Do or Don’t: Seeing Movies Alone

Do you ever go to movies alone? There’s something really fun about going to the theatre, buying a ticket, riding up the eight zillion escalators, finding the perfect seat, eating the pizza you snuck in, and watching a movie all by yourself (surrounded by strangers). You can enjoy the movie without wondering what your friend is thinking; and after it’s done, you can walk home mulling it all over. I love it. So, I’m curious: Do you like seeing movies alone, or do you prefer to go with friends?

The next movie I’d like to see solo is The Descendants with George Clooney. Critics have been flipping out. “To call The Descendants perfect would be a kind of insult,” raved A.O. Scott in his New York Times review, “a betrayal of its commitment to, and celebration of, human imperfection.”

  1. Cannot wait to see this movie.

  2. I have only done it once, but it was oddly liberating. Perhaps I should do it more, there are plenty of movies I want to see that the husband doesn’t…

  3. totally alone, i say! i love going to movies solo and always enjoy them more. i saw UP IN THE AIR alone at midnight and had the most incredible movie watching experience because it is a movie about solitude.

  4. i used to go to the movies alone a lot! i was single and a flight attendant so I would have long spells of days off…and sometimes i got bored. plus going to matinees during the week meant a pretty much empty theater. i felt like the whole show was for me. i always quite liked it. :)

  5. I really enjoy going to the movies alone…I had a phase where i was going every Sunday. I would get my popcorn, a drink, and cozy up at the local theatre – it was a nice little tradition. I wonder what people think is more difficult, movies alone or eating alone? I don’t mind either and think it is important to get your ‘me time’!

  6. i prefer going alone. esp. something arty. i worry too much about what the other person is thinking.

  7. I’ve only gone to the movies alone when I have no one to go with me, and it’s always made me feel terribly lonely and depressed. For me, it’s better as a shared experience, but seeing that so many of you LOVE going alone maybe I should try it again? Without having a pity-party. xo.

  8. Anne says...

    I have never gone to a movie alone, just have always had friends to go to chick flicks with, and my husband for anything else I want to see. Joanna, my daughter and SIL in NY aren’t going to movies in NYC because of bedbugs. I feel bad for them, and would love to know your thoughts on that. They aren’t overly OCD or anything, so I guess they’ve heard something about it and are cautious? Anything you could tell me about it? Thnx.

  9. I have no qualms about going to a movie by myself. I prefer going with friends or family and making a social night out of it, but I’m not going to miss out on a film I’m dying to see just because nobody is available to tag along. Independence! I went to the cinema solo not too long ago; saw The Help — so good.

  10. I love going to movies alone. I’ve never had a problem going to the movies, a restaurant, or traveling alone. I kind of relish the experience! BUt I’m an only child so I’ve always had my hermit/solo tendencies, haha

  11. O. says...

    I’ve never had a problem with attending movies by myself, I think there’s something liberating about being on your own for the day. I’m the black sheep of my friends, if you will. The majority of them do not believe in going to the theater by themselves, “it looks weird.”

  12. I love going to the movies by myself… I lived by myself for a while in a new state, and found it incredibly freeing not to care who saw me at the movies by myself.

  13. I used to go to the cinema by myself all the time (haven’t lately though). Once when I was a student in London I went in the afternoon and there was no one else in the theatre. I thought that was pretty spooky and then a lone man came in. If there is one thing worse than a movie theatre all to yourself, it is one with just you and a complete stranger. I left and called my mom and she suggested I sit in the back row so I could keep my eye on him. When I got back in, HE was sitting in the back row! Luckily for my nerves, some pensioners joined us right before the film started. All my worrying was for nothing!

  14. Anonymous says...

    I see movies alone, dont tell anyone, in the middle of day…go to a cinema across town with my treats with the odd people who can do it in the middle of the working week…my shift work allows it and my partner and kids just think I’ve been keeping house, shopping etc. It’s a great big secret indulgence. Even the fact that I am ‘up’ with latest movies doesn’t make anyone suspicious…I like it like that too. Some time to myself that no-one knows about.
    Def saw Clooney movies in past by myself , also see corny movies or offbeat movies that I don’t want to discuss with others as soon as we get out of the cinema but just think about privately.

