Before we got married, Alex told me something that made my jaw drop…

One evening, we were chatting about whether we thought we’d cry during our wedding ceremony, and Alex admitted that he hadn’t cried since he was ten years old. “Guys are taught to hold in tears,” he explained. “As a little kid, you don’t want to be labeled a cry baby by your friends. I quickly learned to be stoic.” And that lesson stuck: He hasn’t shed a single tear since then, even when his father died.

I couldn’t believe it. (I would be embarrassed to know how many times I’ve cried since I was ten.)

So, when our wedding day arrived, I wasn’t surprised that Alex stayed lovely and strong through his wedding vows, and I broke down while saying mine. It was such an intense and moving moment, and I couldn’t make it through the words without my voice cracking. (In fact, every makeup artist I know says their #1 beauty tip for brides is to wear waterproof mascara!)

More weepy brides…

Weepy grooms…

And don’t forget the dads! :)

What about you? Who is more likely to cry at your wedding: you or your partner? Or do you think you’ll both be equally dry-eyed or weepy? If you’re already married, how did it go down? I’m so curious!

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(Photos by Max Wanger (including ours), Dixie Pixel, Kelly Benvenuto, Jessie Holland, Lynn Michelle; Brandon Kidd and Ventola Photography, via Green Wedding Shoes, Belle Rempert via Ruffled; and James Moes, and photos, cropped, by Audrey Hannah and Sarah Maren, via Ruffled)