! I have a black lab/aussie mix and he is the love of my life. He’s silly, sweet, mischievous and brings so much joy into my life. You won’t regret it! Just make sure to do your research before getting one. Lots of people get a breed without thinking about it and finds out (too late) that the dog doesn’t fit their lifestyle.
    If you want a big dog, great danes are great apartment dogs ;)

  59. Amanda Z. says...

    We have two lovely pups – a terrier/chihuahua mix named Ripley and a 12 pound mystery mix named Stella – she kind of looks like an eternal puppy.

    I’ve always had a dog as a kid, in fact, our 4 households (my parents and siblings) have had 11 dogs total!

    You guys should totally get a dog! You’ll realize later that it was the best decision ever :) And, really, every little boy needs a dog.

  60. His name is Fido and i loove him so much!!

  61. Niki C. says...

    I have a Great Dane named Kona (after the coffee). We also have two cats, Waffles and Lox…yep, we enjoy our breakfast :) Kona is the sweetest puppy ever, and the great thing about Dane’s is how lazy they are (especially for apartments and small houses!).

  62. We have an English Golden Retreiver (aka white golden) named Emerson!! She is the funniest dog I know:-)

  63. These photos are out of this world adorable. I am such a dog person and unfortunately my condo complex has a serious NO DOG policy =(. They’re not even allowed to visit! How wonky!

  64. We have one dog, a Corgi named Bogart. We call him Bogie and a friend calls him Bogalicious because he has an adorable big behind.

  65. Kimberly says...

    You simply MUST get a pup!
    I wasn’t that “into” dogs but my husband needed one. We decided upon a Boston Terrier, Leonard. I remember holding him on day one and being entirely overwhelmed by how much love I had for this little guy I had just met! Then we got Wilbur, a Boston Terrier too. To say we adore them and they make every moment of my life more fun is an understatement. What little quirks and sillies!
    Also, the benefit for little Toby would be immeasurable! Kids learn empathy via their pets which is a trait that’s so tough to teach and so beautiful to possess as a child. Anyhow, do it do it do it is my very best advice.

  66. You MUST get a pup. We have the sweetest frenchie girl named Charlie (human name PLUS a girl with a boy’s name ha). I call her my angel because she just makes life better. Such a gift! She has her own blog too if you ever need a pick me up!

  67. Anonymous says...

    DO NOT get a puppy! Especially with a young child, puppies are SO demanding and tons of respobsibility. I got a puppy a few months ago (Linguini, because he’s a greyhound) and it was a major eye opener. I now wish I had rescued an older dog. I’m sure once they grow out of the puppy stage they calm down but in the meantime, it’s chaos!

    Good Luck!

  68. Please, before you give this incredible opportunity to your son, you should know that you shouldn’t give up on a life.
    Have a dog friend is the best thing ever, but they get sick, they are dirty sometimes and they make noise sometimes. This is for-its-ever!
    And consider adopt an abandoned adult. They are THE BEST.
    I’ve just adopted two precious senior ladies: Lilith & Frida:

  69. I have a bloodhound mix named Elvis. He makes our world brighter. And dirtier.

  70. Dogs are the best, you should get one! Although I do have to admit that since having our second bebe, I feel they don’t get the attention they used to! :( I grew up with dogs, as did my husband. We had an english bulldog together, but he is in dog heaven now – so the past 8 years we have had a bassett hound named Louis. Then Clark (haha) joined us and he is a dapple/piebald Dachshund. Funny what a passionate subject this is. Yeah for dogs!

  71. I have a black pug named Remington and a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer named Simon. They are the most wonderful little guys, and my husband and I are absolutely in love with them. There is nothing better than coming home at the end of the day (especially if it has been a bad one) and have a puppydog just love you unconditionally and want nothing more than to sit next to you and get a scratch behind the ears!

  72. I have a white schnauzer. Her name is Matilda or “Matty” for short. She’s my best friend.

  73. I had a dog named Dimitri. He died of old age about two years ago and I’m still not over it!

  74. Wendy-Frances says...

    I LOVE MY DOG!! I say my dog because DH wants nothing to do with him. Just like I do with “his” cats. I adore Luke, my Bassett Hound/ Springer Spaniel mix. He found us through the SPCA. We are his third (and forever)family. Three times the charm!

  75. Anonymous says...

    I was terrified of dogs as a child, but when my family got a Golden Retriever puppy i couldnt help but be smitten

    they are always happy to see you…even if no one else is. you won’t regret getting one!