    What an interesting topic you’ve raised!

  15. I LOVE seeing movies on my own! Especially super girly ones that my boyfriend would never want to see- like Sex and the City 2. I bought a ton of gummy candy and enjoyed every minute of it :).

  16. I do like both. But i sometimes love going by myself. Like you said you (sort of) you can completely focus on the film and just enjoy. I mean if you want to really see the movie and none of your friends want to go, do what makes you happen.

    I have it to with going out for a bite to eat, going to a concert or a theater.

    Starting to think about it i need to plan a me night soon!

  17. I like going to movies by myself. I used to do it more often than I do-I used to be sort of a loner, and now have more pals! : ) But it always struck me at strange, in high school my friends and I ALWAYS went to the movies, but it’s really sort of an anti-social thing to do–you don’t talk at all, and I prefer reflecting on movies by myself.
    I would also really recommend the movie Like Crazy–it just came out and it is SO good.

  18. I love going to the movies by myself, especially when it’s something most of my friends won’t like as much as I will. That said, going to a great movie with a group is also fun and makes for great conversation afterward.

  19. Selina W says...

    I love going alone! And especially sneaking in my favorite snacks and not having to share them. I love escaping into a movie, and still feeling lost in it after when you’re by yourself is so much fun. It’s fun to stay in that movie bubble for a while because you often lose it once you start talking with someone else right after. With a 6 month old and a full time work schedule, I can’t imagine when I’ll get to do this again, but I’m hoping for an early day off (or few!) this winter while he’s still at day care and I can sneak a couple of hours to myself.

    Also, I really want to see the Descendants for many reasons (Clooney… sigh…), but the main is that my aunt has a cameo in it! She is sitting next to Clooney in an airplane scene. She had some great stories of him from her full day of shooting it. She’s a crazy, fun local Hawaiian lady. Chance of a lifetime for her!

  20. I’ve never gone alone but I’ve been considering lately!!! It’s hard to gather up a friend or two when we’re all mommies and then to find a sitter but I hate to wait until it comes out on DVD…

  21. Anonymous says...

    No, but I have always wanted to. I’ve eaten at restaurants alone and it’s great. I don’t spend enough quality time with myself, if that makes any sense!

  22. Seeing movies alone is such a treat! I totally agree, it is one of my favorite ways to relax. And you are never alone… especially with George there to stare back at you :)

  23. vandegee says...

    Do it all the time! We don’t get many date nights, and I work freelance and I get an occasional weekday off, but we have a full time sitter for the kids, so I sneak out to a movie matinee. Love it! Movies I saw this month were… Martha Marcy May, 50/50, Ides of March…

  24. I love going to see movies alone. I used to do it all the time, but now I have a baby and never go see movies at all. Must change that.
    How do you sneak pizza into a movie? In your purse?

  25. Anonymous says...

    I love going to a movie by myself! The last one (Weekend—SEE IT.) resonated with me in such a way, that a long, wandering walk was essential afterward.

  26. I’ve only been to the movies alone once, I remember that as I was doing the line to buy my ticket I thought I was really depressing, but as soon as I sat down and started enjoying my popcorn, I realized I was having so much fun! Sometimes I have lunch by myself too, I go to a nice restaurant and eat something new. It can be quite fantastic!

  27. definitely DO!! I havent done it much since i’ve been married because we both love seeing movies in the theatre so much, but now that we have a babe i’ll have to sneak away by myself some time soon…

  28. I love going to movies alone! It took a while for me to feel comfortable doing that. “An Education” was my first movie I saw alone and it was so empowering!

    Seeing movies alone = absolute DO!

  29. All. The. Time. I mean, I wouldn’t go to dinner by myself or go to see a live band or to a bar by myself, but going to a movie is completely and totally easy to do alone, and I even prefer it. I can sit where I want, eat what I want, and really enjoy the experience without wondering if a companion is getting the same things out of it that I am. Something about sitting in the dark makes you feel invisible too, so it doesn’t matter if you are alone.

  30. awww, i’m so glad :)

    @Anonymous said…
    I’ve been to see movies alone, but frankly I just want to say that reading cup of jo makes me feel so much more normal every day. thanks!

