The most memorable wedding moments often come when you least expect them. Here are ten amazing moments, a few of which were actually mistakes!

Putting on the dress.

A groom’s first look.


Sweet kisses with old-fashioned veils.


“We choreographed a dance to ‘If There’s Such a Thing as Love,’ by the Magnetic Fields. But we hadn’t practiced with Mary wearing her dress; plus, we were nervous and maybe a little intoxicated. The dance was falling apart; then her veil fell off when I dipped her. Our friends started cracking up, and we just made up our own dance. It ended up being one of our favorite moments of the wedding.” — our friends Austin and Mary

The most beautiful dress (maybe tied with this and this:)

“Irene and Alison rode the freight elevator up to the roof to make their grand entrance, but the lift got stuck for about five minutes. (The band played the ‘Wedding March’ on repeat till they finally emerged.)” Eeks! Here, they’re dancing the hora. —New York Weddings

“People kept asking me if I was going to do a split; it’s my signature move. I was like, ‘Absolutely not!’ But later there was a dance-off with break dancing and an older gentleman spinning on the ground. That set off the happy endorphins. I did the split and Ninja Turtled out of it on my back.” — Kim Zatina, New York Weddings

Sparklers at Rob and Susan’s wedding.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding–or any wedding you’ve been to?

(Photos by Ali Harper, Rob Meyer, Tec Petaja, Braedon Weddings, SNAP, Jenna Walker and Lauren Ross, via Snippet & Ink; Lynn Michelle, via Glamour; Sarah Tew, Our Labor of Love, Jess + Nate)