Toby’s Eyebrows

Toby has always had Jack Nicholson eyebrows, but recently he’s been taking them to a new level. These photos crack me up. Who needs words? He has a whole repertoire, including give-me-back-my-car eyebrows…

Taxi-spotting eyebrows…

Strawberry-eating eyebrows…

And get-me-out-of-this-friggin-ballpit eyebrows…

It’s a lot of work for one little guy! Toby, I love you:)

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  2. This made my night! Toby is, as always, adorable. What an expressive little dude.

  3. Hilarious! They are pretty animated. :)

  4. lol too cute! my daughter has those same eyebrows. i love how expressive toddlers are with their faces. they really don’t hold anything back.

  5. Toby eyebrows will talk ….. so cool .

  6. Just looked at this post again and the “friggin” was gone in the ballpit caption! That was the funniest part :)

  7. Sooo cute! He must be quite a little gentleman! xoxo

  8. Oh my word… too adorable! He is just precious!


  9. What a precious little guy! I love it when kiddos have expressive faces, especially eyebrows, and Toby clearly takes the emotive eyebrow cake. I think the taxi-spotting variety is my favorite :)

  10. Love! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Precious! He reminds me of Gromit from Wallace & Gromit. He says everything he needs to say with his brow!

  12. Heidi says...

    Too stinkin’ cute – thanks for sharing Jo!

  13. What I love about eyebrows language- the expressions. Just adorable :)


  14. Haha. he´s the cutest thing!

  15. Toby is such a cute baby and Im sure he is gonna grow up to be a very handsome man :)
    His eyebrows resemble Shahrukh Khan’s( an actor in India)
    Women are CRAZY about him here!

  16. This totally cracked me up. Getting out of the ball pit is my fave- so funny!

  17. The eyebrows! I also have a little one with eyebrow personality. It was especially hilarious when she was an infant…no hair on her head, all eyebrows.

  18. My son Liam also has lots of funny eye brows (faces) for every occasion. It’s hilarious! I made a poster of all his different facial expressions. Wish I was able to download it here for you to see.

  19. AP says...

    All those striped pants are almost TOO cute Joanna. Where do you get them? Would love to grab a few for my little guy :)

  20. ohhh gotta love it! he’s gonna grow up to talk with his whole face like i do, i would assume. people always tell me i have a lot of expression in my face!

  21. Oh, Toby. What an awesome little dude :)

  22. that is sooo adorable! the little eyebrows are too cute!!

  23. Laura S. says...

    Oh my goodness! He is so stinkin cute! The first picture is adorable!

    And I agree, he is going to be a lady’s man with those looks! I am sure he melts the hearts of the women around him now!!

  24. Those are amazing!! He is so adorable. The little baby (18 mo) I nanny for also has great eyebrows. She looks at you with such intensity and sometimes suspicion. So cute.

    Toby is going to be a lady killer with those brows!

  25. haaaaa!! the get me out of the ball pit eye brows are outta control. awesome.


  26. LOVE those EYEBROWS! It could speak a lot more than any words could say!

  27. an old soul :) so cute!

  28. Absolutely adorable! And expressive!

  29. he looks just like you! I howled at the “get-me-out-of-this-ball-pit” photo.


  30. Love this post!! How sweet is Toby.

  31. omgosh! he is too cute.

  32. so frigging great.he and his eyebrows are gorgeous. you are blessed jo

  33. Gentiana says...

    OMG how cute is he even when he sleeps…I bet you love him! :-)

  34. OMG! he’s the sweetest little boy… I’ve always loved expressive eyebrows, like my own, and my baby takes after me

  35. omg… how adorable he is… I really love Toby so much!

  36. oh, so sweet! that thing he does with his face is lovely!

  37. I’ve got an eyebrow kid too! For the longest time he was bald with crazy eyebrows which was extra amusing. I never thought if them as Jack Nicholson eyebrows but my dad does look so much like Jack that I can’t watch the Shining so maybe your onto something!

    Toby’s are adorable :)

  38. Too cute, he has such character and looks so like you ! Love that you love stripes for boys, I love them on mine. I love his cot sheets, where are they from ?

  39. He is sooo cute! My son also does silly things with his eyebrows. I think he gets it from me ;). Do you or your hubby do the same?

  40. i’m liking the taxi spotting eyebrows best…how cute…’hmmmm’

  41. You know what I love about his eyebrows, I love that you can see the humor in your little guy! That makes you an awesome mom.

  42. This is too wonderful! He’s such an expressive cutie!

  43. he looks just like you in a lot of those pictures!! he is just the sweetest. :)

  44. haha so jealous! i wish mine were that cool. he’s gonna be an actor. so expressive!

  45. GAH! So cute. I love his frustrated brows when he’s crawling out of that ball pit. Priceless!

  46. One day he’s going to give a cute little girl the ‘how you doin”-eyebrows, I’m sure. Tooooo cute, this little dude!

  47. He is such a cutie! My sister always said I had jack nicholson eyebrows & her little girl has them now, too! ; )
    Oh sisters…

  48. Haha, they are so expressive!

  49. I LOVE his duck face in photo #1. :)

  50. LC Taylor says...

    Love it! Such dynamic facial expressions! :)

  51. Haha so funny. I especially like the get-me-out-of-this-ball-pit brows!


  52. Anonymous says...

    What a cutie! Speaking of Toby– how are his cloud shades holding up? I want to do something similar in my little one’s room, but I wasn’t sure whether I should paint them with latex or acrylic paint… Jenny wrote that she used latex on yours, and I was just wondering if the paint was holding up well or not. Thanks!


  53. SO CUTE!! Love his little striped shorts!

  54. hahaha i love his expressive :)

  55. Oh god too cute!!!

  56. My daddy used to call me mini-brooke shields cuz of my eyebrows lol

    Your posts today are making my ovaries ACHE Joanna!

  57. aw, so cute! I always wished i could pull off those eyebrow moves ;) but mine are pretty stable..

  58. These are the cutest pictures ever! Gorgeous.

  59. I’m so glad I caught Toby’s expression at that moment! Hudson got the stink eye! :)

  60. Anonymous says...

    So many expressions for such a cute little guy! Eyebrows on babies somehow makes them look older…

  61. What a darling little boy and looking just like his mum in that stripey top. Beautiful!

  62. The last shot is where it’s at! love it.

  63. what a little man! so much personality from those eyebrows! love it.

  64. The furrowed brow! My little guy Benjamin has one of these, ha ha, I LOVE IT!

  65. That first picture is sending me over the edge into a giggle pit. It is hilarious!

  66. hahaha!! i love them!! Lots of expression and emotion in those eyebrows! =)

  67. i had high hopes for this post the moment i saw the title appear in my blog reader.

    i was not disappointed.

  68. I love those eyebrows! Mine has some fierce eyebrows too, especially noticeable when he was tiny, he was all eyebrows. Toby is adorable, and my goodness if he doesn’t look EXACTLY like Alex!