  31. GREAT IDEA!!!!
    Anonymous said…
    My husband & I have a 7-month old; since we have no babysitter, I’ve suggested we go to see the same movie separately, and then can talk about it later when we’re both home!

  32. amy from oldsweetsong, that is the FUNNIEST!

  33. haha, ashley, i will try to take a photo of the escalators! LOL — they sound more exciting than they are. :)

  34. I do! It’s my favorite of all “alone time” activities. I wear my comfiest layers, kiss my husband good-bye for a few hours, and see exactly what I want to see at the theatre (my favorite part).

  35. do! although i would see george clooney no matter what, where and with whom, pretty much ;-)

  36. ks says...

    One of life’s greatest solo pleasures-especially in the afternoon with a big scoop of Ben&Gerry’s!!

  37. Anonymous says...

    I’ve been to see movies alone, but frankly I just want to say that reading cup of jo makes me feel so much more normal every day. thanks!

  38. yes! i do movies solo and my husband does too.. once we went to our local dollar theater and he wanted to see a scary movie and i didn’t, so we parted: he saw his scary flick and i saw my chick flick. then we went home!

  39. i haven’t done it yet. I planned on doing it with “Drive”. i couldn’t find anyone to go with me, and one of my guys friends said “it would be like you were on a date with Ryan Gosling”. score.
    so i am getting up the guts to do it.

  40. last year I went to about 5 different movies by myself. I rather go with someone….i think.

  41. yep, I love going by myself. I would do so quite often before I met my now husband, but now that we have a baby and we can’t all go together yet, I have started going alone again….actually I will be going soon to see the new Twilight! I get popcorn and water or bring favorite chocolate. I hate eating at restaurants alone though! cant do it!

  42. It’s one of those silly things that I wasn’t sure of at first, but my husband is gone so often, I had to take the plunge and try it. I love it! I can’t wait to see The Descendants — it looks awesome!!

  43. Anonymous says...

    Yes, see movies alone! Your can react and form your own opinion separate from the influence of a viewing partner – a special kind of enjoyment. :) Sneak in chocolate coated poppycock popcorn – delicious.

  44. I love going to movies alone at odd times of the day when there’s no one in the theater…it’s so relaxing to sit in the middle of the theater and watch a movie on the big screen all alone.

    ♥ Shia

  45. Anonymous says...

    It’s one of my very favorite things to do. Like, the kind of favorite that you’d write in the ‘about me’ section of an application. Sneak in some snacks and enjoy WHATEVER movie you choose. No checking in with what everyone else wants. It’s all about you for 2 hours. That is so liberating.

  46. i looove seeing movies alone – for all the reasons you described. makes me want to go see one alone right now!

  47. A total DO! I saw Coco Before Chanel by myself, I would love to see more movies by myself. It’s kind of nice!

  48. I think it’s totally cool to go to a movie by yourself – even though I prefer not too. I enjoy laughing and talking with someone during the movie though. :)


  49. Absolutely! I absolutely see movies by myself. It’s nice to be alone in the dark theater.. laugh when you want, cry when you want, if the movie sucks, leave when you want. ;)

    And I can’t wait to see The Descendants!

  50. I can tell you live in NYC! I’ve never been in a theater with escalators :-)

    but I love a good movie in the theater alone on occasion. It feels so rebellious and free!

  51. A few years ago I was living in California with my grandmother (my boyfriend-now-husband was still in Oregon). I had a terrible time connecting with anyone there and didn’t make any close friends, so I went to LOTS of movies alone. I loved it, and the fact that I was lonely made it that much better. It made me feel like the star of my own movie – yes (I thought), I’m lonely now, but this is all preliminary stuff. Soon (since this was my movie) something will happen and things will change. And they did! Thanks for bringing back those fond memories.

  52. i do go to movies alone on occasion and do enjoy myself immensely!!
    p.s. my husband and i just went to see the descendants last night– it was beautiful!!

  53. I love it! My husband and I moved to Montreal this summer for his job – not knowing a soul! I was unemployed and had a lot of free time on my hands. So as a treat to myself, after my morning French class, I would skip off to see a English language film and feel so at home. It was the best. I’m working now, but sometimes get the urge to sneak out for a few hours to catch a movie (and eat popcorn and drink a big ole Coke!)….

