Have you guys ever tried dry shampoo? It’s a lifesaver when traveling. You just spray the shampoo on, and it instantly makes your hair look clean and full of volume. So, if you have an overnight flight, or can’t check into your hotel right away, or explore a big city all day, you can still look fresh and gorgeous.

My friend Caroline (of hair tutorial fame) first told me about it. “I swear by it,” says Caroline, who travels all the time for work. “After being touristy all day, I hit my hair with the dry shampoo, and it looks clean and pretty at night.”

Caroline’s favorite is Klorane. “Every magazine editor and stylist uses this one,” she says. “You’ll see it on all their tables.” Bonus: It’s very gentle with natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Have you used dry shampoo? Any favorite beauty products when traveling? I’d love to hear!

(Thanks, Caroline)