Do you like talking to strangers at parties, or do you get nervous? Well, here’s a handy tip I learned that makes mingling way easier…

Don’t worry if the first two seconds are awkward. A friend told me this years ago, and it totally changed my approach to parties. When you strike up conversation with strangers, the first moment is basically guaranteed to be awkward. Who cares! Embrace it! Just walk up to someone, introduce yourself, and push through those first two seconds as if you’re opening a door to the conversation. Once you get into an awesome, fun, rollicking chat, no one will remember how it started. Knowing this advice makes me feel free to just walk up to whomever and just start talking. :)

Thoughts? Any other tips for mingling? What do you talk about? (My three foolproof questions: Seen any good movies lately? How do you know the host? Any fun vacations coming up?) I’d love to hear your thoughts… xoxo

(Photo from Seinfeld.)