  54. am i living under a rock? i haven’t heard of this movie, and it looks incredible!
    i’ve never seen a movie alone at the theatre, but now i really want to! it’s sounds relaxing and fun. a good way to have some “me time.”

  55. NEVER alone! But who to take to what movie depends on the movie. Sometimes you need to hear every word. Sometimes you just need to laugh and joke. And sometimes it’s not about the movie at all…but who you’re with…together! :-)

  56. 100% LOVE going to the movies on my own – there is no one to tell me what I can and cannot see and I feel like I always leave feeling a little bit smarter

  57. That movie looks wonderful. I don’t think I would see something like that by myself, tears and such so I’d like someone to hold my hand.

    I have been to movies by myself, Hellboy II, Sex & the City II and Taken. I’ve also been to Broadway shows by my lonesome. Except I never actually felt lonely.

  58. I love going to movies alone! That way you can see exactly what you want to see, and not be embarrassed by eating the whole bag of popcorn :)

  59. Anonymous says...

    sure, why not? although, when i was in my twenties and younger, i would’ve been too self-conscious! i’ve even gone to a concert by myself at the last minute when i couldn’t round up friends to go on a busy saturday. one thing, doing things by yourself whether it’s the movies or whatever, you’ll always be in good company :)

  60. oh I L=O=V=E it! I thought I was alone , no one in my life understand this ! I hate when people talk to me during movies ( Major pet peeve), love to let the movie sink in my mind after and i get the glosettes all for myself!

  61. Every once in a while I do love to go to the movies alone. As a matter of fact I just di, I went and saw Anonymous!

  62. I have only done it once but I loved it. There is something for more relaxing about sitting in the theater and being able to fully enjoy the movie without someone next to you.

  63. I have only done this once, and it was recently. I went to see The Help on a Saturday night alone and it was SO fun. I wore my yoga pants and ate pretzels and chocolate. It was a good time and I felt very refreshed when I left. I highly recommend it!

  64. Can’t wait to see what appears to be a delightfully fun movie, heartbreaking in a fun way. Theatre? What’s that? Haven’t been inside one in For.Ev.Er.

  65. I like going to see movies alone. I don’t like not having someone to talk to about the movie after. Especially if it was really good.

  66. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to see a movie alone, and you’ve reminded me how much I miss it! I used to live near the perfect solo movie-watching theater that was never too crowded. I think the last movie I went to alone was Eat, Pray, Love and I may or may not have driven 40 miles to see it in “my” theater. So I guess part of the watching a movie alone experience for me is where I watch it. Kind of silly :)

  67. I also love going to movies solo. I first went to a movie alone when we moved to a new city, had no babysitter, and I wanted to see a chick flick. I figured, why not go alone? And it’s great, it’s nice time to get some me time and see the movies my partner will never watch with me! And I prefer to spend the little time I have with my girlfriends actually visiting rather than watching a movie together.

  68. Oh totally agree! I LOVE seeing movies by myself, although it’s been a while since I’ve done it. The Descendants is very high on my list!

  69. yes. i enjoy it. it started in college when i would go to the dining hall by myself. something about just being able to sit down, observe without interacting with anyone. perfect “me” time.

  70. I enjoy seeing movies alone for the same reasons… especially ones I get overly sappy for. As Ellen said, usually not the comedies though. As much as I love seeing movies in the theater, sometimes I do wish I had someone to talk about it with afterwards. I just saw Beginners by myself and loved it. I’d love to hear what someone else got out of it too.
    I just saw this trailer the other day and can’t wait to see it too. Definitely another loner.

  71. i love going to the movies alone! i just watched episode one, season 5 of satc where charlotte is shocked carrie goes to see a movie alone. so silly!

  72. looks great, i’m always up for a good cry. and i don’t seem movies by myself often enough, whenever i do though, i always enjoy it:)

  73. i used to go see movies on my own when i was living in brimingham/ uk as a student. it felt kind of strange but then i loved it in a way as well. i always chose spontaneously at the cash register what movie to see. nowadays i don’t do it anymore. but i want to try it again this weekend with “i don’t know how she does it” hitting the german movie theatres this weekend. hopefully i won’t feel strange and lonely… and i definitely want to see “the descendants”, looks very promising. have a great day, joanna.