  76. Anonymous says...

    I have a Pug Named Darwin. She is evolved. ;)

  77. Anonymous says...

    I have a Pug Named Darwin. She is evolved. ;)

  78. Jennifer says...

    How funny! My name is Jennifer and my boyfriend is Kevin. We have a little black terrier mix named Frank :)

  79. I have a dachshund named Bella. She is the perfect apt size dog and doesn’t really shed, which is a big plus! Toby would love a puppy go for it!

  80. We have a 50 lbs. black lab mix (terrier and maybe some greyhound) named Lola. We adopted her from our local Animal Humane Society when she was 7 months old. She is totally our dog-child, and I can’t imagine our life without her. About a year after we got here, I had a miscarriage. It was our first pregnancy, and I was heartbroken. Lola turned out to be an amazing source of comfort and peace for me during that difficult time. Of course I transferred some of my mothering love to her, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but it soothed my soul a little to be able to do that. Now, two years later, we are – finally – pregnant again (!), and I am so grateful that our little one will grow up with sweet Lola as his/her loving and protective big sister. GET A DOG!

  81. Ashley says...

    We have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Jet (officially he is Jet Lee Chew) and a cat named Spunky.

  82. ndjules says...

    Definitely get a dog. We like human names, in fact we name our dogs after our friends. Now that really gets people confused when you say, “Charlie likes to sit on my lap” or “I took Bill for a swim”. We had Charlie (aka Chuck); now we have Bill (a female) and Mambo (a friend’s nickname, because Sheldon didn’t seem right – but in hindsight, would have been funny). All Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

  83. We have two dogs and a cat. The dogs are Daisy and Gromit, and the cat is Ginger but goes by Kitty. My dogs are love and sunshine, but my Kitty is sweet evil. Once you let them into your life, they become family.

  84. Anonymous says...

    We have a pre-loved malamut/collie called Everett. Also known as Misters, Dig Dog and Poo Head. He loves people, coming around to bearing most dogs & is far too in love with squirrels! He is the light of my life!

  85. We have a Border Collie named Nora, and we adore her. Having a dog is a bit of an adjustment to your routine if you’re not used to having pets in your life, but it’s SO worth it. Nora brings a lot of happy energy into our house–it wouldn’t be the same without her!

  86. My husband and I have two dogs. Our French bulldog is named Howard and our English bulldog is named Henry. They are the best! You should definitely get a dog!

  87. Rosie and Billy are my two pugs. One fawn and one black.

  88. We have a rescue dog and cat. Their names are Reggie and Bernie! I love people names for animal, it cracks me up. My friend has a cat named Kevin! I highly recommend getting a dog. They are the absolute best. Please consider adopting from a local shelter! Shelters have almost every breed of dog you could want. I’m from a small town and was still able to find the breed I wanted and knew would fit best with my lifestyle. I’m sure in NYC you could get any breed you wanted from a shelter and save a sweet little life in the process! Use It’s the best!

  89. We have two dogs, Molly and Oscar. My husband (then boyfriend) and I adopted them both from our local pound, Molly in 2005 and Oscar in 2007. Molly is now 7 and Oscar is 5. They are endlessly entertaining and full of love. It is the best thing we have ever done. I came across this recently, it is a must-read. But be warned, you will get teary-eyed. It is so very true.

  90. 4 yrs ago on a whim, I went into a pet store and saw this little girl (She was all black and 1.8 lbs). I waited in the playing box with her for 4 hours until hubby could get off work and come see her. She was a lot of money and I kept saying we couldn’t afford her, but hubby knew I needed her. Little did we know that over the course of the next 4 years we would loose several babies and this puppy would get me through it.
    Her name is Litzie. She is a 4 yr old Yorkie-Poo, 6 lbs, and the best thing since sliced cheese. :)

  91. my husband and i JUST got a vizsla puppy on Saturday! we are having so much fun with him. we also thought about naming him a human name-Peter, but we ended up going with Moose! :)

  92. wellie is my tricolor pembroke welsh corgi who is utterly and completely the best thing to ever happen to me. she is by far the cutest and sweetest girl i have ever met. i can’t help but melt every single day when i come home from work with her smiling up at me as soon as i walk through the door!

  93. My husband Alex and I have a mini Doxen named Toby :) He’s my husband’s first dog, and before we brought him home, I remember Alex saying he was worried Toby wouldn’t like him. Turns out, they’re inseparable!

