Toby is a born-and-bred city kid (who knows how to hail a cab and wear tattoos), but this Saturday, we decided to escape to the country…

Alex’s mom and sister were visiting for the weekend, so we met at Grand Central and took a train to Stone Barns Center, a bucolic farm and cafe just 40 minutes north of the city. (We also showed them how to do the secret trick of Grand Central…)

Toby’s view on the train…

Grandma’s view on the train…

When we arrived, we signed up for egg collecting, which was totally adorable.

Megan, a lovely farmer’s apprentice—and a fellow University of Michigan alum (Go Blue!)—taught us about the chickens and told us to give them space or we’d get pecked!

Toby reached into the chicken coop all by himself and grabbed five eggs total (only breaking one).

Smooch that belly.

We also went on a little tour and, as a special treat, were allowed to pick raspberries right off the bushes, which blew Toby’s baby mind. The trick: If they pop off easily, that means they’re sweet and ripe.

After walking around for a while, we went to the cafe for lunch. Everything was SO fresh—blueberries, snap peas, frittata with goat cheese and peppers.

Are you more at home in the city or country? Hope you had a great weekend, too. xoxo

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