When English photographer Tom Robinson found out he and his wife were expecting their first child, he decided to capture the candid reactions of friends and family as he told them the good news. “Hand on heart, absolutely none of the reactions are staged,” Robinson told My Modern Met. “My friends and family are used to me having a camera hanging on my shoulder, so it wasn’t out of character when I said, ‘Hey, can I take a photo of you?’ I’d snap a few frames, then I’d move my head to one side and say, ‘Guess what [pause], I’m going to be a dad.’ Snap, snap, snap.”

His parents in their new camper.

His sister (who lives in Australia).

Friends at their wedding.

His friend Max.

An old school buddy.

Aimee, who responded with a loud “F@$#!”

Their friends at “the curry.”

His wife’s brothers (who soon went back to their computer game).

How adorable is that?

P.S. He also did Feet First. :)

(Via My Modern Met)