  94. I grew up with dogs, always had two. I love dogs :) We preferred mutts because I believe that there are too many lovable puppies in the world to buy one from a breeder. I love shepherds myself :)

  95. When I was in college my sorority big sister gifted me that sweetest and funniest terrior mix. She named his Horacio, after the main character in CSI: Miami, where we live. When I brought him home, it was only rational that I gave him a middle name. I didnt grow up with dogs either, but Horacio Andrew has been the best gift anyone has ever given me.

  96. Mallory says...

    Dogs are seriously THE. BEST. We have a black pug named Olive (who looked exactly like the little black puglet in the photo above as a puppy.) and a basset hound named Louis. They are our little fur babies and bring so much joy and humor to our lives. I can’t imagine life without them! Plus, Olive is hands down, the best cuddler EVER.

  97. We have one pup, a sweet boxer named Odin.
    Boxers are such sweet dogs with great energy and great with Kids.

  98. Oh my gosh, Kevin is totally my top potential dog name if I were to get one!

  99. We have a 105 lb. female St. Bernard named Charlevoix… she will be 10 years old in September. She adores children, loves people, is as loyal as dogs come, and is full of personality… and she is quite lazy, which makes her the perfect city dog, despite her large(r) size(we live in Chicago)…
    Even though they are a large breed, St. Bernards are an absolutely amazing breed! Especially with children… love them!!!!

  100. Please OPT TO ADOPT! There are so many dogs that need homes in every size, age and shape imaginable.

    Dogs from pet stores are likely from puppy mills, dogs from farms are probably from puppy mills, nice backyard breeders may be a front for puppy mills. Yes, you get a cute puppy, but the parents are living in hell….

    I’d also recommend a slightly older dog, puppies are cute, but they grow up so quickly. A dog that is two is quite a bit calmer, likely has some training and needs a home more!

    Dogs are the absolute best and make exploring so much more fun. There are so many great trails I never would have found without my dogs. You also sound like a great home for a dog since you’re both around a lot. Toby will love it too.

  101. I have had allways animals at home.. now I have a doggy… it’s nice they give you care and love but you have to llok after them… if you buy one .. its pereferable to have it small or medium size! I have one medium.-bigger size and its so nervous althoungh it’s adorable! mine is a German Braco.. we call him DRAKO! ;)

  102. Jessica says...

    We have a chihuahua at our place, Dolce, and my parents have a boxer mix, Cleo!

    Agree with the above poster – adopt – no puppy mills/breeders!!!

  103. We have an Akita mutt named Donald whom we rescued last year. Can’t imagine life without him!

  104. We have two labs — Mae Belle is yellow and Buster Brown is chocolate. I giggle every time he is in trouble and I say, “No Buster Brown!” and that totally defeats the purpose of the discipline…
    Dogs are wonderful and I think it’s important every child have one and know how to be around them. Get a lap-sized dog who will leave less of a “pawprint” in the apartment – and try to find one that doesn’t shed. THAT is the trick. We are overcome by dog hair! You’ll love him / her! Oh – and I totally relate to your person name – I have always wanted a big dog named George.

  105. Get a pug! I have one named Benjamin Tatertot.

  106. I have a sweet little Yorkie named Rex. He thinks he’s a tough guy (the spiked collar and hyper-masculine name probably aren’t helping with his complex), but in reality, all he wants to do is be a little lovey. He’d rather sleep in my lap than just about anything else.

  107. My family not only had dogs, they ended up falling in love with Wire-Haired Fox Terriers so much they ended up breeding them! Though adoption is a great way to go, we’ve really enjoyed the experience of breeding and raising puppies! Fox Terriers are high energy but so clever and loving and fun. Currently only have two- A girl named Gidget (yes, after the movie) and a male, Brisco (after a cowboy).

    Personally, I like human names, but names that are unlikely to be used for people (hard to predict these days, I know! A lot of name variety out there.) My favorite example of that was a student whose dog was Walter. Every day we’d have to wait to hear what crazy thing Walter had done!

  108. we have two BIG dogs named Honey and Tabor (we are in Oregon, from Portland and he is named after Mt.Tabor)
    Both of our dogs are shelter rescues that were a year old when we got them. They had names already, so we stuck with the consonants and changed the rest.
    They end up getting called HoneyBear and Ta-Bear or…. “DOGS!”