1. Lanora says...

    Thought of you Cindy. Enjoy

  2. where do i go to actually make one of these things

  3. This is so cool. It’s as if these dollar bills transformed into cool works of art by magic! Speaking of magic, check out some great mn magicians, like this guy :)

  4. Jo says...

    Wow. What an amazing idea!! Too cool!!

  5. Sally Cage says...

    Haha! That’s cool :)

    I’m from Australia and I remember from childhood a rude thing you used to be able to make with our $5 note…very rude! You could fold it so that it made Queen Elizabeth’s neck (with her pearl necklace) look like a whale pleasing a man’s you-know-what…very strange but true! haha…wow…must’ve been 15 years since I thought of that!

  6. That is incredible. All of a sudden, everyone on my list is going to be getting money origami for Christmas…

  7. sage, I think that’s a spider. The crab is slightly different – here’s a link:


    did you also know you can fold a koi from a dollar bill? It even had scales, it’s totally crazy! Took my husband several days to fold his first one. Here are the instructions:


    Jo, my husband makes BOTH of these, plus a “dime-in-ring,” a folded ring from a dollar bill that includes a bezel setting with a dime in it. He’s so cute! (and mad talented!)

  8. this is awesome!

  9. Genius, I wonder if I could do the first one with the queen?

  10. That is such a good idea! Giving money pretty much lacks a personal touch so to do something like origami with it would give it that little extra something to make it more thoughtful. I must remember this for when my baby nephews eventually reach that age!

  11. I’ve done the shirts, but these are wonderful! I’ll ahve to pass them on – there’s another teacher at my work who does flowers and diapers – she’d love this!

  12. Abe is hilarious! And how on earth did they make those perfect car wheels!? Crazy!

  13. whoa these are awesome!

  14. This is genius! Goodbye to money being a ‘boring’ gift! x

  15. This is so awesome! I had to share it with my dad… he gives us folded money every year on our birthdays and Christmas.

  16. wow, that takes some serious skill!

  17. the crab is out of control, real talent to do something that detailed with paper.

  18. These are great! When I was a diner waitress in high school, there was an old guy that sat at the counter and his tip was always folded fancy.

  19. Anonymous says...

    These are amazing!!!!

  20. That Abe Lincoln one is AWESOME!


  21. My hairdresser made all origami money gifts last year for her immediate family. They were gorgeous & way over more than $1 but so heartfelt. They were absolutely gorgeous. This is a fun idea.

  22. Best idea ever. Love Abe & the little camera!!

  23. Abe looks like he could have his own rap album like that! The camera is blowing my mind. I wonder if I could create teeny tiny film, too…

  24. awesome! i fold my gifts for my nieces and nephews and need some new ideas! i’ve only done hearts and i gave my nephew “clothes” (shirts). thanks for sharing!

  25. This is so cool !xx

  26. Hahah…those are awesome! Kisses.

  27. My boyfriend’s grandfather folds dollar bills into bow ties behind his back, and so I’ll have to show him these so he can learn some new tricks! :)

  28. Thanks. I wonder if they’ll look as cool using Canadian money.

  29. thats pretty awesome!@

  30. Clever, and lovely! I will attempt this today. Love it. Thanks for sharing with us Joanna.

  31. those are insane! my boyfriend would get such a kick out of the car :).. might have to put one in his stocking!