  74. While I don’t do it often, every time I do I totally enjoy it and wonder why I don’t treat myself more. It really feels like a secret mischievous date with myself when I go, and I just love it!

  75. I haven’t done it yet but I think I’m definitely going to. Sometimes no one wants to see your movie, or no one’s around, and like you said it’s easy to do when you live in NYC. This post has inspired me, I’m doing it!


  76. I’m a uni student and can’t afford to go to the movies as much as I’d like to, but anytime I do it, I go by myself. I love it! Living with a roommate in a single-bedroom apartment, going to the movies alone is an awesome way to get away of it all and get transported to a fictional reallity.

  77. On the day before my 20th birthday, I was feeling bummed out about only having one more day to be a teenager, and wanted to treat myself to a me date. I went shopping alone, went out to lunch alone, and went to see “Sherlock Holmes” alone.

    It was really refreshing, and kind of liberating.

    Bonus: The movie had been out for a few weeks already, and it was a matinee showing, so I was the only person in the theater (consequently, i just had to go to the bathroom during the spooky parts!)

  78. MónicaSilva says...

    Usually i go to the cinema alone and a enjoy it. But i like to go with friends too.
    Today i’m going with cousin and her boyfriend to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

  79. I love it. Not for every movie, but it feels so good when I do it. The last movie I saw alone was Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life. It was a lovely afternoon.

  80. I’m not opposed to going to a movie alone…I have never done it but it sounds fun! I definitely want to see this movie after watching the trailer!

  81. Anonymous says...

    I love going to the movies by myself, and would occasionally do this after work to decompress. A few months after my wedding, I had a particularly challenging day at work and just sort of did what I normally would—got some food, turned my phone off, and went to a good movie. Since I often worked later than that I didn’t even think to let my husband know, but apparently he had tried to call my office and my cell, and when I didn’t answer and didn’t show up he started to freak out a little. He finally called my (former) roommates and they told him to calm down and that I was probably at a movie and would show up in a couple hours. Sure enough… Poor guy! After that I always let him know if I needed to disappear for a couple hours.

  82. I love going to movies alone, I was actually planning on having my own personal film festival tomorrow! I want to see The Descendants so badly, but unfortunately, it’s not playing within 100 miles of my home.

  83. Going to the movies alone is one thing I’ve enjoyed doing since I was 16. It feels so good to just take in the movie and laugh or cry without worrying about what your companion is thinking.

  84. going to matinee by yourself in the afternoon is sooo indulgent. it feels rebellious somehow- how everybody else is at work and you’re cozied in a theater. i actually just wrote it on my “what i’m going to do when this semester of grad school is done” list. for december. i’m also putting “the descendents” on that list.

  85. Anonymous says...

    I love going to the movies alone! No waiting for late people, no shushing a chatty friend, no sharing popcorn (heeheehee). My husband & I have a 7-month old; since we have no babysitter, I’ve suggested we go to see the same movie separately, and then can talk about it later when we’re both home!

  86. I LOVE going to the movies by myself. It’s just a nice, solitary thing to do. Mulling it over afterwards is my favorite. Being alone helps lengthen the atmosphere that the movie gives.

  87. Alone or with friends, they’re both great! That said, I’ve often wondered about friends who go through hard core elaborate coordinating to get together to see a movie… in the end it’s not a particularly ‘social’ social activity. ;-)

  88. I like seeing movies alone. I did it a lot more often when I was single; but it’s still a nice way to have some time to myself and see a movie that only I want to see. The only problem is that I like to discuss movies after I see them…and it’s kind of hard to do that with myself :)

  89. Connie says...

    I’m going to stand up and be different here: I would MUCH rather have someone with me. Because I love the feeling of bursting through the door of the theater at the end and suddenly exploding with all the pent up conversation/reactions to the movie we’ve both been harboring the whole time! I love instantly having somebody to react with-even if it’s a healthy debate when we don’t feel the same!
    I love alone time-but not at the movies!

