Fancy soaps sit on the bathroom shelf, and potpourri sachets get lost in a drawer. So, instead of bringing traditional hostess gifts when you visit a friend, bust out one of these slam-dunk gifts that people will love (and want to use!) right away.

1. Adorable watchdog doorstop to make them smile, $24.
2. Spanish lavender to make their kitchen smell like summer, $58.
3. Indoor s’more maker, for obvious reasons, $25.
4. Summery rosé wine, with a tree wine stopper, $8.
5. Cheeky dish towel, since we’ve all been there, $16.50.
6. Big Sur room spray to inspire wanderlust, $20.
7. Guilty-pleasure gossip magazines to flip through together.

Thoughts? What do you normally bring as a hostess gift?

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(Post by Joanna. Graphic design by Rachel from Elephantine for Cup of Jo.)