  90. I’ve always looooove going to movies alone. But here in Texas we have the Alamo Drafthouse, and I actually prefer going there with someone b/c they serve food and drinks and because there’s no talking allowed (strictly enforced!), so I don’t have to worry about an overly chatty friend.

  91. I love going to see crappy chick-flick movies on my own! No one seems to have the penchant for fluff that I do, so I am entire happy to wallow in the indulgence all by myself.

  92. Anonymous says...

    I love it! The last movie I saw solo was “The Kids Are All Right”. I really wanted to see the movie and couldn’t think of anyone to drag along who would appreciate it. I do think I’ve only been to the cheap theatre alone, two bucks. There is something great about it I can’t quite put words to.

  93. Oh yes, I go all the time by myself! It’s the best. The trick is to sneak in right as the movie starts so you can slip in the dark and there’s no need to feel embarrassed you’re there by yourself :) xo

  94. Tiffany Miller says...

    I finally went to a movie by myself this summer, it was a goal of mine, haha, and I loved it! I love seeing movies both by myself, with my honey, and with friends. I think it all depends on the movie! I just added this movie to my list of must sees!

  95. Oooh, no! I don’t have the courage to! I am pretty a-okay with doing things by myself. I travel alone all the time, I even went to Bath Spa alone back along, which was the most relaxing day ever, but never to the movies. Maybe if I went in a town that wasn’t my own it would be different.

  96. I really enjoy going to movies by myself if I’ve read the book and say my husband/friends haven’t. I get a feeling that they just won’t understand it the way I do.

  97. I saw Midnight in Paris by myself too! It was a very spur-of-the-moment decision, and I felt so spontaneous and chic, watching a movie about the best city in the world. Of course, I walked to the bus stop afterward pretending I was walking the streets of Paris, like Owen in the film. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.

  98. my friend and i have similar habits in the i have none of these issues..i hate going with people who disturb me in any way..
    i have never been to the movies alone..i don’t know why..i have thought of home though it’s another story..i hate watching it with others.because they do things they won’t in a move around,comment which i can hear..

  99. I love seeing movies by myself! I’ve only done it a few times, but it’s kind of nice to not worry about what the person next to you is thinking or whether they want to stay for the credits or not! ;)

  100. I adore seeing a movie alone. I like to go on the cheap night (Tuesdays at my local theatre) and I will get a cup of coffee and a treat before I go in. I love the feeling of sitting in the dark and being absorbed by the storyline – probably doing a lot of out loud laughing or crying, too.

    It’s such a nice way to treat yo’self!

  101. I love seeing a movie alone. You get to see what you want, when you want and can just relax in the dark. Not to say I don’t like the company of others but it’s a nice treat every once and awhile.

  102. I love going to the movies alone! It feels so indulgent somehow.

    I started when I was in college…it was the only “me” time I could find living in a dorm with 3 girls (and sharing a bathroom with 40!)

  103. I go to the movies alone pretty often, almost always on a Sunday afternoon (at least once a month). I absolutely love sitting in a dark theatre alone and enjoying a wonderful flick. I usually sneak in my favorite vegan snacks, too. Shhhh!

  104. Anonymous says...

    Last week I went and saw Midnight in Paris alone and it was so nice that I went and say J. Edgar alone the next day!

  105. I don’t mind going to the movies alone. In fact, if the movies brings out emotions (tears, pain, frustration, etc) I’d rather process the movie silently without having to talk immediately after leaving the show.

  106. Movies, dinner, concerts there’s something about going alone that is empowering. Everyone needs time to spend with their selves. Plus if you dress nicely when eating alone you tend to get fabulous service.

  107. I was just talking about this the other day! I love going to the movies alone. It’s the least lonely (in my opinion) thing you can do, because it’s dark and you’re surrounded by people, so it doesn’t feel sad! Plus, I’m always worried about asking people to go to movies I really want to see- what if they don’t like it? I worry that they’re bored or that they’re not laughing as much as I am.

    Tip- the best food to sneak in is a milkshake!! It’s one of the only things you can’t get at the theater and it fits in the cupholder. Plus, no obnoxious crunching or candy spilling/packages crinkling! Shhhh!

  108. I like both! But I really like going to matinees on weekends by myself when I have no other plans.

  109. it depends on the movie-i like going by myself, but i also love going with friends, so that i can grab onto them, ask them if they ‘saw that’ (!!!)etc

  110. As much as I love a reliable movie friend (I am lucky to have a few), I also love seeing a movie by myself. There is something powerful about walking out of a film with all of your thoughts and impressions in your head without them being spoken by your mouth.

  111. I would rather go with someone, but I have no issue with going to see a movie by myself. However, after my last experience I am thinking twice about the TYPE of movie I view solo. I saw the Black Swan. I loved the movie, but it was a bit too dark and intense to watch alone. :)

  112. i rarely go to the movies alone, but it might be fun to try sometime. i want to see this film on friday! xo

  113. i’m not so sure I’ve ever been alone. I’m usually with someone. But I think it’s an easy thing to bring a friend along to so i always love to have someone around.


  114. I rarely go to the movies alone, but the few times I did, I was usually the only one in the theater in general. That was a little creepy, sitting all by myself in an empty room. The first time I was 15 and I watched “The Rock” and the second time I was in my mid-twenties and watched a Dutch film adaption of one of my favorite books.

  115. I LOVE going to movies alone. I didn’t think I would, but after the first time, I changed my mind. I’m a college student, and I live 30 minutes from campus. So occasionally, after having a stressful day in class, I reward myself by stopping by a movie on my way home. It’s a great stress relief!

    The freedom in seeing a movie alone is so precious. The first movie I saw alone was “The Last Song.” I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I cried like a baby when I read the book, and I counted down the days to the movie release. I went after class. A few seats away from me was a middle-aged man, there by himself. (kind of strange, but to each his own!) I loved the movie, and cried just as much as I did when I read the book.

    Something about sitting alone, in a dark room full of crying strangers-that was therapeutic. I looked over at one point, and that middle-aged man was crying, too. It was good to see.

    So! Yes, I highly enjoy seeing movies alone, but also enjoy seeing them with others, especially my sisters. We are “those people” who laugh and cry and sing and cheer and discuss…all through the movie :)

  116. By myself, nothing beats that kind of alone time!! Even as much as I like going with friends, I would always choose going alone. And I agree that it is empowering. Really empowering. First time I did it, I was a bit nervous, but then… It’s just my own little habit!

  117. I’ve never been to the movies alone. A lot of my friends work at the movies so I don’t want them and strangers to see me and think I have no friends hahah.


  118. I do it all the time. I do think it’s easier and more normal to do in New York but I sort of believe it’s a rite of passage everyone should do just once. Of course, it can get awkward like the time I saw Finding Neverland by myself and did the ugly cry and people were looking at me with concern and pity thinking “who is the sad crying lady who is all alone?”

    Oh well.

  119. I love going to the movies alone. I work from home and I will often take a break and catch a matinee. It’s a great way to help reconnect with myself and my thoughts on the film and life in general.

  120. I’m addicted to seeing films alone but all my friends are really shocked when they find out I do that. What I love best in going to see a midweek matinee as I feel like a teenager again skipping school. I cry easily at films so it’s less embaressing going on my own.

  121. I actually love seeing movies solo but for some reason people in LA freak out that I do this. If they find out I’m going alone they always invite themselves along. So weird lol…

    It’s a bit empowering, no? Still working on dining alone lol…

  122. I love going to the movies alone. It means that what you see is your very on choice. I’ve never found movies to be a great choice for a date, even though it is fun stitting there wondering if your date is going to hold your hand.


  123. I do go alone, but not often. (I don’t go to movies often period, really.) I like not having pressure agree on a movie or arrange the before/after stuff. It is oh so nice to just watch a movie and be able to think about it before being forced into a conversation about it.

  124. L says...

    I do a lot of things by myself (I’m a single girl) but I still felt sort of embarrassed the couple of movies I went to alone. Like everyone is thinking “she couldn’t find ANY friends to come with her?!”

    How can I avoid feeling like that?

  125. this looks really good! i’d never heard of it before now actually. and i’ve only been to one movie alone, but i liked it. and i like being the mysterious girl that goes to movies alone :)

  126. This is an absolute do! I’ve always wondered why movie-going is a group activity.

    And I loved Ashley@MarriedLane’s comment – NYC theaters *must* be way different. Most of our theaters don’t even have a staircase, outside of the stadium seating.

  127. This is actually on my bucket list! It makes me a little nervous, and that’s why I think I should do it. However, I do think that things are typically funnier when you’re with a group, and I’d be way too terrified to see a scary movie alone, so I’d have to select the film carefully!

  128. Mary S. says...

    I always go to the movies alone. Just like you said. You can sit where you want, eat what you what etc. I feel like I can really immerse myself into the movie and its characters.

  129. Yep, all the time. I learned it from my mother. She told me at 13 that grown-up women enjoy outings, esp. the movies, alone. Looking forward to The Descendants & the new Marilyn movie with Michelle Williams. I live a short walk from the AFI Theatre just outside the DC line & I really love going there. With friends & alone.

  130. I would love to go do that by myself some time. There feels like something liberating about it. :)
    And that movie!

  131. Escalators? Movie theaters in NYC must be much different from the ones I’m used to! I’d love to see a photo of these escalators!

  132. I love going to the movies alone – it’s nice ‘me’ time, I can see whatever I want to and the best part is that I can look at the schedule and if there’s something I want to see in 10 minutes I don’t worry about whether or not I can find someone who will go with me! That said, there are certain movies that I love seeing with other people – Sex in the City etc. Girls nights!

  133. One of my favorite treats for myself! My husband took our son to visit my husband’s family this week and one way that I’m reveling in my time alone (between getting weepy over missing my boys) is going to the movies this weekend. I can’t wait to see this movie!
    And don’t tell Regal Cinemas, but I like to go to matinees when I know the theater will be mostly empty and have sushi while I watch. It brings me a level of joy that is probably not totally appropriate :)

  134. Samantha B says...

    My eyes were opened to the solo movie watching phenomenon around this time last year. I had been away while my friends saw True Grit but I desperately wanted to see it before it left the theater. I bucked up, bought my ticket and LOVED every second of it. Movies don’t create a great conversation atmosphere, so it was neat to watch the film without feeling responsible for adding witty sidebar comments!

  135. escsaltors in movie theaters? Huh I didn’t think i live in THAT small of a town…
    But with friends most definatly…I usually just wait for it to come out on DVD. Good trailer!


  136. I love seeing movies alone, I find that it allows me to take in the movie a lot more than if I see one with someone else.

  137. YES! There’s nothing more satisfying than getting completely absorbed in a film and exiting the theater without the awkwardness of discussing it immediately with someone.

  138. I would go alone. My local theater is playing all the Twilight movies in a row tonight leading up to the new one. I haven’t seen any and actually thought about going to see all by myself. But life came up and I don’t have the time anymore. And thanks for sharing this trailer…The Descendants looks like such a great movie!

  139. One of my favorite little luxuries. I often go to the movies alone while my husband is in night class on Mondays. We meet up after for a drink and bite. I can talk about the movie and it helps him take his mind off of class

  140. Yes, I love going to the movies alone, but never to see comedies.

  141. LOVE going to the movies alone! especially if i get a day off and can catch a matinee. also love dining alone once in awhile with a good book. kind of feel strangely empowered…

  142. yes, cara, “freedom” – that’s a good way to put it! like, freedom to think whatever you think about the movie without anyone else next to you. it’s a surprisingly different experience.

  143. oh, yay, sonchia, so glad to hear that!!! can’t wait to see it!!!

  144. YES! The first and only time (so far) I’ve seen a movie alone was a year or two ago: I went to see Dear John in theaters and I’m SO GLAD I did. No pressure and such freedom.

  145. it’s really fun going alone. i think it might be easier in a city than a smaller town, though, because it’s so anonymous anyway:)

  146. Go see this movie! It premiered here in Telluride, Colorado in September (with GC and the entire cast – swoon). It is heartwarming and heartbreaking. I love going to movies alone. Go alone – Go with a friend – Just go!

  147. Something I’ve always wanted to do. I actually thought about seeing Like Crazy alone the other day. My boyfriend sees movies alone all the time.

  148. I enjoy going to movies by myself. But I admit I haven’t done it in a while.